Episode# 120: My Qualifications Laid Out For My King, Sexual Trickery Learned From The Game, Infusing Black Magic/Witchcraft Into Food & Why Boundaries Are The Only Thing That Separates Us From The Animals – Clarity vs. Chaos Part 2


This is the second of two episodes in which I will drawing divisions and parallels in order to demonstrate the difference between clarity and chaos in different situations in our lives. I will be revisiting some experiences from my past in order to demonstrate how one can gain peace and positive perspective regardless of the situation.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      Heartfelt Repentance

·      Positive Sexual Exploration With A Significant Other

·      Sex As A Weapon

·      Why We NEED Rules & Boundaries

·      Sex Covens

·      People Who Go Missing In New Orleans

·      How Black Magic Can Be Used Against You

·      Recognizing The Game

·      Surface Level Entertainment

·      Broken People Attract Broken People

·      How People Put Witchcraft In Your Food

·      Canaries vs. Humans

·      Cats vs. Dogs

·      Using Sexual Energy To Heal People

·      True Masculinity vs. Chaos Masculinity

·      DO BETTER




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·      OverviewBible (Jeffrey Kranz)



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