Episode #146: Surviving A Fatal Car Accident, Life On A Feeding Tube & Choosing Your Own Name, With Ethan Poetic, Author + Public Speaker + Mentor


Ethan A. Poetics is the author of The Inspirational Story of Ethan A. Poetic: Chronicles of Adversities, Education, Sports, Relationships & Resiliency.

Ethan was raised in a single parent household with 4 siblings. Drawn from his personal experiences including an estranged relationship with his biological father, poverty, learning support classes, and Government Assistant Programs, Ethan now works to help others.

Through being around his coaches, neighbors & significant people, Ethan found inspiration around him. Ethan was a former 3 Sport Student Athlete his freshman year until life took a different course.

After graduation from J.P. McCaskey High School, Ethan worked odd jobs, and met Jordan S. Steffy, CEO & Founder of Attollo. Under Jordan’s advice & guidance, Ethan was convinced to pursue higher education.

Ethan graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College with an Associates Degree and from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s degree.

He received two Pennsylvania Common Wealth Citations from Senator Scott Martin & House of Representative Mike Sturla. Lancaster City Council & Mayor, Danene Sorace, also adopted a Proclamation Declaration resolution for recognizing Ethan’s miraculous recovery as a walking, living miracle.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      Surviving A Fatal Car Accident

·      Life On A Feeding Tube

·      Choosing Your Own Name

·      Choosing Not To Play The Victim

·      Check Your Perspective

·      Can You Be Happy Without Your Options?

·      Healing Parental Wounds

·      Breaking The Cycle



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