Are you looking for something that dares to go where no podcast has gone before?
Welcome to Sex, Drugs and Jesus.
We talk about anything taboo and everything scandalous.


De’Vannon interviews mental health experts like sociologists, criminologists, and sexual psychologists to unearth personal insights for listeners.


Hear the best tips and tricks for a fulfilling life from practitioners all over the world. De’Vannon invites professionals to dive deep into healthy mind-hacks.


Learn from the inspiring stories of those who overcame addiction, isolation, discrimination, a life of crime, and more…

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As real as it gets
De’Vannon tells it like it is and sets the stage for some real conversations. If you want to listen to a show that really goes all out and doesn’t hold back, this is the one…he can talk about anything and brings on interesting guests. Quality podcast! 


De’Vannon Hubert’s podcast is fabulous. This is the real deal, real talk, with real people. I loved being a guest and loved listening to other episodes.

Karma Said, 

A show worth listening to
You can tell when a host comes from actual experience, and knows  his subject matter. De’Vannon is the real deal. He’s a smooth, empathic interviewer that still doesn’t pull punches. Sex, Drugs and Jesus is a great listen!



De’Vannon is amazing!
This podcast touches on real issues with many strong guests. De’Vannon pushes the limits and educates the listener. One of the best podcasts to listen to!

Alex J Sanfilippo,

De’Vannon is bold and real
De’Vannon hits on topics that most people completley avoid. Not only that, but Sex, Drugs and Jesus goes DEEP. I greatly respect Dev’Vannon and had the great honor of being on the show. Keep up the great work here!


An Exceptional Host and Show
De’Vannon is such an amazing host. When he interviewed me I felt like I was talking to a best friend. I love how raw the show is and it is much needed for the World. 🙂


DID Lyn, 11/21/2021

Crazy: Reclaiming Life from the Shadow of Traumatic Memory
DeVannon was far and away the best podcast interviewer I’ve worked with. He was genuinely interested in my topic and kept probing more deeply for understanding. He was always respectful. I highly recommend him and his podcast.

jerricfu, 10/23/2021
Entertaining, engaging, useful
DeVannon is a great host!
Interesting guests and topics, regardless of your background or perspective.
Southern belle christy,
Practical tips that are too taboo for the morning show
De’Vannon interviews expert thought leaders about different topics that are real and need to be talked about. These topics are often ignored by mainstream media, so he gives them a voice. Useful topics to better your life.

DivinelyGuided111, 08/12/2021

Unlock your fullest expression
By De’Vannon living in his fullest expression,

He invites listeners to do the same. His show challenges his listeners to be more open minded, curious and to explore parts of themselves they never knew existed. This is a gift. His unapologetic personality along with life experiences makes it feel like you’re listening to a good friend that has his own back and yours! I love that he goes “there” and that alone is a worthwhile listen 💫


Elijah888!, 08/07/2021

Sex drugs and Jesus
I really enjoyed this episode. I love the way De’Vannon always covers topics that the main stream media doesn’t really go into. I don’t know where he finds these professionals but they’re great. De’Vannon is awesome at making people feel @ ease and it shows with the guest when they start talking. They seem to feel so relaxed like they’re just talking to a friend. Thanks again can’t wait for the next show!
cc isole
Refreshing Conversation…
“A perfect podcast opportunity to examine the balance of physical reality and spirituality. The host did his homework to help elevate the conversation beyond the standard format.” ~Branch Isole

Meet De'Vannon


Author of Sex, Drugs, and Jesus.

Host of the Sex, Drugs, and Jesus Podcast.

Too saucy for Sunday service.

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