Finding Comfort with Devannon Hubert of the Sex, Drugs & Jesus Podcast

Have you ever felt rejected for being who you are?

Many episodes here on the show have highlighted issues where people are rejected or, worse, injured for someone just being who they are. Today we are talking with DeVannon, who has a story written over the last decade. He now helps others fight their battles with sex, drugs, and Jesus.

A common theme on the show is that pain can have a purpose, and those who find it begin a road to healing.

Key Topics:
  • Where does a name like Sex, Drugs, and Jesus get started (1:30)
  • How did you decide to write a memoir about your story (2:31)
  • What was it like to reconcile your relationship with Jesus (3:58)
  • How did serving in the Military during don’t ask, don’t tell shape who you are today (6:35)
  • Reaching the point, you are ready to share your story (8:04)
  • With such a unique message, what have been some of the responses you have received from listeners (12:30)
  • What were the early struggles with launching a podcast (15:48)
  • Looking at today, what are the things that you are looking to grow right now (17:42)
  • What made the ACLU the charity of choice for today’s show (19:30)

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