INTRODUCTION: A spiritual Ascension is a though process to circumnavigate. Mine has been a shocking path of what I can best describe as “beautiful destruction.” I feel the songs I have selected speak to heart of Ascension in some way. I hope you find comfort in these lyrics as I did. – De'Vannon Seráphino Ascension […]

Lucifer's Devices Part 2

INTRODUCTION: This episode is the second contribution of information that will help you understand the mind of the devil, his tactics and modus operandi. Some deception is not as obvious as it seems. Pay attention. Learn to live wisely and with intent. INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to): ·      American Horror

INTRODUCTION: This episode will help you understand the mind of the devil, his tactics and modus operandi. Some deception is not as obvious as it seems. INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to): ·      What can you learn from watching movies and tv shows? ·      Lucifer deals in fool’s gold.

Heroic Hearts Project Help For Veterans

INTRODUCTION: In today’s episode I have the sweet opportunity to share about my healing journey with Heroic Hearts Project. Research is showing that plant medicine is increasingly beneficial for people worldwide but especially for military veterans who are suffering from PTSD, suicidal ideation and other ailments. Please check out HHP and share their information with

Sex Blog Overview

 INTRODUCTION: In this episode I am giving you an overview of the Sex Blog that myself and two Shamans contributed to for you. We will discuss sex from a spiritual perspective and this blog can be found at SexDrugsAndJesus.com. INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to): ·      Sexual Spirituality ·     

Ray of Light and Eclipse

INTRODUCTION: In this episode I am going to provide for you my breakdown on Madonna’s Ray of Light Album along with correlation to the eclipse season that we are in right now as well as speak deeper into many of the Spiritual Awakening symptoms I have been through. Many people are starting to Ascend and

INTRODUCTION: Branch Isole is a podcast host, poet, storyteller and thought leader of Spiritual Christianity. His contemporary short stories reveal issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.  With careers in teaching, corporate sales and small business Branch has authored twenty-two books. He graduated from Texas State University, did post graduate work at the

INTRODUCTION: Ethan A. Poetics is the author of The Inspirational Story of Ethan A. Poetic: Chronicles of Adversities, Education, Sports, Relationships & Resiliency. Ethan was raised in a single parent household with 4 siblings. Drawn from his personal experiences including an estranged relationship with his biological father, poverty, learning support classes, and Government Assistant Programs,

INTRODUCTION: Mary Beth's award-winning memoir, From Junkie to Judge: One Woman's Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bamm, Indie Bound, and other sites, and at your local bookstore.  She also has placed essays in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Recovery Today.  Beginning

INTRODUCTION: Sara Webb is a Resilience Coach, empowering women revive their innate power with meditation, breathwork, and body awareness.    Having been engaged three times, divorced twice, and coming out of the closet at 40, she understands the pain that’s possible through big life changes. She believes that a “life of thrive” is possible for

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