Episode #138: The Grey Drinking RESET, The Impact Of Your Social Circle On Drinking, How Yoga Helps With Addiction & A Talk On Midwifery, With Carrie Schell, Author + Midwife + Yoga Instructor


At a time in her life when she was wanting alcohol and alcoholism out of her personal life, Carrie found herself the Director of Health and Wellness of a residential addictions centre. The crazy thing is, she was good at it, really good, and her innovative program rooted in yoga, meditation and physical activity, was working. It was effective. Carrie developed an understanding that it was that gift she had as a midwife, helping women through their most intimate, challenging, life transforming experience of pregnancy and childbirth, was the same gift of helping others on the intimate, challenging and life transforming journey of recovery. Carrie's mind, body, spirit approach to wellness, along with her humour and wisdom, resonates with others on their desire to seek wellness.

 Three decades ago Carrie Schell began her career as a midwife. Over the years, her role in the health and wellness space has evolved with graduate school, becoming a yoga instructor, and as a Director of Health and Wellness, creating innovative programs at an addiction centre, and presently as a speaker and author. Carrie's latest book is full of warmth, humour and wisdom to help women who are grey drinkers, women who aren't alcoholics but have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, create wellness in their lives.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      The Grey Drinking RESET

·      A Talk On Midwifery 

·      Yoga: Help For Alcoholism & Addiction

·      Evaluating Your Relationship With Alcohol And Other Vices

·      Getting The Most Out Of “Down Time”

·      The Neural Pathway Between The Hand And The Brain

·      The Implications Of Social The Social Circle On Drinking 

·      BE. THE. LIGHT.!!!



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