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A spiritual ascension is a tough, rugged, mind shattering and reality bending process to be brought through. It is also a necessary process for a human to evolve into who and what they were meant to be and also to do what they were meant to do on this plane of existence. My ascension began in 2023 after a bad relationship and breakup. These songs echo the energy of ascension and I hope you learn from this music lessons that will assist you in your own life journey. - De'Vannon Seráphino

10. Walking Away – Information Society

“Cause I’m walking away from
Walking away from things in my own past
Walking away from
Walking away from things that just won’t last
And I’m walking away from
Walking away from things that move too fast”

***This chorus speaks marvelously to ascension as it is all about departing from things that do not serve us. This is an essential part of the life cycle in and of itself. We must empty ourselves out in order to be filled again – which means letting go of old things so that we may embrace the new. In this song the singer is making a conscious decision to move on from things that he now considers to be in his past. He considered these things, whatever they may be, and came to the conclusion that these things had run their course. He has decided that these things also move too fast which means that he is no longer moving at the same frequency as these discarded things are. They are no longer in agreement. The important thing here is that this is all a conscious decision made by the singer – no one else. When I think about “things that move too fast” for my own life that I have struggled to get away from, those would be: drugs, heavy drinking, hurtful relationships & bad employment.

9. Forgiven – Alanis Morrissette

“We all had our reasons to be thereWe all had a thing or two to learnWe all needed something to cling toSo we did”

“We all had delusions in our headWe all had our minds made up for usWe had to believe in somethingSo we did”

***A main social point of ascending into a higher consciousness is understanding and identifying ways in which you were not really thinking for yourself in the past, even though you fully believed that you were at the time. It is this knowledge and acknowledgment that is the first step within you of becoming fully free. 

These verses also speak to how quickly people will cling to someone or something for comfort without fully understanding what that someone or something is or how all of it is actually affecting them.

8. Back To Good – Matcbox Twenty

“And everyone here, knows everyone here is thinking aboutSomebody else”

“‘Cause everyone here, hates everyone here for doing Just like they doAnd it’s best if we all keep this quiet insteadAnd I couldn’t tell, why everyone here was doing me like they doBut I’m sorry now, and I don’t know howTo get it back to good”

“Well everyone here, is wondering what it’s like to be with somebody elseAnd everyone here’s to blame, and everyone hereGets caught up in the pleasure of the painEveryone, well everyone here hidesShades of shame”

***This song speaks to hollow, superficial relationships that people keep up for appearances, to fill the void in their lives and for many other non-resolution yielding reasons. The worst part is that large groups of people can be confederate in both creating the illusions that bind them and in keeping those illusions alive. When we ascend we can see this for what it truly is and begin the process of letting die what needs to.

7. no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande

“Right now, I’m in a state of mindI wanna be in like all the timeAin’t got no tears left to cry”

“Oh, I just want you to come with meWe on another mentality”

“We’re way too fly to partake in all this hateWe out here vibin’, we vibin’, we vibin’
Comin’ out, even when it’s rainin’ downCan’t stop now, can’t stop, so shut your mouth”

***Ariana Grande speaks nicely to the spirit of ascension with the phrase “we on another mentality.” This, my children is the whole benefit of ascension, a new mentality. It also grants a new body, a new soul, really a new everything. As God said “He who sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” (Rev. 21:5) – This is a glorious day when we realize we have been gifted a new mentality from God. This means we have a new life because life is how we see it. Perspective is what she is speaking to here. “We way too fly to partake in all this hate We out here vibin’, we vibin’, we vibin”- I love this for ascension because Ms. Grande and her boo have decided that they are going to think for themselves and they are going to make sure to remain happy. Happiness is a choice which we can make daily if we want to.

6. Now or Never – Blair St. Clair

“It’s not like you knew meI live in the world in a screenGot too good at painting the dream”

“I’m gonna turn the tideI’m gonna live my lifeThe way I want, the way I want toNo matter what they sayI’ll do it all my wayThe way I want, the way I want to”

“I’ve come undone but nowI’ve pulled myself togetherAnd I’m breaking free to flyBecause it’s now or never”

“Sometimes you gotta let it fall downTo build it back up againSometimes you gotta go a little crazyTo find your way back home”

***Blair St. Clair has given us a metamorphosis in this song. “I’m gonna turn the tide, I’m gonna live my life The way I want, the way I want to No matter what they say, I’ll do it all my way” – This is Ms. St. Clair not letting others have power over here. Again we see here a conscious choice being made to live and think independently – this is what ascension is all about. I get very still when Ms. Clair says “I thought that I knew me.” When we ascend we really begin to consciously understand ourselves on a deep soul level. I thank God Almighty in Heaven for carrying me through my life because the more I learn the more I understand that there is so much yet to learn. It is humbling to learn that I didn’t really know myself – but I look forward to and view it as a joy to get to continuously learn about myself throughout my life. When Ms. St. Clair sings,”And I’m breaking free to fly.” – This is this beautiful singer’s anthem of independence. She has laid aside every weight as the Lord told us to do and now she feels lighter, like she can just spread her wings and fly into the sunrise. 

5. In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

“It isn’t in my blood”

“Laying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothingI’m overwhelmed and insecure, give me somethingI could take to ease my mind slowlyJust have a drink and you’ll feel betterJust take her home and you’ll feel betterKeep telling me that it gets betterDoes it ever?”

“It’s like the walls are caving inSometimes I feel like giving upNo medicine is strong enoughSomeone help meI’m crawling in my skinSometimes I feel like giving upBut I just can’t”

***This song is the heart and soul of a man trying desperately to overcome. What I love about this song is that the singer is showing that he needs help – this is an important part of ascension because whatever happens to push us to this point, we are going to need help getting through it as well as the ascension itself. So many times I’ve had to remind myself that giving up is not a part of my DNA. It just can’t be. The singer is speaking against the voices in his head telling him negative things and attempting to enforce feelings of weakness. By so doing, he is directing his emotions, raising his vibration and well, basically singing himself happy. I respect how this song sounds like a lived experience and I know it will resonate with you.

4. Good Energy – Yung Wylin’

“All I need is good energy (¡blep!)I don’t need no negativity around me (nah, nah, nah, nah)High frequency (yeah, yeah, yeah)I’m talking high as G-O-D (¡pum-pum-pum-pum!), yeahGood energy (yeah, yeah)Yo no quiero mala vibra cerca de mí (nah, nah, nah)Puesto pa’ mí (pa’ mí, pa’ mí)Gracia’ a Dio’ que a los cantazo’ aprendí”

“Light up the sage, smellin’ like hickoryTryna heal scars, I got different type of injuriesHolistic medicine, different type of remediesHuman but I’m feeling like a different type of entity”

***This fly ass dude here has laid out ascension in a super clear way – those of us who have ascended will ONLY ACCEPT people, places, activities, etc. which encompass high vibrations and good energy – PERIODT!!! Also, you will become a completely different entity. Human yet not, in many ways. The way you think and the way you approach every area of your life will undergo a complete overhaul. Your body might even physically undergo changes as well. 

3. Walking Away – Craig David

“I’m walking away From the troubles in my lifeI’m walking away Oh to find a better day”

“Sometimes some people get me wrongWhen it’s something I’ve said or done”

***What I love about Craig David’s version of “walking away” is that he is consciously walking away with a purpose at heart – to find a better day. This singer has come to understand that the things that were a burden to him in his life were related to specific persons. He seems to be referencing someone he was dating but this same way of thinking can be applied to any area of your life.

2. Come Alive – The Greatest Showman 

“Come alive”

“‘Cause you’re just a dead man walkin’
Thinkin’ that’s your only option
But you can flip the switch
And brighten up your darkest day
Sun is up and the color’s blinding
Take a world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind
You’ll never be the same”

“Come alive, come alive
Go and light your light
Let it burn so bright
Reachin’ up to the sky
And it’s open wide
You’re electrified”

“And the world becomes a fantasy
And you’re more than you could ever be
‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open
And you know you can’t go back again
To the world that you were living in
‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open
So, come alive”

***I remember crying and singing this song during an intensely painful point in 2023. It’s like I was hoping these words would literally make me come alive and I really needed a lot of life at that time. Thank God He showed up and gave it to me in His perfect timing. This song and all the characters in the show are the epitome of ascension. These people walk in their authentic voice and they live without letting the fear of others prevent them in any way. They press on. They are victorious. The line that says “leave behind your narrow mind, you’ll never be the same” – this gives me Neo from The Matrix vibes because once he was awakened he was never the same. My ascension on some days does literally feel like I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open. It is like going through the birth canal but in a completely spiritual way and with more awareness. What is certain is that many things that once made sense and seemed to fit into our lives will no longer feel right.

1. Feeling Good – Michael Bublé

“Birds flying highYou know how I feelSun in the skyYou know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on byYou know how I feel”

“Oh, freedom is mineAnd I know how I feel”

***This is how your ascension will feel: like a brand new dawn. Things will look brighter in your world and it will be as though you are under a brand new sun. Mr. Bublé sings “you know how I feel” throughout the song with the exception of at the end where he says “Oh freedom is mine And I know how I feel.” Mr. Bublé is saying that his freedom has everything to do with him knowing how he feels and taking his power, really taking his power. Ascension is all about standing in your power which flows to you from God in Heaven and learning how to live in that in the truth.

Honorable Mention: Harley Quinn – Princess Nokia

“Welcome to the circusI’m causing a disturbanceI’m twisted in the headAnd I’m a lil bit annoying
I’m gross, i’m sickI’m two legit to quitGot bitches showing titsAnd boys moshing in the pit”
“Yeah, I’m going crazy and dumbI’m disrespectful as fuckI heard they mad and angryThey daddy ain’t showed ’em love”
“I don’t give no fucksMatter fact, not twoI’m disrespectful, offensiveAnd I’ve got nothing to prove”

***This song is a more direct approach to communicating the fact that when you ascend you will need to cut people off, let them go and not give a fuck about what they think about you or say. Periodt. You will look like you’re out of your mind to many people – but those people have not ascended so they will not be able to understand. Their understanding is not necessary. You must live for  the purposes that The Divine placed you here to accomplish and not for other people. Cut off anyone you have to be it blood family, chosen family, friends, lovers, cats, dogs, jobs etc. Elevate and be free and don’t let anybody stop you. This part of it can call for therapy or counseling of some sort after severing previously meaningful relationships. Ascension is a process, not an easy process, but necessary and totally worth it. 

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