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Emerson sits down with De’Vannon to share some stories. De’Vannon Hubert is a writer, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He’s the author of the book “Sex, Drugs, and Jesus: A Memoir of Self-Destruction and Resurrection.” He also hosts a podcast under the same name: Sex, Drugs, and Jesus. De’Vannon has had a wild ride and he depicts […]

In this episode, I invited the divine podcaster De’Vannon onto the podcast to discuss sexually transmitted infections. Some of the topics discussed include discussing our personal experiences with STI’s, how raw sex is a gamble, and the lack of fear of infections due to STI treatment availability. PLAY NOW

Imagine going from being an active member of one of the most well known evangelical churches in Houston – Lakewood Church – yes that one…to becoming a drug addict, dealer,  being homeless and serving in the armed forces. Talk about polar opposites, but it is his reality, his story, and his journey to be himself

Tonight we belly up to the bar to find out are you strong enough to face the #taboo LIVE with @sexdrugsandjesuspodcast DE’VANNON we discuss his personal journey and how he has gotten to where he is today. Get the box of tissues ready this one will tug on your heart strings. PLAY NOW

In this episode, I invited the divine podcaster De’Vannon onto the podcast to discuss no fats, no fems, and no old people. Some of the topics discussed include shame on dating apps, how preferences are used to stigmatize others, and media’s impact on self-image. Subscribe today and join the conversation! De’Vannon Hubert is the author

Have you ever felt rejected for being who you are? Many episodes here on the show have highlighted issues where people are rejected or, worse, injured for someone just being who they are. Today we are talking with DeVannon, who has a story written over the last decade. He now helps others fight their battles

💩 Trigger warning! 💩   Scatological sexual deviancy contained within this week’s episode starring extra special deviant, friend of the pod, De’Vannon Hubert! We discuss early-relationship cohabitation, the black hole inside of internet trolls, HIV imagery in the media, plus so much more! If you enjoyed this episode, please take a few moments to support the

REJECTION from CHURCH Selling DRUGS & Living with HIV + HEP B w/ DeVannon Hubert| Ani Rich PLAY NOW

Douglas Parsons interviews DeVannon Hubert from Sex, Drugs, and Jesus. PLAY NOW

1 December is World Aids Day, an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic.  To mark this day on this week’s show I’m joined by De’Vannon Hubert, podcaster and author of ‘Sex, Drugs, and Jesus’, a memoir about his struggles with his HIV+ diagnosis, drug addiction, homelessness, and rejection from his church

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