Episode #134: How Conservatism Contradicts Christianity, The Jerry Falwell Jr. Scandal & Apocalyptical Religious Trauma, With Matthew Garnier, Author Of, Swept Up: Lessons From the End Times


Matthew recently published a comedic memoir about religious upbringing, “Swept Up: Lessons From the End Times” with tales (and lessons) from church, home-schooling, and a few strange years at a major evangelical university. Matthew has substantial podcasting experience and prefer a good, witty dialogue to shameless plugs. Matthew also enjoys low-budget filmmaking, and has created several videos that will likely be of interest to readers of his book.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      A Sarcastic Take On The Apocalypse 

·      Fearmongering Related To The End Times

·      Religious Trauma 

·      Learning To Sit Still

·      The Corruption Of The Word “Christian”

·      Conservatism vs. Christianity 

·      The Jerry Falwell Jr. Scandal

·      Kanye West’s Connection To Churches

·      DAD JOKES!!!



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