Episode #111: The Object Of My Affection Is In My Reflection: Prologue, With Elaine Perliss, Certified Hypnotherapist & Board Certified Instructor


In this episode my personal hypnotherapist, Elaine Perliss, C. Ht, and I begin to unpack the most fascinating book about narcissism that she and I have ever come across. This interview only covers the Prologue but my God is it A LOT!!!

 The Object Of My Affection Is In My Reflection (Coping With Narcissists): https://amzn.to/41sg6FO

 American Hypnosis Association Courses: https://hypnosis.edu/aha/certification/online/

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      Insight Into The Prologue From The Book

·      The Tea On Narcissistic Tom Foolery 

·      Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

·      Are Your Emotions Blinding You?

·      What Do You Actually Mean To Them?

·      Can You Be Strong Enough To Leave?

·      What Are You Actually In Mourning For?



Website: http://elaineperliss.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElainePerliss

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-perliss-a76134ba/

YouTube: https://bit.ly/3tzoMuY

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElainePerliss



·      Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse & Codependency Support Groups (Virtual) – https://www.meetup.com/pittsburgh-narcissism-survivor-meetup-group/

·      COSA – 12 Step Recovery For Victims Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior – https://cosa-recovery.org

·      A Recommended Reading To Help Heal From Narcissism – https://amzn.to/41sg6FO

·      Sex Addicts Anonymous: HTTPS://WWW.SAA.ORG

·      HEALING SCRIPTURES: https://testimon.io/blog/bible-verses-about-healing-sickness

·      COVERT NARCISSIST SIGNS: https://www.healthline.com/health/covert-narcissist#signs

·      GENERAL NARCISSIST SIGNS: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20366662

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