Episode #124: Healing Your Inner Child, Witchcraft Warning: Sleeping Next To People, How Evil Energies Bond With Us, How Pride Is The Heart Of Resentment, The Emotions Of The Archangel Gabriel & Cardboard Kaiju #Gojira #Mothra


Welcome to your episode on Inner Child healing! This is one of the most crucial aspects of the human existence which rests within each of us. Once we understand and heal our inner child, life can really begin in a big and new way.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      The Angel Gabriel And His Tough Day

·      What Is The “Inner Child”?

·      Addictions Are Formed During Childhood 

·      It’s Not Your Fault

·      The Vulnerability Of New Beginnings 

·      Write Down Your Problems With A Pencil & Paper

·      Write Down Your Problem Solving Plan With A Pencil & Paper

·      How Lucifer Steals Uniqueness From People 

·      Why Do People Seek Approval Away From Proven Loved Ones?

·      The Military And The Inner Child

·      How Pride Is Attached To Resentment 

·      Learn To Sit With Your Feelings – DO NOT RUN FROM THEM

·      The Sensationalism Of The Zodiac

·      How Witches & Warlocks Cast Spells Against You As You Sleep

·      Why God Is Actually For You And Not Against You




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