Episode #154: The Meaning Behind “Seráphino”, The Power of Names and Why I Moved To NYC


This episode goes into detail about why I changed my name to Seráphino and the power names can hold over us. I get in depth about generational curses, the fact that you have the power to free yourself from your family and I share a little about my very brutal NYC initiation and why I moved there in the first place.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      Family curses

·      Your family does not own you

·      What meaning does your name bear?

·      My views on the Zodiac

·      The strength of the Family Coat of Arms

·      Parents must learn to wear many hats

·      The importance of Family Core Values

·      Cancellation of Holidays

·      Louisiana vs. NYC #NoCompetition

·      How Lucifer can work through alcohol




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