Episode #143: What It Means To Be “One Of One”, Why You Should Shake Up Your System, Art & Neurodiversity, With Michaell Magrutsche, Artist + Author + Podcaster


I am an Austrian-Californian Multimedia Artist. I became a creativity-awareness educator through my experience-based outside-the-box upbringing that I was forced into, through my neurodiversity. I am totally self-taught, author of 5 books, podcaster, speaker, guide, former Newport Beach CA Arts-Commissioner and co-produced with Robert Evans. Fluent in German and English. My ability is that I can see hidden contexts which allows me to resolve paradoxes and together we arrive at awareness solutions in leadership, hospitality, customer service, communication, success vs. fulfillment and obviously any form of creativity and culture.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to): 

·      What It Means To Be “One Of One”

·      Inequalities In The Art Community

·      How Art Can Save A Life

·      Why You Should Shake Up Your Systems

·      Prices To Fame

·      Natural Born Leaders

·      The Toxicity Of “System Relevance”

·      Art Knows No Race




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