Episode #23: A Metaphysical View Of The Bible, Angels, Astral Projection, And A Warning To Conservatives With Elijah Ware


Elijah Ware is the host of the Zephyr Podcast and he is not only a Teacher and a Preacher of Metaphysics but a student of it as well. Elijah started teaching metaphysics at the age of 14 and has blossomed tremendously since then.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      Metaphysical Perspectives On God, The Bible, Etc.

·      Issues With Catholicism

·      Why De’Vannon Is Banned From Bank Of America For LIFE!!!

·      Should we pray to Angels?

·      Angelic Appearances

·      Astral Projection

·      A Message To Republicans And Conservatives

·      How Nature Ties Into Metaphysics

·      A Different View Of “Hell”

·      Church Hypocrisy: Miscegenation Vs. Homosexuality

·      Issues With Televangelists

·      The Innate Need For Community

·      Does The Bible Really Contain It All?


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You’re listening to the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, where we discuss whatever the fuck we want to!!! And yes, we can put sex and drugs and Jesus all in the same bed and still be all right. At the end of the day, my name is De’Vannon and I’ll be interviewing guests from every corner of this world. As we dig into topics that are too risqué for the morning show, as we strive to help you understand what’s really going on in your.

There is nothing on the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

De’Vannon: Hello! Hello. Hello. All my beautiful peoples out there! I’m so happy to be bringing you this week’s episode. Today, I’m talking with Elijah Ware. He is the host of the Zephyr podcast, and he is not only a teacher and a preacher of metaphysics y’all, but a student of it, as well this man started teaching metaphysics at the age of 14!!!

And he has blossomed tremendously since then. On this here episode, we’re going to be getting his metaphysical perspective on [00:01:00] God, the Bible and all of that. We gonna dish and spill our tea, on the issue that we have against Catholicism and the Catholic Chruch. I’m going to spill all the tea about why I got banned from bank of America for life hunty yes.

I’m gonna tell you what had happened. We’re going to talk about some angelic appearances. I have a message to Republicans and conservatives. And then of course, we’ll talk about church hypocrisy because why not? I hope you all enjoy the episode.

Elijah thank you so much for joining me on the sex drugs and Jesus podcast that they, how are you feeling today on a Friday morning?

Elijah: I’m doing great De’Vannon and thank you so much. Thank you for having me really appreciate being here.

How are you?

De’Vannon: Oh I’m fan fucking tastic fan fucking tastic. Indeed. Wonderful.

Elijah: That’s the best kind of fantastic to be not really fantastic. Unless you got a few explicitives in there.

De’Vannon: Of [00:02:00] course. That’s what. I love swear words. There is a documentary on Netflix called the history of swear words that Nicholas cage orchestrates.

And I think it’s a phenomenal way to to dispel the myths, myths surrounding his, how bad and evil and treacherous, where words are supposed to be and come to learn how they’re actually a good way to relieve stress. Wow. They

Elijah: can be. I always say, I say, now I tell people now if you use them, you have to be, you have to be intelligent about how you use them.

If you use them all the time, then people don’t take you seriously when you are upset. So if you, if you drop them intelligently and systematically, when you are upset, people. The van is not playing right now. We better, we better leave him alone. If you, if you just, if you just dropping F bombs 24 7, like, I ain’t upset about nothing.

That’s just him all the time. But when you do it, like every three months, [00:03:00] they’re like, while he’s not playing.

De’Vannon: Yeah. That’s, that’s like the nice teacher, you know, whenever I was in grade school, that super nice teacher who never got upset until then until the cook class pushed, pushed it to the limit, then she finally left the dragon out and everyone was dead quiet. So, so they call you the preacher, the minister. I want to know.

I want to know you’re telling me your background and how you became a minister and a preacher and all that.

Elijah: Well, I grew up in a school of metaphysics and metaphysics the word metaphysics. It sounds like you’re going to college to learn physics. When people hear that word metaphysics, they often think that maybe you, you go to MIT or the California Institute of technology and you majoring there, but the word metaphysics, the word Netta and Latin just means beyond [00:04:00] and physics refers to the physical.

So metaphysics simply means beyond the physical. I grew up along with my older brother Tony and a school of metaphysics. My, my my grandmother had seven children, four girls and three boys, and she, and my step-grandfather raised them all in metaphysics. And so when my mom graduated high school and eventually went on to meet my father.

He also became a metaphysical student and they raised my brother and I as metaphysical students. And like I said, with my grandmother, having so many children and raising them all in metaphysics, I grew up with my cousins and all of them and being students of metaphysics. Many of them are not anymore.

They kind of got away from it as they got older. But I was one of the few that kind of stayed with it. And so when I was about 14 I got more involved in the, what you would call, I guess, the ministry and my my local, they don’t call them [00:05:00] deans. And in metaphysics, I mean, they don’t call them preachers and metaphysics or pastors, they call the leader, the Dean of the school.

And so my local Dean here in San Fernando, California asked me to start teach to start teaching Sunday school. And so I did, and from there. Recognized by other chapters of metaphysical schools around us. And it became, you know, kind of a young minister and what get invited to speak here and there and other states and in Canada.

And when I was 17, I spoke in front of nearly 10,000 people at a metaphysical conference out in Nashville, Tennessee at the grand opera, grand Ole Opry hotel. And so from then on I just kind of continue to minister and preach.

De’Vannon: So when you say you were in a school of metaphysics from young, so are you physically going to like a campus?

Are you learning? This is something like knowledge being passed down [00:06:00] from the elders in your family. Where are you getting?

Elijah: So there was a man named Henry, Henry Clifford Kenley. We call him Dr. Kenley and he started the school that I attended. In 1931, he was born in 1895 and he was what we call the founder of the school.

And he began this school based upon an experience that he had that he said he had with the creator and he created charts to illustrate what it is. He said that he experienced and what he said that he saw. And from then on, he went about to raise up other metaphysical students and ministers that would help teach and preach.

The universal knowledge that he said that he experienced just like you hadn’t man, like Naval God R and Emanuel Swedenborg and Jacob bone and Manley P hall. Now these were white [00:07:00] men. So of course they were recognized and metaphysics, they are what they call luminaries in the metaphysical world.

But Dr. Kenley being a black man saying that I also had this experience where he was made to understand what the meaning of, of, of existence was and what the meaning of, of creation was a black man at that time in the 1930s, didn’t, you know, they wouldn’t pay him much attention now, you know religion has always thought that if anybody was going to have the truth, they would be white and they would be male.

De’Vannon: Okay. That’s a very unique sort of a person to have. So do you feel like it was meant to be very, almost past the cross? Sure,

Elijah: sure. Sure. Because Dr. Kenley started the school in Ohio and then my immediate predecessor, his, his [00:08:00] protege was, it was a man who went to school. And it’s funny because I’ll just call him Dr.

H Dr. H he was going to medical school in the 1940s. He knew Dr. Kenley as a child and Dr. Kelly was his insurance man. And one day doctor Dr. Age mother, he was Dr. Kelly was collecting his premiums from his mother and she asked Dr. Kelly, did he know anything about the Bible, about the killing of.

Sarcastically say, sure. I know a little bit about it. And so Dr. Harris, he kind of grew up that’s Dr. Age, I guess you could say. And he left and went to medical school. He wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to help people at a time when there weren’t a lot of black doctors, he graduated from a Harriet medical in the 1940s top of his class.

He used to jokingly tell us how there was only two people ahead of him. And that was a two, two brothers, two twin brothers called the Buford brothers. And so. He [00:09:00] said that when Dr. Kenley asked a lot of them to come on out to California, because he wanted to continue to promote this knowledge and maybe even get it in film if he could, because at that time they were making the 10 commandments.

And so about the Harris center, it’s just odd that there were people in the, in the school that had been there longer than me here. I have a full blown medical practice. I’m a black doctor. What he said, I kept money in my pockets because a house visit only cost $5 at that time. It was kind of, you know, a bit to them, but that’s nothing to us, but he said for all the people to come out there, it was out that I would come, but he ended up becoming the head of the school when Dr.

Kenley transitioned out of the flesh. And he was my immediate predecessor and mentor. And yes, I, to answer your question, I absolutely do feel like our paths were meant to do cross. He was more of a father figure to me than my father and my stepfather. He, if there was any man in my [00:10:00] life that I wanted to model myself after it would have been him.

De’Vannon: Well, I’m glad that you had that happen. That’s, that’s what I call it. Being in the right place at the right time. That’s the sort of stuff that really redirects the trajectory that your life is on. You know, people, especially like in churches and stuff, say. You know, something’s, life-changing, you know, far too much, it becomes cliche, but but in this particular instance, you know, having, you know, having somebody in your life, like this is something that, you know, had, had they not been there, then you probably wouldn’t

Elijah: be who you are today.

Absolutely. Absolutely. The way my family came into the school is that my grandmother was best friends with a woman living in the projects and her and her husband were attending the school. Now my, my family was like, just regular Sunday, go lean Baptist people, my grandmother and my step-grandfather. And they meet this couple living in the [00:11:00] projects and Los Angeles in the 1960s, just like them.

And they say, Hey, you know, we’re going to this school and this man can leave. He’s talking about the Bible in a way that we’ve never heard it before. Sam sounds, sounds kind of interesting. And, and, and, and he’s explaining things that no other pastor has been able to explain to us. And no other minister has been able to explain.

So my grandmother out of friendship with, with her friend without a friendship with Ms. Fay, she said, sure, we’ll come. And the rest, as they say is here, Then from then my parents went on to raise me in it. So yes, I, I think that was divine mapping out in my life, you know,

De’Vannon: can you, okay. So you mentioned like the Bible and metaphysics and you give me an example of something that these people are something that, you know, might be a common conundrum that people might be stuck on in, in, in the Bible, but you feel like metaphysics can explain better.

Elijah: Sure. So, I mean, and let me say this and [00:12:00] that’s the reason why I didn’t S I don’t want anybody to think. I’m trying to be vague by not mentioning the name of the school. I just don’t speak for the school anymore. They have officials that speak on their behalf branched out to do my own podcasts and everything like that.

So I don’t want anybody to think I’m speaking on behalf of, of them, but if they wanted to know the name of the school, that would be fine or anything, but an example of, of something like I had an episode called is the Bible. And. One of the things I go into Davanon is this whole business in this state, and this, this has caused so much, this little parable over in Genesis about a man named Adam and a woman named he has caused so much confusion in the earth, plain.

It is almost ridiculous because first of all, people think that it’s a literal man named Adam, and it’s a literal woman named E failing to realize that this is a parable and a parable is a, a story that has hidden meaning in it. It’s not about [00:13:00] necessarily the story itself. It’s about the meaning that you ex extract from the storm.

So when we’re talking about Adam and Eve, there are many things that it signifies in metaphysics, you will find just like perhaps in comedic knowledge, you will find that one thing may mean many things, but with Alvin E you can see how that in many ways, like for instance, The man Adam represents the physical body, the woman, he represents the mind of man.

So this is why she is often blamed for the fall of the human race, because the body can’t do anything, say what the mind tells it to do, but it doesn’t have anything to do with a female or somebody that has an X, X chromosome. The woman is really representing the soul in the Bible. You will find that when the soul was spoken of, especially in Proverbs and in Psalms, it is often referred [00:14:00] to in the feminine sense.

So when we’re talking about Adam and Eve, people, Iran is lead. Think let’s says in the Bible, let the woman be subject to the man. It says the woman, not the female. You see why these are energies and these are types and shadows. The apostle Paul spoke over in Romans the first chapter, and he said, you take natural things or visible things, being creatures of a lower level to understand the invisible things.

So when we’re looking at male a man and woman, you see we’re looking at shadows of heavenly things. You see the reality. See, for instance, with the Catholic church, I was thinking about this this morning, you see the Pope is called the holy father. Now, although in the Bible over in Matthew, it says call no man upon the earth, your father, but you see now he would be the husband, man of the Catholic church, the Cardinals [00:15:00] and the rest of the princes of the church.

Along with the parishioners, they will be his bride. Now they’re not literally his product and he’s not literally their. But in principle, he is their husband. That is why he is called holy father. When you can’t have a father without some children and you can’t have a children without the bride or the wander.

So people have erroneously taking this to mean when Paul is speaking and a lot of his writings that he speaking of male and female, no, he is not. He is speaking of man and woman, and there is a difference between a man and a male. A male has an X, Y chromosome. A man is both male and female.

De’Vannon: You know, there’s all sorts of different ways to look at things. And that’s why I love the diversity of both my podcast and yours, the Zephyr podcasts because, you know, Nobody really [00:16:00] gets to say that their way of looking at something is right or wrong, or, you know, you know, it’s all different. It’s about what works for you.

Right. So I wanted to, in terms of like creation and stuff like that, it is always a curious thing. You know, I’ve never heard anybody talk about man and woman, the way that you do or refer to Eve referred to the whole creation story is more of a parable when it comes to man and woman, you know I’ve always wondered and I’ve heard it question before, you know, like how can the earth have come from just two people?

You know, so. You know, physically Adam and Eve, and they had two sons, you know, who in the hell that came going, fuck you, you know, to have, you know, to have other,

Elijah: yeah. That might be your first case of homosexuality. And even then, where did the kids come from? Right.

De’Vannon: So either God made another woman somewhere, or Adam and Eve had more children than he [00:17:00] fucked his sister.

And so that is the case. Then you really can’t have a case against the insets if the whole world came from incest. So you’ve got lead people along with them. Fuck the shit out of their brothers and sisters, if they to do right. And I’m like, I saw the movie cruel intentions.

Elijah: Yes. I saw it to see she was now.

Now you have to be fair. She was his step sister. She wasn’t actually his sister.

De’Vannon: Well, all the things I’m just, I’m just glad the Lord be assembling. That looks like Ryan Philippe. Otherwise

Elijah: she cannot be held liable for her actions.

De’Vannon: And then now let’s talk about the Catholic church, because I was thinking about the poop as I call him. You call him the poop.

Elijah: They’ll put, oh no, the poop is

De’Vannon: I call him that, that fool you know, all right. And [00:18:00] know. And, and, and the foods that follow them. I can, I can say that because I was once a fool, blindly following preachers and stuff like that to Louisiana.

Right. I’m from Louisiana Pentecostal, all of that foolishness.

Elijah: Yeah, there’s a, there’s a strong Catholic strong hold down there. And so, but

De’Vannon: the, the Pope, the poop didn’t have any more power than what people give him. And so and the same thing with any of us, you know, any kind of leader or anything like that, if your people decide to pull a coup over throw you, there’s really nothing you can do because there’s more of them than you.

But, and then you were talking about, you know, Catholic customs, like they call them father, you know, in the Bible does say not to call any man on earth, other they prayed a like dead people, you know, things as they call them, you know, and stuff like that. And I could’ve sworn that the angel said not afraid of them, you know, in a way that the Lord and what

Elijah: they call my teacher used to call an angel.

Knology when you worship it’s the worshiping of angels. [00:19:00] And he said an angel, he said, you’re really an angel. An angel is just a being that does not have flesh. And blood is no longer bound to the shackles of the flesh. He said, so you might as well worship you. If you’re going to worship Michael or Gabriel Raphael, just beings and goes back to what I was sharing with somebody the other day, you see about the same thing about this business of man versus male or woman versus female.

You see, you read about entities like Michael and Gabriel in the Bible. You see, and you say, well, well, what, what, what, isn’t he a male? No, no, you’ll see. Those are just names assigned to those energies or beings you see really. To be a Michael means to be a warrior, to be a Gabriel means to be a messenger.

It really doesn’t apply really to even one entity. There is no entity that sits on the right hand of the deity named Michael. There is no one entity that sits to the left name. Gabriel, you could be a [00:20:00]Michael, if you are a warrior for spiritual truth, if you are a defender sphere of truth, you could be a Gabriel.

If you are a messenger of spiritual, spiritual truth, you see, but people have localized it and said, well that you know that Michael sits to the right. Don’t see, that’s all speaking. When you read over there and revelations, I was sharing this with somebody at the gym yesterday and I don’t go around just talking to people.

There’s this, this young man just came up to me and asked me, and just, it was random. It was just really random. I’m like, why is he even that like new I look like, but he. He was asking me about this. And I was just telling him how that, you know people have gotten this so backwards. And I told him, my teacher used to say that people think that revelations is the hardest book in the Bible.

He said, revelations is really the easiest book, because revelations is just a repeat of Genesis. Everything. Genesis is the physical aspect of it. And revelations is the spiritual aspect of it. [00:21:00]But you have these, these corporations, like for instance, when I was going into, in my last podcast well podcasts before, when I was answering questions, a young man wanted to know about going to church and he felt condemned he’s in the military out there in Virginia.

And he felt condemned because he couldn’t make it to church. And I said to the young man, I said, it says in everybody’s Bible, that God is not worth over in acts 17 chapter. You see Paul was over there and he was on Mars. And he said, I see that you guys are devoted to the worship of idols because as I was passing by y’all fools are so devoted that you even had a temple to the unknown god.

In other words, they were so afraid of missing a guy that they built a temple and said, we gonna put this to the unknown God, whoever we might’ve missed you see? And then he goes on to say that Yaweh or the Lord who made the world. You see seeing that he is ruler, I’m having the nerve dwelling, not in [00:22:00] temples made with man’s game, but you have billion dollar institutions like, and religion is a big business.

It is a big business. It is a huge business. The Pope, the Pope, people think with the Sultan of Brunei or Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. No, they are not. The Pope is the richest man in the world. And the holy seat is the richest country in the world. You see the bank that you call bank of America here in this country.

You see, it used to be called the bank of Italy. You see owned and operated by the Catholic church. You see if you go back and do research on the bank on, on what we call bank of America, it used to be called the bank of Italy. And it was because. People erroneously think that black people, you know, we’re the only ones that have not been liked in this country as well.

Italians weren’t like when they first got here either to the extent that they wouldn’t even be allowed to have loans given to them. So the bank of Italy was created for them in this [00:23:00] country so that they could start to have the American dream because the white folks in this country that came from England and Ireland and other places didn’t want nothing to do with them.

And so that’s why that bank was created. You see? But again, they create these mega churches, these palatial palaces, you see, and people are so impressed with the the pomp and circumstance in the pageants, patents, pageantry of St. Peter’s cathedral, you’ll see, and things like that. But yet it says in everybody’s Bible that the creator does not dwell in temples made with man.

But he does dwell in temples that are made by his hands. You see your body, you see, I saw says over there in Corinthians is the temple of universal spirit. You see, you don’t have to go to Reverend black bottoms church on the corner, you see, or to St. Peter’s, but a Basilica or any of those things you see, you can sit right in the shower, you see.

Right, right, right, right. In your car, [00:24:00] wherever you are and worship the creator and spit. Cause he said, he’s seeking such to worship him in spirit and in truth.

De’Vannon: Well, I just want to say, fuck you to bank of America. Anyway I’m man, I’m banned for life from bank of America because when I was, but I was homeless, a guy who, I didn’t know, I’d never met before he had from some business in Corpus Christi, Texas, and I was in Houston.

And so I was like, whatever. And so I went to the bank to try to cast cash and I got arrested. The things you do when you’re home, wasn’t you ain’t got shit to do. And so, and so that was a part of the of the whole deal in court. You know, I got probation, but you know, but I’m banned from all bank of America, properties and business and stuff for the rest of my

Elijah: life.

Fuck. That’s not a punishment. That’s a blessing, right.

De’Vannon: Fuck them for being all unforgiving and shit. And I don’t know what the da told them.

Elijah: Well, that doesn’t matter. Does it really matter? I mean, to ban somebody for life. [00:25:00]Seriously, no longer be allowed to store your money. We will not hold your money and charge you anymore.


De’Vannon: so punishment. And so and so, and so, and a whole, like not calling any other, either any of man father, I wanted to clarify that that goes beyond like, say like your dad or something like that. When, when people say father talking about God is a more holistic and fulfilling way that you’re referencing him, you know, as being like your ultimate provider and everything like that, it goes further beyond just, Hey dad, what’s up pop.

It’s not like that. So if you call your physical dad father in like a passive way like that, and God is not mad at you, but what, what Elijah and I are talking about. Is the pedestal and how they put like the father in the Catholic church, you know, like equal to God. Like you can’t even pray and ask forgiveness for yourself.

You got to go and confess to a human, [00:26:00] which is completely fucked up and has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of Jesus Christ. So like what’s the point of Jesus coming to stand in the place and be the last sacrifice. And he said, no, man can come to the father, but by Jesus or

Elijah: all right, you shoot you out.

You out here in these metaphysical streets. So

De’Vannon: what do you though, what the fuck do you need the damn preach here for or?

Elijah: Well, the sad part about it is, is that they have called Peter the farmer, the first Pope and the word and Peter at first of all, if you go over there and Matthew, I kept the exact scripture is not coming to me right now, but it’s in the book of Matthew where it talks about Peter’s mother-in-law so the only way I know you can get a mother-in-law’s if you got.

So if Peter is the first point. And now of course, if you know their history, Pope’s used to get married. I mean, there used to be the series called the Borgias about Rodrigo Borgia and his, you talking about [00:27:00] ancestor. That was an incestuous family. If you had ever seen one look Lucrezia Borgia and her brother Chez IRA, they used to get it on.

Like, it was just the bang to do. And Rodrigo Borgia known as Pope Alexander the sixth. I mean, that’s where the God, that’s where the whole godfather thing comes from. You see that’s where that whole idea of the guy it came from Rodrigo Borgia and is a mob dug his children. It wouldn’t be like, I don’t mean to get political, but it would be like Donald Trump and his kids today.

Trump would be Rodrigo Borgia. Junior would be Chaz array. The youngest one would be one and Ivanka would be Lucrezia Tiffany. She just don’t even fit into the equation.

De’Vannon: Ivanka would be Skeletor.

Elijah: Oh, I’m not going to tell you what my mom calls her. I’m [00:28:00] not going to Jerry

De’Vannon: skeleton twat or some shit

Elijah: gooseneck, terrible,

De’Vannon: wrong with a little bit of shade, just a little

Elijah: out there.

I don’t know how many Trump supporters are listening to the band and, or, or my pocket. And I try not to get too political. I drive too because of the type of, of, of, of, of podcast. I have you have the Liberty to do that, but I try not to, to circumscribe anybody or anything like that.

De’Vannon: So I want to get back on angels because angels are very, very special to me.

And it’s a very. Fine line that we tread in dealing with them because we’re only supposed to pray to God in the name of Jesus period. And from my reading of the, of the spirituals, I only see two angel names given, which are Michael and Gabriel, and then there’s other times. And there were like, people tried to get names out of angels and they refused to give them to them probably because the person would have turned around and [00:29:00] tried to worship them.

And many times the angels have to remind people, you know, so worship God, whenever they go to try to worship them like that. And and I’ve had a few of them in times, you know, well, they’ve appeared to me like in human form. And I think that that happens with people. More often the Bible does say that we have entertained angels.

It unawares from the times that I remember the first one that that happened me and my dad were like, Being just typical and late last people in the grocery store back in, I think like the eighties or something like that. So we were the last car to leave. You know, the workers in there probably cussing us out, like just to get that bus out so we can go home.

And it was just me and him in the parking lot. Like a parking lot was empty. And then we looked up and there’s this man just suddenly standing in my dad’s a window. And I’ll never forget the look in his eyes. He was dressed the homeless, but his eyes had like a, an electricity and a life to it that does not [00:30:00] bespeak homelessness.

And I’ve been homeless before. And then you lose the light really, really out of your eyes and stuff like that. And there isn’t much joy there, but he was talking to, to me and he was asking me for exactly a dollar and which is all I had in my wallet. And then the Lord always knows exactly how much money you have.

And I was afraid to give it to him because back then I used to get my ass beat for like everything and nothing, because I was raised in an abusive household. And so. But the Lord came the test, my heart more than my physical actions. So Lord knew I would have, because I’m not a tight or stingy person.

I love giving is one of my greatest joys in life. And, you know, we, I, you know, we hesitated and we looked down and to my surprise, my dad would have been okay with me giving him the dollar. I was frozen in fear. It’s like I wanted to, but I didn’t want to get hit. And so, and then just, just that quick, we looked up and the man was gone.

It was like a whole big parking lot. He could not have walked away in a split second that [00:31:00]fast. And I’ve had other instances happen like that. And I like to be transparent about that so that people don’t think that they’re going crazy or second guess, or question how God has come to personally deal with them.

Sometimes we meet people already know our names that we know them. Well, we never met before, you know, and stuff like that.

Elijah: When jelly beans first of all, the flesh we don’t, we call it the veil of the flesh. And my teacher used to say all the time, he said, Now you would know this, do that, and because you you’re familiar with the scriptures, but he would talk about that tabernacle that the Israelites pitched out there in the wilderness of Sinai over there and, and, and and the law and how that tent, that tabernacle was like going to be the temple on which the creator, he said, I’ll dwell among you because it’s not time for me to dwell in you.

He wasn’t going to dwell in them until pinnacle. So he said, build me a tabernacle that tabernacle went on to become Solomon’s temple, the the furniture inside of it. That shows how that we go from physical [00:32:00] bodies to universal bodies when we transcend see, because Solomon’s temple will be more glorified version of the tabernacle, but in that tabernacle, you would have the bales.

And there were three bales. And my teacher used to say, pay attention to those veils because. When you talk not to switch, but when you, we talk about Jacob’s ladder, you see, and it had angels ascending and descending upon that ladder, that ladder really represents consciousness and each wrong represents a higher level of consciousness.

That’s why you have now in the Catholic church, they call it the celestial hierarchy. My teacher said, it’s not a hierarchy, it’s an order. And you have the 12 orders of universal beings on, up from angels all the way up to supernals and each rung plea is a being are beings that experience the universe at a higher vibration or a higher level of consciousness.

And that’s what this school [00:33:00] is that we are in. This is a kindergarten for angelic or universal or just entities. If the word angelic sounds too abstract for you or spirit sounds too abstract. Just say anything. Because, you know, a physical entities you see, and a spirit being is just an entity. That’s not limited to flesh and blood, and they have the power to descend and ascend and make their presence known at a will.

That’s one of the perks of having seen when they would go to reach for the Messiah and the scriptures, and he would just disappear. You see, see the flesh is determined by consciousness, by vibrational consciousness. So if you’re able to descend and vibration and make your presence known, you can ascend in vibration and disappear or take away the appearance of the physical form.

That’s when you get into Astro bodies and all of that, and people practicing. And my teacher, Dr. Kenley would [00:34:00] set tell us, he said, now because you have people and they still do it now, practice Astro projection. He said, now don’t do that because you might not know how to get back into. He said, I can do it because I know how to get back in the body.

There would be people, he would go back home to Ohio, to minister, to the folks that didn’t come out with the 70 souls that came out with him and this route, the school grew tremendously from then, but there were people who stayed in Ohio and then eventually it went out to other places all over the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and all Germany and all other parts of the world.

And that’s the school today. But people would say that they seen Dr. Kenley minister before them up in the congregation. And there would be people in California say Dr. Gibson right here. Well, y’all ran my house. We had a service today this morning, Dr. Kelly sitting here having lunch with us. And there will be elders that witness to the fact, you know, he, we saw him here today and he would tell us, and then he would and, and, and [00:35:00] I used to wonder why he never taught us the law of attract.

And one of my friends, who’s an elder in the school. He said, she said that her husband asked Dr. Kenley, why won’t you teach us the laws of the universe and the laws that now they call in Hollywood, a secret and all that. And he said that because of, I taught it to you guys, you would destroy each other.

So he, he did, he would not teach us the law of manifestation. I only know about it now because of other metaphysical teachers, Dr. Harris would often kind of insinuate about it. He would often jokingly say, when you are awakened in consciousness, you have to be careful about what you think, but he would never go in and teach the people in the school, the law of manifestation and the law of of creation,

De’Vannon: right.

I’m going to put it in the show notes, but I want you to tell just verbally tell everybody what your email address is, because I know that they’re going to have sure. [00:36:00]

Elijah: If you have any questions or anything like that, or you just want to talk to me, my email address is where that’s where as in whiskey, a w a R E dot or period at Elijah, I’m sorry.

W a R E dot elijah@yahoo.com. So which, where dot elijah@yahoo.com and where it’s spelled w a R E E L I J H. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

De’Vannon: The, the astral projection is real mom. My mentor evangelists. Nelson, who was a great clairvoyant woman used to, to tell people that in church too, like be careful where you send your you’ll sell a while too, because you don’t know if it’s coming back.

Now. I first started going onto the Astro plane when I was like in middle school, but it’s not like I went looking for it, but I’m a gifted dreamer. I’ve been dreaming since I was like four or five and my dreams come true. And I see things and [00:37:00] receive guidance in them from God, from God, or from people who have died and who are coming back to talk to me.

God dream a lot, you know, every time I nod off I’ll dream. And so

Elijah: you never not have dreams does some, and I’ve had times when I’ll go to sleep and I won’t dream, but you always have dreams.

De’Vannon: Yeah. Like I’m, I’m like, I’m a dreamer that that’s, that that’s one of my strongest gifts.

Elijah: And that you must, that you probably have a strong imagination.

De’Vannon: Yeah, it wasn’t until I I went to school for hypnotherapy and spin stuff too. And I just in different classes, I’ve been in different experiences. I began to understand that not everybody has the capability to like close their eyes and visualize not everybody. I didn’t know that.

Elijah: Just so easy for you to do it.

You, we don’t, we figure that we, we always figure when we could do something that way everybody can do it,

De’Vannon: but things of the mind like that, like I just, because I get, I don’t know, build a house or garden, I wouldn’t expect everybody to do that. But to be able to, to visualize yourself doing [00:38:00] something, I would not have thought something in the head like that would have been something that’s what out of reach easily on people.

So that was an eye opening.

Elijah: I don’t really go into astrology a lot. I’m familiar with it, but they say people that have more earth sign Mo moves that are in, in, in the earth. It’s harder for them to imagine. You know, because they are so grounded, I guess if it would be like a Capricorn moon or a Turismo.

And it’s not that I don’t believe there’s any truth in astrology. What I, what, what metaphysics teaches us? Is that when you are spiritually awakened, you are no longer bound to the planets. You’re no longer. It talks about over there and revelations that the woman was clothed in the sun with the moon under her feet.

Now again, a woman that’s not talking about it, didn’t say the female. It said the woman, the woman is the soul. The soul has been probed in the sun. Now, what does that mean? That means the soul has awakened [00:39:00] back onto its universal identity or his identity as a son of God. And when the moon is under his feet, the moon represents.

The moon sign and astrology. You got a sun sign, which is 12 Zodiacs. And then you’ve got a moon sign, which is 1208, the moon representing the emotions. So when the Mo that’s, when, when you’re clothed in the sun, that means you received that true identity. You know, we call you the van and you don’t mind us calling you then, but you recognize that the van was just the role you played.

And that the moon under your feet is that now your emotions I’m governed by the soul, you are in control of your emotions, your emotions don’t control. So when it comes to astrology, you see, yes, as long as you are identifying yourself as the person that was born from your father and your mother, and you think that’s who you are, and this is my name and this is what it’s on my birth certificate.

Yes. I believe that you can be controlled by those great [00:40:00] celestial bodies that we call the planets. You see, but when you have awakened back to your cosmic or universal identity, you see the moon is now under your feet and you are now closed and universal in the sun. You see, or.

De’Vannon: Absolutely. And the book of revelation is probably my favorite though.

It’s most certainly my favorite book of the Bible. That, and then I love the book of Daniel too, because they kind of mirror each other. So on the, on the astral projection, I just wanted to clarify. Sure that, because this is another thing. I don’t want people to think that they’re crazy that they’re alone because it’s not a sort of thing that people just talk about a lot, which I wish there was more of, but so like if you’re sleeping at night, cause I did not go trying to intentionally get myself on the astral plane, I don’t have to, it just came to me like that and it just comes to me like that.

So I just started sleeping and I started becoming aware of the fact that I was dreaming in the middle of my dreams. I don’t consider those Astro dreams to be so [00:41:00] prophetic. It’s almost like I’m somewhere else. And so just a natural instinct instincts I’m beginning to see, okay, let me see if I can manipulate the environment around me and control things and stuff like that.

And that’s kind of like the beginning of Astro studies, Astro projection and things like that. I’ve read where people try to go on there and maybe find other people and send healing energy and light to them and different things like that. And so, and so, so this happens anybody who may be listening, just know that no, you’re not crazy.

There’s a whole thing

Elijah: about,

you know, the sad part about it. The Davanon is that we have been in these physical bodies for so long that we have begun to think that they are the reality of us and that what is beyond the flesh is the shadow. We even think of it as shadow world. No, this is the shadow. [00:42:00] As a matter of fact, in, in comedic knowledge, when you’re dealing with what they call the Egyptians, a lot of people thought that when they talked about the underworld, they were talking about the world you go to, when you’re no longer in a physical body, no, they thought saw this physical world as the underworld, because you had deity condescending into a lower state.

So when you are talking about spiritual things, you see, now you may, in your current condition, you seeing, when I say you only talking about you, I’m talking about any listener, you may not be sensitive to those things you see, but just like you’re wise enough to know that the earth didn’t start the day you were born and that it won’t stop the day you die.

You see, don’t be silly enough to think that because you haven’t experienced something, it could not be true. You see, and that’s, that’s, that’s kind of thing that irritates me with somebody. Well, well, well, well if I haven’t experienced it, it’s a [00:43:00] lot of things you haven’t experienced. And then this is a, we got multi versus that’s.

What eternal life is all about going on to experience yourself. You see, I think it was higher on Butler, a great another metaphysical teacher that said heaven. It’s just an eternal revelation of itself. You see? So don’t ever think that’d be what I, I haven’t experienced it. There was a time when you had an experience sex didn’t mean nobody else knew what the emotion was like.

De’Vannon: And that’s a S a damn good emotion. If I do

Elijah: say, and you know, you’re going to act right. The van you going to act, right. Which means I’m

De’Vannon: gone act out, you were talking about how short-sighted. It is to think that, you know, this physical form is like our highest self or like the, the end and you know, and there’s nothing but shadow beyond this.

I think about that whenever I see like politicians or people who have physical power in this earth doing treacherous things and [00:44:00] lying. Yes. I’m talking to them like they’ll

Elijah: never be any consequences for their behavior. Right. I’m talking

De’Vannon: to Republicans, even locals straighten up and fly, right. People wish to enforce their way up on other people.

So people who are anti-abortion anti LGBTQ I a plus alphabet mafia. Yes. We’re coming from

I’m talking to you because when you die, Then none of this authority on this earth matters. So the people that you have to step on to get their throw out lie and say January 6th, wasn’t an insurrection. Try to justify Donald Trump and with a straight face, and think you were going to go stand before the Lord and get into heaven, bitch.

You fully. And

Elijah: I’m not messing with

De’Vannon: you. And it’s short-sighted because you have a soul to account for and spiritual currency. You are not [00:45:00] building up. That’s why the Bible says hardly scarcely will a rich man enter because you priorities or a skew angels and demons don’t give a fuck about money because they understand what real power is.

And they could give a damn list who has a seat of authority because the ultimate decision of everything comes from the Lord, no matter how treacherous it might seem to us. And so you mentioned earlier, you know, something about what a Republican be listening to this podcast. They are going through, maybe they have

Elijah: received salvation, maybe even under

De’Vannon: flap.

One of them motherfuckers upside the head pretty hard on a Sunday morning to get some sense than there all the earth shirts in the old world. It all the missionaries might be able to help one of them hard-headed motherfuckers. But

Elijah: you know, my, my teacher used to say and this is really what prompted me to be honest about my sexuality.

He used to say all the time, he said, now, if you know something, [00:46:00] then you ought to know that y’all way, or God knows it even more so. And when you run it around and you’re just to your point, putting on airs, trying to impress other shadows, you see you are really telling the creator to his face. I don’t really give a damn about what you think I’m more concerned about.

What the people I can physically see, I physically interact with and that I physically deal with on a daily basis are about I’ll deal with you when I deal with you. I’ll deal with you. When I see you failing to realize that he is their very self and he is your very awareness of being, you could fall down and hit your head and they bring you in to the emergency room and they say van, and you say, I don’t know, man.

You say, when they asked you, where are you from? I don’t know. When were you born? I don’t know. Are you married? I don’t know how you got any children. I don’t know. Are you conscious of being alive? Yes, I am. [00:47:00] You see, you can forget everything, but you will not forget your I am or your awareness. And that is y’all way or God you see, and you can not escape that.

That’s why he said, if you make your bed in hell or if you make your bed and, and, and, and. That are low vibrational or negative. That’s hell he, wasn’t talking about a place on the earth. You see? And that’s another thing we, we misunderstand and I was talking about this in my podcast the other day, this whole business of having inhale.

You see, first of all, I don’t have a habit to put you in the van for the things you’ve done or hell to put you into the things you’ve done. And you, now you have one to put me in. You see, I have an overhead, but when we speak about heaven or hell, we have to understand that these are states of consciousness.

You see just like the example I used the other day, you have what they call the orthological kingdom. And that’s the bird king you see now out here in California, we have Eagles and other different kinds of beautiful birds. And out there in New York, you have other [00:48:00] birds and Eagles and things of that nature you see, but they all belong to the same kingdom, but the kingdom is not relegated to a physical place.

It is a. Consciousness and the reason they are all a part of the ontological kingdom is because they have a commonality in their nature and the way they are made up psychologically and physically speaking, they are a part of the kingdom of the birds or the orthological key. When we speak of the kingdom of heaven.

You see, I’m not saying that they’re on C a boat or B or, or, or planes where entities dwell and exist. But when we’re talking about heaven, you see those that are, you see share the same nature. Cause the word name means nature. You were talking about the angels refusing to give their names. They refuse to give their name, not because we couldn’t pronounce it or that the, the actual spelling of the name [00:49:00] or the name, the word was sacred.

They, if you asked me for my name, you’re asking me for my nature and I cannot give you that you see if you are a carnal minded man, and all you dwell upon is earthly things. You can never know my name. My name is a mystery to you. You see, it’s just like when we say there’s power in the name of the Lord, you’re saying there’s power in the nature you see of the Lord.

You see. So when we’re talking about, about the kingdom of heaven, we’re talking about all those who have the same name or the same nature you see, they are, there is a divine commonality between them and that’s what makes you a member of the kingdom. You see, you have the plant kingdom. See, you’ve got plants out there in New York and we got plants here in California.

You see, but they are all members of the plant kingdom. So when we’re speaking about heaven, you see, you can be on this lower level, you see, or you can be a being that well and higher. See those are the [00:50:00] heavens, but that is not heaven. You see heaven is a state in which there is righteousness. Paul said over in Romans, the kingdom of heaven is not eating and drinking, but it is righteousness, peace and joy.

You see, when it speaks about different things over there are revelations about gold and all that is all symbolic gold represents the endurance and the power in the kingdom or in the nature of all those who are alike and have the same commonality. We are brothers. We are bounded, no matter where we are, we are a part of the kingdom.

De’Vannon: All I know is hell seems like, and that’s very, I mean, thank you for offering to an alternate way of looking at heaven, but what else? All I know is that hell feels like, it feels like it would be someplace where God is not to, whether it’s flying there, whether it’s here, they are across the street or across the galaxy.

It seemed like there ain’t no Jesus there. And that’s what would bother me about it. The most

Elijah: sure. Because, [00:51:00] because just to go along with what you’re saying, Paul said to you that are alienated in your minds, he didn’t say to you that are alienated. See the truth is if the creator is net percent, there can’t be any place where he is not, but there could be some place in you where he is not.

You see what I’m saying? I’ll give you a prime example. This just happened to me last night. I get home. I want to run to the store and get me something sweet. Cause there’s nothing in the house sweet to eat because I chose not to buy anything. Sweet. Cause that’s. But I really had a wave. I have a tremendous week too.

So I said, I’m going to go get me something this week. And I started looking for my wallet and I can’t find it. And I look on my dresser. I looked at my bed, I look in my gym bag. I don’t see it. I go to the car. It is not there. I’m looking under the seats and everything. So I said, I must have left it where I picked up dinner.

[00:52:00] I run getting jumped in the car, run back to the place where I picked up dinner. I asked them that they find a wallet. The ladies telling me no, nobody has turned in the wallet. I’m like, where can my wallet be? I look under the car again, come back home, look in the bedroom again. I don’t see it. Look on another part of the house where I think I’m out of flooded.

I go back to my gym bag and I said, well, excuse me, let me dump everything out. And when I dumped everything out, it was right. Now I asked you the question, was my wallet lost or was it just lost to me? Was it lost in my mind? See, there was a space in my mind where the wallet was not anymore. I thought the wallet was locked.

It was with me all the time. It was right here in my house, but in my consciousness, it could have just as easily been where I had picked up dinner. It could have been, it could have fell out at the gym. It could have fell out at the grocery store. You got to fill out at the gas station. [00:53:00] It wouldn’t have made a difference because consciously it was lost to me.

You see? So when we’re talking about hell, hell, where the devil is really a state in which we think that we are separate from the creator, my wallet was with me the whole time, but in my mind, and in my heart, it was lost. But not in reality. In other words, the relationship wasn’t there. Normally my relationship with my wallet is I know exactly where.

But because I didn’t know where it was, the relationship had been launched. So what has to be restored is not connection or, or, or, or any true sense of, of, of salvation. Salvation is really the wiping away of the idea of being honest or down. That’s just another thing.

De’Vannon: His wallet was lost. Y’all but now it’s fine.

Now it’s

Elijah: found [00:54:00] hallelujah.

De’Vannon: Hallelujah. So you mentioned your sexuality. How do you identify?

Elijah: No, I hadn’t really gone into it on my podcast and it wasn’t because I was embarrassed or anything like that is because I didn’t want people to. You know, if you, if they’re coming to Zephyr, I don’t want them to think that that is what the podcast is about.

This is really not about me. It’s about metaphysics, but in

De’Vannon: actuality, sorry to cut you off. Have you talked about your sexuality pause after no. On a public broadcast anywhere? Is this your first time publicly talking about

Elijah: it? This would be the first time. But that doesn’t bother me at all.

De’Vannon: We’ll come on with the exclusive then come on.

Elijah: And if it did, I would have asked you when you, when we did the pre-interview, when you were kind enough to ask me, is there anything that you would rather, I didn’t talk about? You were nice enough to ask me [00:55:00] that and you know, as I told you, it’s not a problem. I just didn’t want people. If they’re coming to Zephyr, I want to stay on, I want them to understand what Zephyr is about and it’s about all of us.

It’s not me. I hate to be vague and say, oh, I don’t identify as this. Or don’t identify as that because I realize we’re living in a world where carnal minded creatures have to term label you as something. It just, it just gives them acid indigestion. If they cannot label you as black male, straight gay or bisexual or anything like that.

I have been attracted to women and I have been attracted to men. And personally I don’t label myself. Any kind of way. But I recognize being a minister that that’s going to be problematic for a lot of people, because there’s going to be some people that said, dang, I was really enjoying you until, you know, and I already know that.

And being that metaphysics is a part of religion and in the religious world, [00:56:00] unless you are heterosexual then no heaven for you then that’s where, where I feel like it’s important that I speak up and say something because I would be a hypocrite, knowing that I’ve been free from thinking you see that there are angels in heaven who identify as heterosexual.

And if I don’t identify that way, then I’m going to be in big trouble. It goes right back to our conversation about maleness and femaleness. You see, first of all, We have to stop thinking that God is a big man in the sky or a big male in the sky, excuse me. And of course he’s white because anything good and righteous is white.

And we have a very cartoonish idea about what the creator is. We think he dwells on the, of most rounds of the universe or at some other multi-verse and he sits up high and looks down low. And he’s judging me based upon what I am physically speaking. But if [00:57:00] angels are neither male nor female.

Then, and this goes all the way back to us having to recognize that these roles that we are playing now you’re not going to be in heaven talking about, you know, yeah. I was married for 40 years and we have four kids, two boys, two girls, and I had six grandchildren. And all of that it says that the former shall not be remembered and neither should have come to mind.

And this part of salvation somebody was asking me about it yesterday about the Buddhist religion. Cause I was talking about in Buddhism, they have Nirvana and really what Nirvana is all about is letting go of the self. And they say, when you let go of the self that’s when you attain under heaven, because hell is really the self and heaven would be the letting go of the self and the Buddhist religion you see.

And what, the reason why so many people, especially young black men. And I think it’s problematic because what, what these male men do is they hide their sexuality. [00:58:00] And then they go and get into these marriages and the women can’t figure out why, why can’t I reach him? What’s his problem? Why, why, why, why is it that no matter what we do, you know, it just because we have such a toxic definition of masculinity, especially for young black men in society, as general in general, but especially for young black men, because we have mistaken.

How many women you screw how many children do you produce, whether your fathers do them or not? We think that that is being a man. Now that may be being a male, but that’s not being a man. We don’t identify being a man is in. Russ self-respect dignity. Are you a person of your word? Can I rely on you?

You see are you a gentlemen? You see are you respectful? You see, are you on time? You see, or every time I go somewhere with you, you always stop my child. I’m running like that’s not being a man or a woman. You see that’s being a male or female. And again, I think [00:59:00] so much of, but just like we have gotten so caught up and been baptized and white, white supremacy.

We have been falsely baptized in maleness. You see? And again, these, I know many men right now, you see that think they’re, they’re deceiving people, but they’re not deceiving themselves. But I always go back to that thing. My mentor said, if you know, then you ought to know that the creator now you see, but they get in these and it makes it worse because that’s why the marriage marriages don’t want.

Because you have created, you see what you think. And it always amazes me when I hear people say, well, I believe what the Bible says about homosexuality. You see what the Bible also speaks against miscegenation race mix, but you do that. Like it’s going out of style with no problem. So if you going to hold to what the, and the, and it has scriptures in it, they say I’ve never been to their website, but they say that the Klu Klux Klan got about nine scriptures on their website, [01:00:00] speaking against Miscegenation you see?

And in the Catholic church, there used to be a doctrine of miscegenation you see, but how many of, of, of, of, of these young black ones? I mean, it amazes me. They’ll they’ll they’ll welcome, brother. Calvin, you see in his Latina, a new wife back home from the military and little Calvin Jr. With no problem.

You see, and that very Bible that they got sitting on, their lot lap speaks against that. Just like it speaks against homosexuality. But yeah, they don’t view that in the same light you see? And that goes back to, if you’re going to keep the law, keep the whole law, don’t just keep parts of the law. That’s convenient for you.

I remember one time I shared this with you and then I’ll be quiet. My mother had asked me to ride to her doctor’s appointment with her. Do you want me to go with him? No reason. I just want you to go. So we get there and they, they, what they call tree , you know, take her temperature and all that good stuff.

And it’s this Caucasian or young white [01:01:00] male. I’m saying young in his early forties, little skinny guy. You can tell you ran. It looked like he ran to work. He was so skinny. He said he loved to run and we got to talking and we’re laughing and talking to me and my mom are kind of talkative people and would go to the grocery store, things like that.

And I don’t know how we got on this, but he said to my mother and I, and he said, you know what, my brother always. And we’re like, we barely know you. So of course we don’t know what your brother always says. He said, my brother always says, don’t judge me because I don’t see him the same way you do. And I said, I said, you know what?

That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s quite accurate of your brother to say that because there are so many things in this Bible that are spoken against. If you interpret them, physically women being preachers and teachers, but don’t get up and can’t sleep at two 30 or three in the morning. You’ll see Joyce Meyers and so many other women talking about the Bible and up minister.

And before that congregation, but [01:02:00] again, you believe what the Bible says about everything you see, except for that. But when it comes to this whole business of homosexuality and see, first of all, you have to understand that Paul was speaking spiritually. You see, he was not speaking. Just like when he said, let the woman be quiet in the church, you see our solid, he was not speaking about somebody with an X, X chromosome.

You see, he was speaking about the creator being the husband, man or the El Shaddai, the almighty provider you see of all that there is. And you and I, being a woman, we should be looking on to our husband for all our daily needs. Not a Pope, not a minister, not a preacher, not, not your physical spouse or your physical parents or anything like that.

You must look to your husband for all things you’ve seen. Sorry. Am I talking going on too long?

De’Vannon: There ain’t nothing wrong with letting the Lord use you because, because of what you’re doing is offering different [01:03:00] perspectives. And one main goal of my podcasts of anything, anything that I do is to encourage people, to look at things.

Differently to be willing to take a second look at things to not be conceited, like people you know, who. Who thinks that whatever it is that they think they know is the only way that it should be looked at. And like, if they were to reconsider it, then maybe they have compromised their belief. You know, the thing is you’re realizing that you’re a human and that you don’t know everything.

And so you take people like Joyce Meyer, Joel Olsteen TD Jakes, whoever it is that goes on TV and condemns on the sexuality and yeah. Right. You know, it’s all good when people get divorced. You know, for reasons other than infidelity, you know, there’s all kinds of stuff that, you know, it’s like the whole straight people in the church got together and said, all right, we’re going to be okay with this, this, this, and this.

Even though the Bible says we shouldn’t, but it’s cool that we’re going to make a really big fucking deal out of the gay people. [01:04:00] And and that’s fine. I can’t fix stupid. You know, I can’t, I can’t change them motherfuckers, but I can help people who were being influenced by them, you know? And if you’re going to be a hateful hole and ride out with what they’re saying and you know, and hate on people within, fuck you.

But there’s people out there who are miserable, killing themselves, hurting themselves over what televangelists are saying are over what. Preachers are saying. And then sometimes preachers they’ll say some bullshit. Like they don’t preach a certain scripture, a certain topic. The way they used to, what they’re saying is they were wrong in their interpretation of it the first day.

But what you’re not gonna hear them do is apologize for any damage that they may have caused because preachers don’t say, they’re sorry, you know, try to get one to apologize. They don’t have the humility. And and so

Elijah: I encourage so many things, the value. I mean, I was sharing with the person the other day.

I said, you know the Bible fertility is a [01:05:00] big theme in the Bible. You see? But if a woman who is married now, marriage is all about procreation. If there’s a woman in the congregation who can not physically bring forth children, now there are some congregations. But the average every day, congregation, those are more what people would look at as cult physically speaking.

But the average one in the male church would say, all sister, you Johnson, our sister Smith. We’re gonna pray that the Lord provides you with those blessed is your womb. And we’re gonna pray that the seed of, for, to a patient just arises in you and you will be the next Optima you see? And, and, and, and, and we just want to pray a little bit.

I, that never happened. Do you go to her husband, Keith and say this half, and she ain’t going to do it. You looking for key feeling, is she just, ain’t going to be the one, but fertility is a big theme in the Bible. That’s what the, that’s what this whole [01:06:00] thing is all about. Spiritual children. You only got physical children because the creator is witnessing to the fact that he ran it for a whole dynasty up in this unit.

You see, but you don’t tell a woman who’s infertile, you know? Well, you know you’re playing a very negative role and you’re going to have to get.

De’Vannon: Well, well, the Lord has created the wicked for the day of destruction and the hypocrites are in that same category. So there’s going to be through silliness like that in the world. And like Jesus said, at some point in the Bible, but it’s left them alone. And so, and so my encouragement to people is to get out from under the influence, you know, of places like that.

If you’re LGBTQ or you have any sort of alternative lifestyle, don’t go and set up at a church where they don’t like you, where they’re talking about what you’re doing is wrong. As abusive to yourself, get yourself out of there. Find you a gay affirming church, attend somewhere over the internet. If you can’t find somewhere, physically are better [01:07:00] yet just go to God for yourself and your private time through the Bible, through different texts and readings, commentaries, there’s all kinds of things.

You can look on the internet now, most places around the internet, and there’s nothing more valuable than your private time with the Lord. Everything else is an accessory to that. That’s right.

That’s all we have for the free version of the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, my beautiful people, but Hey, have your vibbing on what you’re hearing and want to take it to that next level. Then perhaps a subscription may be in order access to full length episodes only cost $2 and 99 cents a month. Or you can do $25 for a year, or if you’re down on your cash, you can literally donate.

Any amount for 30 days of full access, all of this information can be found@sexdrugsandjesus.com, where you’ll also find my blog and lots of resources as well. Your subscription strengthens our ability to reach the world and help hurting people. And by subscribing, you would [01:08:00] become a part of that effort.

Thank you so much for listening and just remember that everything is going to be all right.

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