Episode #105: Netflix Docuseries: American Manhunt, The Boston Marathon Bombing, With Dr. Vernon T. Scott, Podcast Host & Author

Do you really know your friends? Do you really know your children? These are two of the main themes analyzed in the hit Netflix docuseries, American Manhunt, which dives deep into the Boston  Marathon bombing and the part that family and community had to play in creating the two terrorists in question. Dr. Vernon T. Scott is back with us to offer his unique and well educated point of view. Grab yourself a cup of tea and feel free to message me your comments about this docuseries as well.

Dr. Vernon T. Scott is from the state of Georgia. He is currently pursuing a Sex Coaching certification from Sex Coaching University and earning a second masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with a Systemic Sex Therapy specialization.

Vernon has years of experience in life coaching and sexual health research and education. He is also an advocate for Trans rights and fighting against rape culture and its systemic impact within society. Vernon plans to use his platform to provide healthy conversations related to the nuances of sexual expression and amplify the voices of those often forgotten by society.

He is the host of the Heauxliloquy Podcast and the owner of Slaytor’s Playhouse, LLC. The podcast focuses on bringing people outside the compressed box of sexual expression. Vernon and his guests have conversations that range from kinks to personal sexual experiences to mental health. As for Slaytor’s Playhouse, it is a publishing company that currently provides journals, artwork, and books.


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