DownUnder Apparel is my first legitimate business I had after being a drug dealer. I started it in a small both in a flea market in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, LA. That was almost 10 years ago. I believe that clothing, especially undergarments, carry a deeper meaning than just covering us up. Fashion represents who we are and what speaks to us. Fashion connects us to people we may never meet – designers, retailers, manufacturers, models. Fashion is wearable art. Lingerie, in particular, speaks to our sexual nature and self-confidence. This helps an immense amount of people feel good about themselves both in and out of the bedroom.

PodMatch is awesome! This application streamlines the process of finding guests for your show and also helps you find shows to be a guest on. The PodMatch Community is a part of this and that is where you can ask questions and get help from an entire network of people so that you save both money and time on your podcasting journey.

 Descript is why I am still able to be in the podcasting business!!! This tech replaced my production team and saved me over $1500 per month! I am not super tech savvy but Descript is easy to use and I now do my own audio and video editing for my weekly podcast. I used to hate the very idea of editing but now I look forward to it. 


Listen to Sex, Drugs, and Jesus on your favorite apps.

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