Episode #7: Safe and Fun Sex, with Jessica Biles

This week, we’re talking about sex again. Because why not? It’s one of my favorite topics. And there are so many questions still left to answer. Where is the G-spot? How do pheromones work? What kind of lube is the best for anal play? We’re dedicated to finding the truth behind all your burning inquiries.

If those topics sound interesting to you, well that’s just the tip. We’re getting into all sorts of mischief in this week’s episode. Our guest is Jessica Biles, host of the Freedom Between the Sheets podcast, a sex educator at the leading sex-ed company Pure Romance, and an expert on female health and wellness. She’s on a mission to help women and couples have intimate conversations and improve their sex lives.

In our interview, we’re talking about our shared religious backgrounds, and how the church sends the wrong messages about sex. We also penetrate the topic of female pleasure and slide into a discussion about sex toys, lube, and other products that can take your sex life to the next level. So strap in (or strap on) for this wild ride through the world of foreplay and fantasy.

Abstinence is Not the Answer

Jessica has an awesome and adventurous sex life with her husband, whom she calls “Mr. Sexy.” But it wasn’t always that way. When Jessica was sixteen, her first sexual encounter was confusing and barely consensual. It left her feeling lost and ashamed–and a lot of this shame came from her religious upbringing. 

Born and raised in the Christian church, Jessica only recieved one message about sex: don’t have it. When she would try to talk to the pastor about her confusion and shame, he would simply tell her to just stop having sex. So, every time she did have sex, she felt guilty. When she experienced something traumatic in the bedroom, she only blamed herself. As someone who found themselves ousted from my religious community because of my sexuality, I can relate.

In the episode, Jessica and I talk about how the church’s approach to sex is simply not working. The way we see it, people are going to do what they want. Instead of telling them to ignore their impulses, the goal should be safety and consent.Since becoming a sex educator, Jessica makes regular visits to local churches and works to shed stigmas surrounding sexual encounters.

Beyond safe sex, Jessica wants people to have better sex. Along with shedding stigmas around sexual education, Jessica’s work is all about encouraging people to indulge and seek as much pleasure as possible from intercourse–especially women. 

Figuring Out Female Pleasure

We so rarely discuss the female sexual experience out in the open…but not on this podcast! Jessica has spent years of her life working to help women have more enjoyable sex. And personally, I don’t see why women shouldn’t be having orgasms left and right. Jessica and I thrust ourselves into a discussion about how women can get into the mood and get down to business.

Wondering about the ever-so-mystical G-spot? Some think it’s a myth…but Jessica clears that right up by telling us it’s not! In the episode, she specifies exactly where it is and how women can reach it themselves or with a partner. We also clarify that there are many different kinds of orgasms, and talk about why no one should pressure themselves to reach one.

Interestingly, Jessica believes massage is the most effective way to get anyone, but especially women, in a sensual state of mind. We talk about how females aren’t able to compartmentalize sex in the same way that men can–and how massage can help. While men are able to put aside their work deadlines or parking tickets when it’s time to get going, women tend to take these troubles into the bedroom with them. Massage is one of the best ways to help women forget their woes and focus on feeling good.

If you’re looking for something to help you and your partner spice things up even further, Jessica knows just about every intimate product on the market.

Lubes, Dildos and Clamps–Oh My!

While bringing sex toys into the bedroom might be unfamiliar, it can be a lot of fun. On her website, Jessica sells every toy under the sun, as well as any cream or lubricant you could possibly imagine. In our interview, we buzz about all the products in her shop and how you can use them to switch up your sex life or practice self care.

Jessica shares how lube can be helpful to anyone, even if you seem to have a waterfall down there. It doesn’t mean you’re completely wet enough for something to slide inside. Plenty of things can dry out your vaginal cavity, including alcohol. And when it’s dry, it can tear! In the episode, we explain how useful lube can be and go through the different kinds available on the market.

You may have heard of pheromones, but did you know about pheromone cologne? Although it’s main purpose is to attract mates, it also acts as a natural mood booster, and can give you a little bit of extra confidence when it’s time to step out on the town. Beyond just lube and cologne, we cover dildos, nipple clamps, whips, and more in our chat.

In the Episode….

If you’re not hot and bothered yet, then we’ve got more for you in this week’s interview. We indulge in a conversation about how to deal with haters, share our wet dreams, and discuss how you can have an orgasm using only your mind. And if you want even more, we continue our discourse on Jessica’s podcast, Freedom Between the Sheets, available at jessicaleighbiles.com. While you’re there, you can also shop for women’s wellness products or sex toys, or read Jessica’s informative blog.

I hope our tasty conversation satisfies you… Don’t forget to share and subscribe, and we’ll see you next week.

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