My Ascension Playlist

10. Walking Away – Information Society “Cause I’m walking away fromWalking away from things in my own pastWalking away fromWalking away from things that just won’t lastAnd I’m walking away fromWalking away from things that move too fast” ***This chorus speaks marvelously to ascension as it is all about departing from things that do not […]

The Meanings Of Sex: Spiritual & Other

Sex is one of the most sought after experiences of the human race. It is also something which can be used for good or for evil. Sex is a multilayered event which taps into physicality, spirituality, emotions and so much more. The point of this blog is to enlighten and educate people on what is


Breaking up seems to be a quintessential part of the human experience for most of us. This breakup from Ethan has elevated me to a level of being able to relate with the world around me in ways that I could’t before I went through this. A part of this new relatability is present in

cheating narcissist ex boyfriend

All of these hot and steamy things that my ex sent would have been well received had they been sent to me. During the month of October 2022 we were in a closed relationship while we sorted out the details on how better to approach an open relationship. We were delayed in this because our

Heart over brain

In today’s world there is an asinine amount of people who have taken up a mantle to persecute people and/or have a negative opinion of others and they say they are doing this in the name of God. These persecutors of people have allowed themselves to be greatly deceived. I would like to examine the

Heretic and Witch

  When I would meet people I used to tell them that I am a christian whenever it would come up in  conversation. they would turn cold and cringe and then I would feel the need to explain (or probably be asked) which kind of christian I was? – the hateful judgmental type or the

Eschatology Q & A

This blog is the product of an interview I conducted with Branch Isole. It was my second interview with him actually and it has yet to be released.  I felt as though the subject matter warranted a blog post and I also thought that the questions people wanted answered with regard to the end times

A saddening amount of us have been hurt by people in church or know someone who has been. This is such a sad deal because the church is somewhere we go to feel safe, loved, and secure. It is the last place we expect TO BE DEALT DAMAGE. My personal story of pain caused by

In hypnotherapy I learned about a concept called ‘one-upsmanship’. What this speaks to is the fact that when we see someone on a stage or on a platform we automatically accord them the credit of being better at something than we are.  This process begins with the set up of the room. The stage is

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