Episode #100: LatinX Queer Concerns, Insecurity In the LGBTQIA+ Community & Angels In The Psych Ward, With Andrew Velàzquez, Author + Celebrity Makeup Artist + American Beauty Star Contestant (Top 3)



EPISODE #100!!!



A memoir written by Andrew Velázquez 

Through the lens of lotería—the Latinx game of chance, I explore my experience of being gay, young, and a creative loco in East Los Angeles. I reimagine ten lotería cards to represent the people and events that shaped my first 40 years of life. Each chapter testifies to a lotería card image such as El Diablito (Little Devil), La Rosa (Rose), and La Muerte (Death). Using these cards of destiny, I find my true self to navigate the world. 

My memoir defies the conventional thinking that a sensitive, lonely barrio kid, traumatized by relationship abuse and family crises, eventually falls victim to gang violence, addiction, or suicide. I bring my stories and images together to show how I overcome self-destructive behavior and how I channel my energies toward a successful career in Hollywood’s beauty industry. I tell an against-the-odds life story that connects self-acceptance to art and love. 

Andrew is also a makeup artist:

This born and bred Angeleno always knew he was meant for a career in beauty. Andrew has created signature looks for some of Hollywood’s brightest stars including Lady Gaga, Michelle Williams, RuPaul, Demi Levato, Neil Patrick Harris & Carmen Electra. As a makeup artist on ”Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Andrew regularly created the sisters red carpet ready looks and at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, he was the key makeup artist for Florence and the Machine, including applying avatar-like body makeup for her radiant dancers.



INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      Lots of Fan Clacking!!!

·      Mí Corazón – Andrew’s Makeup Line

·      Amor Es Arte, Arte Es Amor – Andrew’s Memoir

·      Being Raised In The LatinX Community

·      MADONNA

·      Los Angeles Nostalgia 

·      Prevalent Insecurity In the LGBTQIA+ Community 

·      Coming Out

·      Angels In The Psych Ward

·      Andrew On American Beauty Star (Top Three)



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You’re listening to the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, where we discuss whatever the fuck we want to! And yes, we can put sex and drugs and Jesus all in the same bed and still be all right at the end of the day. My name is De’Vannon and I’ll be interviewing guests from every corner of this world as we dig into topics that are too risqué for the morning show, as we strive to help you understand what’s really going on in your life.

There is nothing off the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

De’Vannon: Andrew Velázquez is here with me today to mark the 100th episode of The Sex Drugs in Jesus podcast, and that is a huge accomplishment. Y’all and I could not be more grateful. Thank you, God. Thank you everyone who listens to and supports this show now, Andrew has written the book, it’s called.

Love is art. Art is love or amor, esp.

He also had the makeup line called me[00:01:00]

and do the celebrity makeup artist and also

an educator.

Now in his memoir, Andrew defies the conventional thinking that a sensitive, lonely barrio kid who’s been traumatized by relationship abuse and family crises must eventually fall victim of gang violence, addiction, or suicide. In his book, Andrew brings stories and images together to show how he was able to overcome self-destructive behavior.

Establish a successful career and bring art and love together in a way that’s never been done before.

Now Andrew has created signature looks for some of Hollywood’s brightest stars all including Lady Gaga, RuPaul Dimmi, Lovato, Neil, Patrick Harris, you name it. He’s done. Please listen in as Andrew and I get real and vulnerable with you that are to help someone lonely, isolated, and hurting out there.

 We love you.

Hello all of you beautiful people out there and welcome back to the Sex Drugs in Jesus podcast. I’m your host Devon, and I have with me [00:02:00] today for our 100th episodes, a beautiful, talented, incredible, lovely. Queer creative with a beautiful wavy hair that you see right there. Andrew Velazquez. Darling, how are you?


Andrew: Good. How are you coming? So I had that, and if you need that sound audio again, that, 

De’Vannon: God, 

Andrew: that thing is huge. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. I’m gotta, I gotta get you one. I’m gonna send you one. 

De’Vannon: Gosh, that thing is to be beautiful. So y’all, so before I get into Andrew here, the 100th episode is a really big fucking deal.

And why it is is because most podcasts is, I understand they don’t make it to this point. People get into just about anything in this world for all kinds of reasons. And podcasting is one of those things that looks glitzy. It looks glamorous. So everybody wants to go run off and start a podcast. And [00:03:00]then you see most of them, I got like 10 episodes, 15 episodes, you know, or they might do like, you know, maybe like 10 episodes a year.

You know, I hit the ground running a year before last, and I didn’t stop. I released a show every week, nonstop, every Thursday, you know, you know, unless some shit done went down. But generally speaking, it’s every Thursday. And so it’s a really big fucking deal to make it to episode 100. This means I’m serious, that I’m committed.

This is meant to be and it is gonna be here to stay. 

Andrew: Oh, happy for you. Congratulations, congrat. Congratulations. So happy for you. It is definitely a milestone. Yeah. Well earned, well deserved all 

De’Vannon: that. Thank you. And so, when I was toiling over who the hell I could get to, to share this moment with me Andrew’s, Andrew’s people reached out to me, and his story is so enigmatic, it’s so cataclysmic, it’s so polarizing, and I felt like I had so much in common with him.

He’s from Los Angeles. Everybody who [00:04:00] knows me knows the City of Angels is all I talk about. I love la I was out there in the military and everything. I’m obsessed with that city. And when I’m rich enough, I will go back and you know, I’m queer and I love me some Latin men, that’s all the dick I used to get when I was out there.

I, I’ve sat on plenty of Latin dick 

Andrew: and that’s right. We’re dangerous too though. We’re spicy and dangerous. 

De’Vannon: So am I. So we always, along y’all, he’s an author. He has his own memoir out. He and our both 40 years old, he’s a celebrity makeup artist. He’s worked with Lady Gaga, Demi Vato fucking like everybody.

He’s an educator. He’s a spirit light worker. He is a healer. Y’all. He’s, he, he’s like me. You know, like, you don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna talk to with somebody like this cause he is done so much, you know, it’s just how we’re gonna get through this hour and give you credit. So he is literally [00:05:00] the definition of everything, and that is why he is here today for episode one.

Double O tell us about yourself, 

Andrew: baby. Wow. I mean, that just, I, I have chills. Your listeners can’t see this, but yeah. I am so honored to be here for your hundred episode. Congratulations on all of your successes and what you’re doing. The service you provide, the light, I feel it, the energy that you’re exuding, it’s beautiful.

And I know that your followers and your audience appreciate that too, because you’re healing. That’s why good things are coming to you. I’m gonna call you divine cuz I see only a divine human being in front of me and that’s exactly what you are getting the divinity of, of life. And yeah, that’s, that’s my philosophy too is, you know, I first generation Mexican-American parents are immigrants from Mexico.

They met in their teens and I was their first born in East La Boyle [00:06:00] Heights. And yeah, being raised in such like a macho area was a little difficult for me for being just a such creative, feminine, flamboyant kid. And everything that I was trying to be a kept being told that it was wrong.

Cause you know, where my parents got married, it was like the church. I was raised Catholic, so I got baptized there. I did my first communion, I did catechism. All, you know, knowing that I’m sinning and because I like boys and trying to hide, that was just, It was heavy. It was really heavy. And my mom just was the first to be like my mentor, my icon.

She introduced me to Madonna in the eighties, who I’m obsessed with. I am the proud owner of four Madonna tattoos. She’s right here. There’s, there’s other ones. Yeah, this is from erotica. And she just celebrated her 30th year anniversary for the sex book, which was released here in Miami. [00:07:00]And so she was really like my first, I don’t know, my first like muse, you know, watching my mom do her hair and makeup in the eighties and just taking me to cosmetology school while she was going.

She just was fierce. Just drag hair, makeup, done, jewelry, accessories, and she was my queen. So for her to support my my arts and my interests in wanting to like be creative meant a lot for me. But, You know, helping raise my brothers. Cause I, I have three younger brothers and my dad worked as a mechanic during the day.

A tow truck driver at night was a lot of responsibility for the oldest sibling to, you know, be a provider also and be their mentor. So I just remember like, I don’t know, watching 9 0 2 oh saved by the bell and seeing the drama there. And I’m like, why don’t I have that drama in my life? Why do these teenagers have all these dramas and I’m this perfect cookie cutter kid helping raise my brothers Like, this is not.

[00:08:00] Hmm. So I made the drama and that’s chapter three in my book called elto, which means little devil, I call it My bad. And that’s really where I started to rebel. And, you know, we all go through like self-discovery and just that cross of like youth child into adolescence. You’re not an adult. Yeah, it was just like an awakening moment.

I went 180, I just flipped. Went from this perfect kid to just rebel partying with drag queens. Met my first club kids, went to the Rays and the nineties in LA was just all rage. It was so fun. They used to call me Space Boy and I would you know, dress in all these crazy like avan garde colorful outfits.

And I finally felt like free and liberated with other creative people and, and queer people. Finally, like my first drag queens, you know talking [00:09:00] like Stacy Hollywood, DJ Irene, like these are the people that I used to party with like in the early nineties. Like it was the hard house. That was just the rage, right?

Yeah. So Arena Circus the Alexandria Hotel, like, oh, I remember going to a rave at Knottsberry Farm. The K Rave. Yeah. And it was just so lit that these kids were jumping. Because NASP Prairie Farm had never done that. So they were literally jumping the gates trying to get into, into the rave and just like party out all night.

But they canceled it right away and they shut it down. So they never had a rave at ATSP Farm again. But yeah, it was, that was, that was very liberating and finally feeling like I was part of this community. But with, with that nightlife there, there’s also a dark side, right? There’s also like alcohol, drugs and all of that.

And finally, like, experimenting with boys and having my first experiences and [00:10:00] just being exposed to addict addiction and then realizing, oh, my mother, my mother’s also an alcoholic and has been suffering from chronic depression. And I was basically her like right hand man. So that was the hardest part to, for her to she kind of like rejected me when I finally came out and.

I just went through like, like a huge depression cuz here was this like queen that I used to look up to and then she said, no, this is the route you’re going. Like, I don’t want anything to do with it. And I ran away and left. But, you know, I remember I’m gonna be extremely vulnerable because that’s like, what’s, that’s what’s I think the most important thing to be authentic and, and expose like the truth to, to grow and learn from.

But yeah, after a couple suicide attempts that were failed, I was [00:11:00] taken to hospital at psych Ward 51 50 where I discovered therapy. And I just remember having this epiphany and this like my aha moment, right? My my reality check where this young Latino man that was in that only spoke Spanish, looked at me and was like, Andrew, you don’t belong here.

Like you have a light. What? And, and this was, he was only telling me this in Spanish, and he would write me poetry. And I finally felt like, heard, seen and like I existed in that matter. So I remembered that very distinct moment saying, I don’t wanna live this life. Like, I don’t wanna go down this dark path.

I realized the addiction can, can be real. And it’s in my, it’s genetically in our family. So I chose to follow my passion and my craft and my career. And at the age of 16, I graduated and took my GD and I just started my [00:12:00] my journey in, in the arts and the fashion industry. So fashion school, cosmetology school, and then working in retail, corporate cosmetics truly saved my life and.

Here I am now been in the industry for 22 years, gonna be 23 next month. I’ve been independent freelance artist for eight years now. I’m a memoir, author of owner of a cosmetic company also. And it’s all based around the same thing, like my culture, my passion, my craft. It’s called Love is art.

Art is love because for me, the other one cannot exist with the other. And in Spanish it’s called. So that’s the story. It’s, it’s a lot. I mean, to get the detail, you gotta read the book. I can’t give too much away, but that’s like the synopsis, 

De’Vannon: right? And so, yo the book covers beautiful, like he said, like the different cards and everything are on the front.[00:13:00]

You know, in Spanish they call it Yeah. Good job. Good job. Yes. I was down till, like, a couple of weeks ago and they were complimenting on my Spanish, and now that I’m back here, it’s like I can’t fucking put three goddamn syllables. When 

Andrew: when you’re in it. Yeah, when you’re in it, it just, it just kind of rolls out. You gotta be in, in the community and then, or vela, that’s when it really comes out.

Exactly. Would all that, yes. 

De’Vannon: So I wanna go back and touch on a few things that you said. It, it registered me Absolutely heard you said that, you know, you were raised in that macho community and, you know, the, the Latino community can be very machismo, very toxic, toxically, masculine. Mm-hmm. And, you know, and so, mm-hmm.

I remember when I was a kid, I was like super femme and everything like that. And I wanted to play with Ken and Barbie dolls and twirl [00:14:00] around and I’d wear my, me too, right? I’d wear my mother’s heels and take a belt and make a dress out of an oversized shirt. And and my dad would take me out into the yard and, you know, insult me and berate me for being feminine and try to make me learn how to box and stuff like that.

And I’m all like if I, 

Andrew: yeah, you’re, you were in the 

De’Vannon: military. I went in the military when I was 17, but this is when I was like, in elementary school. He was out there trying to make me a man, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be, you know? I’m like, no, I wanna see what’s under Ken’s pants. Damn it.

I know you’re, 

Andrew: you’re. Surprise though. It was just like flat or a little 

De’Vannon: bulge. Yes, I am a, I was a baby, right, Lester, when I was in the third grade deal with it. Judge me if you wanna. 

Andrew: And so we all had that. We all had that. 

De’Vannon: So I wanna know you mentioned you went from being [00:15:00] good to bad because everything was so good.

You, you were trying to find the complications. I felt this way too. When I was in the church. I felt like I was a little bit too good when I get kicked out of the church. Then that’s when I got caught up with the drag queens and the alcohol and the drugs. I became a drug dealer. Like you had felt, I felt liberated.

I felt like I was being myself. I don’t know if I was numbing some of that pain from being kicked out of church. I think I was with the drugs and alcohol. Tell me, did you ever get bad into alcohol or drugs or anything like that? Or, 

Andrew: or were you able to Oh yeah, absolutely. Yes, for sure. I definitely had some partners that, and some boyfriends that I probably were not the best choices.

And in my book, this is chapter five , which is the spider. Just to give you a quick history on it, is Mexican bingo game of chance. And I was [00:16:00] mesmerized by all the artwork cause they resembled tarot, which I didn’t even know at the time what tarot was as a child. Cause my mom introduced me to this game and my brothers.

But later I realizing that with tarot and with Loya, each card has a symbol. So the reason I chose these tens specific cards is because they resonated with the timeline of my life. And so laa for me is the triggers and traumas of all the bad relationships. I’m not even gonna call ’em bad relationships.

I’m gonna call them challenging relationships that have taught me because now I’m I’m at the point where I’ve done a lot of like self work and I mean, I’m still, I’m, I call myself. A student of University of Mother Nature and I’m always gonna be learning. And so all those moments have helped me realize, you know, that we’re all just kind of like these lost little souls, like these lost little angels that are trying to like, figure out and navigate where the right path is.

So these partners that I had that did have addiction problems [00:17:00] you know, at the time it was fun because like, yes, everyone’s partying and you’re just like, you wanting your wasted the quickest thing. I remember just waiting in line at Arena with like Mad Dog 2020 boondog, like the grossest stuff, but we would drink the fastest, cheapest shit to just like get the most shit wasted before we entered the club.

Cause it was just like, we gotta get wasted before we get inside the club. Cuz we didn’t, we were young, it was ages club, but we were not even old enough to drink and we were just, you know, getting wasted to. Loosen up dance and just like party all night. But through that, like fast forward into like my twenties, you know another Latino individual, this is a, I’m Mexican, so this is a different type of Latino.

This, he was Columbian, Ecuadorian, and I just was a different world that I had an experience with, like the salsa me mbia, and then just [00:18:00] the, the lifestyle and the party of that culture. It just kinda like infatuated with me. But as as like fast and heavy and dangerous as it was, is as quick as I realized, like, whoa, this is, like, this can go dark.

And he would drink all the time, you know, he would do drugs. He started going to like sex clubs and. I don’t know what, where I was mentality wise. Like my self-esteem was just shot and I felt like this is the best that I can do, so I’m just gonna settle with it. I don’t know, I really dunno where that came from.

But I did, I got a D U I because this one time we partied and he wanted to continue to party and was threatening me if I didn’t take him to get more liquor, that he was just gonna go to sex club and do like his own thing. So I felt like obligated [00:19:00] to, all right, I’m gonna take you. And he was driving and it was swerving and then I was like, no, let me take over.

So a, after getting that D U I, I just, it was like my rock bottom. It was like my lowest of low because of the partner that I had chose the time. And I’m realizing later in reflection, like. I chose these partners for a reason. And I think I was trying to fix them. I think I was trying to groom them up cause I was introducing them to fashion and art and all that as well.

And then all of a sudden they would change. And later I’m realizing like you were trying to fix yourself. Like you were actually, you are projecting what your insecurities were onto this individual and it just counteracted and affected you where you took the dark that was being, and, and you know, dark attracts each other, right?

Like light attracts light. And so yeah, [00:20:00] I mean I, I obviously I’m not with that person anymore. Very happily married. We’re 13 years together now and gonna be nine years married this May. And that’s a lot for a gay man. And, you know, our, because it’s, it’s, but it’s like I realized like I had to go through all those.

Relationships and those triggers and traumas to, to like really fix me and love me for all of me. And that’s when I, I was able to attract and the person that I kind of deserved and earned and, and actually saw me for me and didn’t make me feel judged and didn’t make, forced me to be something that I wasn’t meant to be.

You know? So I honestly, I’m even grateful for all those, those challenging moments for sure. 

De’Vannon: Right. And so I hear maturity, you know, in your words there because you understand how much good things come from the fire, from heat and intensity. You know, you’ve really [00:21:00]grown in life when you can grasp that and you don’t look at problems and things that make you uncomfortable and things that hurt you as necessarily inherently negative, you know, cuz so much So when I, when I hear you talk about like the alcohol and the drugs and the sex, you know, vice.

You know, it’s one of the things that really take any anybody down in life. They are a gargantuan problem in the lgbtqia a plus community. Y’all, our people can’t get picture is, can’t get enough. Crystal meth, can’t get enough, all that. Can’t get enough Dick, can’t get enough calm, can’t get, can’t get enough blow jobs, can’t have enough origin for me.

Andrew: For me it’s work now though. But yes, there’s always something 

De’Vannon: because you’ve grown to that point and you know, but before you had to go through being abused by all of these vices. And look, I’m not saying that there’s nothing, anything inherently wrong with crystal meth and crack and cocaine and orgies and sex clubs.

[00:22:00] But you know, bitch, when you at the sex club every night when you, and you leaving your boyfriend at home and not telling him you’re going and when, or if you just at sex club every night, you single or you are high, 

Andrew: like it’s gonna take a toll 

De’Vannon: eventually. It’s gonna take a toll. But my point is, I need people, bitch, I need you to ask yourself what you really doing it for.

Because after a point is not for the entertainment lonely or are you insecure? Are you seeking validation in these, right. Keep going back. So our community is hella insecure, no matter how pretty, we are always at the damn gym. Six packs, bubble butts everywhere. And don’t nobody like the damn self. I don’t see what the fucking point is.

Andrew: What’s the why? What is that all about? Like what? I’m still trying to figure that out. You know? What does RuPaul call it? Inner saboteur. Some people call it little bitch voice. Like, I think it’s just learning how to navigate with that. Like it’s [00:23:00] never gonna go away. It’s always there. However you can. I, I think through writing this book and through the, the experience that I’ve, experiences that I have gone through have taught me that through trauma you can transform and triumph into power.

You just have to believe it. You just have to know it. And, and really at the end of the day, it’s being of service to others like, like you’re doing with, with your audience and sh and, and sharing the knowledge and the, the growth. And that’s, I think that’s like the legacy we all need to leave behind as humans is through our, you know, journeys and our experiences that we can share that and, and share the growth and the tools that have helped shape us to where we are in a stable place, that, that truly brings happiness.

Then that can also be infectious, just. And addicting as like alcohol and drugs and sex, you know what I mean? Like the positivity can also be just as addicting. And I [00:24:00] know that we share mutual podcast friends with a survivor to thrive and give ’em a little shout out. And they’re on that same mission, you know what I mean?

And I feel like it’s not a coincidence that we’ve all been introduced to each other for, you know what I mean? During this time when it is the considered the, the most depressing time of the year, which is also my, happens to be my birthday December 27th. And now we’re in January, which is melancholy and can be hard for our community or anybody going through mental health issues.

So why not lift each other up and why not celebrate your struggles and, and transform them into something good, you know? Mm-hmm. Whatever that means for you. 

De’Vannon: The, yeah. Yeah. And I am gonna dig deeper into the mental health aspects of your book in just a moment. And y’all, like he said, you know, he’s written his book to help the people’s transparency that y’all heard me say a thousand times, [00:25:00] you know, is the greatest form of help because we learn and grow by listening to what other people have gone through.

It is a trap when we think we’re isolated and alone, when really the person sitting right next to us is either going through the same thing or has gone through the same thing. When I got H I v I thought I was the only one. I thought I was gonna die. I didn’t know half the damn queens in Houston at the shit too.

No one talked about that. We were too busy doing all the cocaine. Exactly. Doing all the cocaine at F Barn at South Beach, you know, and everywhere else. And at Jrs to do rather than to actually have real conversation. And so he, right, Andrea’s wrote, written his book in order to help help some of you save your lives, to prevent you from committing suicide, to stop you from hurting other people, to stop you from hurting yourself.

Cuz when you read that book, you’re gonna know. Okay, this fucker went through the same shit. Maybe it’s not just me. It is incredibly empowering to know that it’s not just you or as they say over on Survivor, the thriver know that you are not alone. 

Andrew: [00:26:00] Absolutely. You said that beautifully. So I wanna know, and that, that’s really No, go ahead.


De’Vannon: Yeah. I wanna know, you mentioned Catholicism from in the past. Mm-hmm. Where are you at in terms of spirituality today? 

Andrew: Like I said, yeah, I mean, I was born into that. It was it was all I knew, like it was, we lived on that block, you know, where my parents got married, where I was baptized, where I did my first commune and confirmation where I became a godfather.

It was it was just when you’re, when you’re Mexican in east LA that’s just what it is. Like, it just gets part, it’s like peanut butter jelly comes with the territory. But And I I 

De’Vannon: about today specifically because people are born mm-hmm. Into all kinds of religions. I was born Pentecostal, you know, that’s what you’re okay for.

Your family gives you, I don’t feel like, like the learn behavior. Right. I feel like it’s more valid once you become an [00:27:00] adult and you consider all the options. Mm-hmm. If you still wanna stay with that, then I think it becomes authentic. But until then you Yeah. What people told you to do. So what, what spiritually have you discovered for yourself?

Andrew: I mean, obviously at that point, I, I, as a kid, I didn’t agree with marriage only being between a man and a woman. And then, you know, just the, the history of the priests and the abuse and the, all that. I, I didn’t agree with any of that. But even, even, even even Madonna too with Journey and her being Catholic and like a prayer and being the first advocate for l g BT Q, putting in her cd in her tape a condom and to protect se use protection for sex and literature on aids.

Like, she was the first one to kind of give me a voice. And I, I felt seen, like [00:28:00] just the fact that I knew that I was gay. I felt like I was gonna get AIDS just because of that simple reason in the eighties and the nineties. But I mean, even that’s kind of like part of my spirituality. So for me my husband and I go to non-denominational church.

We are part of Unitarian. It’s more of a communal thing. And it’s more of just because they’re accepting of everything. And the, the philosophy is to celebrate love, life human experiences. And it’s, it’s really lovely. I mean, it’s. I ki I, I liked it because it brought me a little ba back to the nostalgia of the good things of going to church when I was Catholic.

But I’m, I’m a spiritual person by Mother Nature and the universe. I believe in the law of attraction. I meditate every day. I practice gratitude. I journal, I visualize I consider my dogs my spirituality as well. I have dog, I have three dogs, you know, I have dog therapy [00:29:00] with them daily. I practice kind acts with others.

I I’m an earth sign, so I love anything that has to do with the outdoors and just going on hikes and doing yoga. We’re gonna do yoga tonight. You know, it’s being healthy. We’re both vegan, we’re both animal lovers. My, my cosmetics is vegan and animal cru tea free as well. So I’m just, I’m a spiritual person as far as just energy, you know what I mean?

Like this’s just. What I love about being a human being is that I’m so connected with Mother Nature and we’re all the same at the end of the day. Like there, it has nothing to do about your color of skin, your orientation, your gender, hus in your bedroom, what you eat, nothing like, we’re all literally the same breathing things, elements, you know what I mean?

It’s looking at like, my veins is just like looking at the roots at a on a tree. [00:30:00] When you’re like in a plane and you’re looking down as the earth shrinks and you see all the little cracks in the rivers of, of earth, those are the veins of earth. It’s all the same thing, you know? And so whatever spirituality is for the individual, if it makes them feel special and, and seen and that’s, that’s all that matters, whatever gives them that like happiness, that joy, that light.

And for me it’s, its mother nature. So that’s my form of spirituality. 

De’Vannon: Okay. Look, I love to keep me a good garden in the back. I love eating off the, I love riding horses. You know, when I’m not riding Dick, you know, and everything like that. Exactly. Appreciate I can appreciate the fuck out of that. So, I wanna go back to this rejection of your mother because you know, she’s a, you know, she sounds like the embodiment of a drag queen’s in a straight woman’s body.

She supported you until you made it official. There’s no goddamn way. She couldn’t have already [00:31:00] known mothers. No, the bitch wasn’t blind. I mean, I don’t mean that insultingly. I mean that You’re 

Andrew: good. You’re good. 

De’Vannon: You know, I’m like, girl, you could see, you could read the tea. 

Andrew: I mean, I was going to the makeup.

Yeah. So I was going through all 

De’Vannon: that. So, So you felt accepted and she already knew what it was. So it almost like for her, it might have been better if you never would’ve made it a official by saying the words. Hmm. So for those, for people out there, for queer people, especially Latinx people who have been rejected and there is a lot of rejection of L G B LGBTQ people because of how the Catholic church is, your culture is hella Catholic, you know?

Mm-hmm. And so take me, take me back to when that rejection first happened and really give me some words to those feelings. Cause I want you to embody what somebody else is going through right there. I want you to vocalize that. 

Andrew: Yeah. [00:32:00] And 10th grade, and I, I think I had ditched school that day. I lived in a studio that was on the same property.

My parents a lot of Mexicans do this where they build homes inside their homes and other. And it’s just like a lot of houses. And so I, I, I was grateful for that cause I had a little bit of privacy, but my mom always had a key of course. And so I remember having my friends over the night before and we’re listening to like Morris depe.

And it was just kind like that vibe wearing all black, my doc Martins, you know, my black bomber jacket and drinking red wine and thinking we’re cool and smoking marble red cigarettes. We were disgusting and clothes, but it was just, that was the thing that we did. And I just remember like waking up like hungover and it was time for school and I’m like, ah, I’m [00:33:00] not feeling it.

I’m not gonna go. So I stayed home painted my fingernails and was just kind of like being lazy and just bumming around the house. And then my mom came in and like, just like, and Mexican moms. Can rage and just open the door and slammed and was like yelling, what are you doing in Spanish? Of course,

you know, like all that kind of stuff. It was very . And and then she was like, picking up my jacket, picking up the bottles. She’s like, what is this stuff? Why are your nails painted? Why are you dressing like this? What are you doing? Like, what are you gay? And that was the first time she had ever ever asked me that.

And I finally like, I was so tired of yelling back and forth to like, I remember we were both yelling so much that we had to take a break to just take a, a breather. And then I finally yelled back and I said, yes, I’m [00:34:00] yay. You know, and a part of it felt good to just finally say it and vocalize it and to put it out into the universe, but also like seeing the sadness in her eyes did not feel good.

And I just, I saw her like just kind of shrink and just, that made me shrink too. And then she just said, well, I don’t support that. You’re gonna have to leave you. If you’re not gonna go to school, then you need to get outta here. And she left. And so I just remember feeling rejection alone, abandoned. Why am I here causing so much stress to all these people around me?

And, you know, the per, the one person that I, that I thought was always gonna be my hero, that I, that supported me is now like, just telling me to get out and that I’m done with you. You’re not good enough. Like when she said, 

De’Vannon: does she mean you no longer can [00:35:00] live here? Or when she’s saying, I can’t see your face today, what did she mean as a.

Andrew: A teenager, I thought I took it as like, you, you don’t, you’re not gonna live here anymore. Like, if you’re gonna live like that, you’re not gonna live here. Like, those are the words that I heard. Yeah. That’s how it sounds to me. So I, so I said, okay, and I, I did run away. Obviously I had to come back to get my stuff.

And again, just going through the lows of the lows, seeing the alcohol, drinking that some more, discovering Tylenol pm, taking some of those. And the combination of it, I was just like, I was just, I was so sad. I was so alone that I didn’t think I was able to get over this, like, low. So I just, I decided I wanted to take my own life.

You know, I was gonna try and it [00:36:00] didn’t work, you know, it didn’t work. I woke up the next day. With my wrists, still bloody, but kind of like crusting and trying to heal just disorientated and dizzy from all the wine and the, the pills. And I’m like, all right, well, I guess I’m gonna go to work.

I’m sorry to school. I didn’t, it didn’t work, you know, just put on my bomber jacket, go to school. I’m like, second period, get a call from the school counselor and says, you need to report to your school counselor’s office. Get to the office. And they’re like, your mom just called and apparently she went into your room and saw all this stuff and is really concerned about you.

We need to see your wrist. And so I was hesitant, but obviously ended up showing, and they were like, all right, well you’re a minor at this age in Roseville High School, we’re not allowed to let you out of our site. We need to report to the center quad area, and we’re gonna let you know what [00:37:00] is gonna happen to you then.

So I get escorted with the security to the center of quad area. The bell rings and as the bell rings, the gates open up and an ambulance drives in as the ambulance is driving in the doors open and the security is escorting me into the ambulance. All the schoolmates come out running and seeing me getting into this ambulance and girl, I was mortified.

I was, I was the most embarrassing moment and just kind of like, that’s it. I’m over. I can never get back from this. There’s no, there’s not gonna be a way to fix this. You know what I mean? It was, it was very heavy, it was very embarrassing and exposing and was rushed off to White Memorial Hospital in Royal Heights, and they pumped my stomach and they stitched up my wrist and.[00:38:00]

And yeah, I was admitted to a psych ward as a one 50 minor. It was who continued? Are you okay? Say what? I mean, it was, honestly, it hon, at that point I just surrendered. I, and I just kind of, I gave it to God at that point, you know, and was like, I’m just gonna be reborn. I’m gonna be a child. I’m gonna be infant.

I’m gonna just let you guide me. This is where I’m supposed to be now to, to learn and to grow. I, I guess I’m gonna listen to these therapists. So I discovered therapy, which I fell in love with immediately cuz I’m finally being heard. I’m finally having tools and resources to, to help navigate my emotions, my feelings.

And then I met that angel That young man that wrote me poems and [00:39:00] talked to me and said, you don’t belong here. And told me I was special. And, and I finally like, believed it, you know? And that’s, that’s when I told you earlier that I made that conscious decision to not go down that route anymore.

And I’m, I’m still in therapy to this day. I mean, it’s not every week I mean like it used to be, but it definitely saved my life. And I feel that person was an angel. Cause fast forward to later, as I’m going through self-discovery and I’m writing my book and I’m journaling, I’m like, what happened to him?

So I tried to research, but obviously through the privacy of hospitals, like they’re not allowed to expose any information. But they were like, yeah, you were the only, they said you were the only one there in your room. So what the heck does that mean? You know, like they’re saying that I was the only one in my room, but I distinctly remember this.

Young man named Miguel telling me, you’re, you’re, you know, [00:40:00] you don’t belong here. You, you need to follow the light. How long was Miguel? 

De’Vannon: That’s crazy. How long was Miguel 

Andrew: in there with you? I mean, I, I was only in there for two weeks. He had already been there for a month. Mm-hmm. But yeah, I don’t remember.

We never exchanged numbers. Like So you think, I mean, we had pagers I think at the point, 

De’Vannon: right? So you think maybe it was, I remember the pager days. Beep, beep, beep, beep. Do you remember Uhhuh, I’m sorry you went through all of this and mental health is a big fucking deal in the queer community because a lot of our issues come from our parents because our parents have their own unresolved issues.

The church has told them what to think about their own children. Not, not all mothers and parents are able. Be like, this is my child. I don’t even a damn what the church has to say because, you know, our parents have their own issues. And so this is a huge reason why there’s a lot of insecurity in our community.

It comes from our own households. Now do you think this was son [00:41:00] who was in there with you, perhaps And y’all son, Miguel is just like son, son, Miguel, St. Michael, the Arche angel. 

Andrew: Yes, yes, yes. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know. I, it was definitely an angel and I, when my mom I, I was born two days after Christmas.

I was supposed to be born like on Christmas, but it happened to be two days after. And she said cuz she was really into Like astrology. And she used to watch Walter Melo, I dunno if you know Walter Melo, who it was like the famous like tarot card reader in in the Latino community. It was like the thing that we watch religiously every Sunday, like after the, the, no, it was Walter.

And he would tell you like, capric, Corno, tourist, blah, blah, blah. So she, cause of him, she used to tell me, you, when you were born, the sun, the Earth and the Moon and Mercury were line and you were born at 6:05 AM I, they gave [00:42:00] me you, you, they gave you, oh, sorry, let me rephrase this. They gave me you in a red stalking and as you’re going in my arms, I just saw a big star on your head and a light on your right side.

And I’m just staring at this little gift in this red, like stalking this and I’m holding it. And so she kept telling me that as I was. Growing up, like you have a star, you have a light on your, so I don’t know, I, I can’t help but go back to that, you know what I mean? Like go back to these little angels, these little whether it’s whoever, you know, maybe it’s, maybe it’s a drag queen that past life, but she’s saving me.

That’s what I like to I feel like we all have some kind of angel to protect, you know, some kind of either light energy, whatever you want to call it, you know, it could be our [00:43:00] past ancestors or ancestors. It could be maybe your past self and your reincarnate. I don’t know. But something was there.

It was very prevalent. It was, and it was the moment that I changed my mind. Otherwise, I could have gone down that addiction route. I could have gone down, you know, The gang route and like been in the closet and continued to live this straight life because of course I acted like I was straight forever.

Because that’s what you do when you’re in that kinda environment. Otherwise you’re gonna get clocked, you know, and jumped and bullied and I was all those things. But yeah, I, I can only say like now being with my husband, his name is Johnny Debut for 13 years. Accepting me for all of me. My femininity, my masculine side.

He, yeah, he’s just, he’s my homie for life and he’s the one that’s just [00:44:00] I don’t know my mean, like reminded me to love myself too. And I’m just very grateful for that. Cause it’s been, we’ve had a journey on our, on our own as well and the good and the bad and but yeah, we’re best friends. He is, he is just been The rock for, for everything.

And I’m gonna be that right back to him too. For sure. Hey, hey Johnny, 

De’Vannon: Daniel, whatever you ask me, introduce Savannah and I’m saying 

Andrew: hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. 

De’Vannon: Hey Johnny, how will I get to have cocktails with you one day? Yes. So let’s lighten this up as we get, we’re down like our last couple of minutes here.

So we’ve talked about some darkness, bring some light, and so yeah, we, we get light through darkness and angels are real. You know, I’ve spoken about how they’ve appeared to me before, all kinds of places on the side of the street and restaurants, you know, and there’s [00:45:00] been times where it’s like nobody else even sees this person in here.

And I’m not the only one talking to them and everything like that. I turn around sometimes my husband sees them. Now look, y’all, they don’t, I’ve never had them, except for in dreams appear to me in any sort of glorious way. When they appear to me on the street, they’re just plain clothes people. And then we talk mm-hmm.

Stuff like that. And I turn around and then they’re gone. One of my favorite appearances is one time I was out in my yard, this is the last time I ever touched a rake in my life when I was in high school, raking these leaves. I hate yard work. I’m like, can we get a fucking, can we get a fucking maid? Do you see my nails?

I’m queer. I shouldn’t be doing this. Ugh. So, so I’m raking this fucking leaves and I hate wet ground and, ugh. This, this, this black guy walks down the street and he’s just like, Hey, be careful for those poisonous snakes. Now we are in the hood, you know, just in the middle of the city. Oh, we’re not out in the country.

Why the fuck would there be a snake? He’s like, were you careful of those snakes? The next [00:46:00] pool, there was a goddamn damn poisoned snake flopping all around in. They’re trying, oh, hell no. I threw that right down. I’m like, I don’t, not a snake. I don’t give a damn with my dad. I want me to do, ain’t no more chores being done in this yard.

I looked up that that guy had told me this, like not a split second, and I looked up and he was gone. And I had something like that happen when I was a kid. You know, they’ll show up, say whatever. I looked down and I’m like, he, they can’t take nobody. Run that damn fast. You know? Or as or as the Hebrew scripture tells us, you know, we’ve entertained angels at unawares and be careful how you treat strangers.

Mm. Mm-hmm. Mm. Absolutely talk about makeup. So y’all, like he said, he has own makeup line. Oh,

Andrew: it was a good segue. It was a good segue. Had to do it right. And 

De’Vannon: every time he cls that fan has a title of his book, AOR Art Arta Moore. Or love is art. Art is Love. Yes. So [00:47:00] his first color palette is, is called Me Corone, which stands for my heart, you know, in Spanish. Mm-hmm. Go ahead and hold it up. So, Ooh yes.

It ain’t no bunny ram harm in making that. That’s what I’m here for. That shit is vibrant. Thank you. You know, every now and then, you know I might beat this face up. You know, I’m gonna have to get your shit. Oh, I would love 

Andrew: to do your makeup. Yes. Let’s make that happen. Oh, don’t. I’m gonna 

De’Vannon: be in LA soon. God.

I pray to God the next time I go to Los Angeles, cuz I’m in Louisiana where I live now. I pray to God the next time I go to Los Angeles it’s, I’m there to stay. God. Need to go 

Andrew: home. Wait, I’m actually gonna, I’m actually wait, I, I’m going to Nashville in February. 

De’Vannon: That’s a bit away from Louisiana still. I mean it might be kinda like Yeah, you’re right down here by New Orleans and stuff.

So whenever you come to Mar are you ready to do you a Mardi Gras carnival? 

Andrew: We do [00:48:00] love New Orleans. Yes, I do. I got 

De’Vannon: you hooked up bruh. So, okay y’all, so he bought this show called American Beauty Star and that, that color palette, he just showed up. You know, go ahead and tell everybody like, you know where they can find that.

Your website is gonna be in the show notes. I’m gonna put your link tree so people can find you in case you wanna go ahead and vocalize it. You can tell them where they can find that in your book. 

Andrew: Thank you so much. Yeah, you. Search for the show on Amazon Prime, just type American beauty star, and you can binge watch me on season one.

I’m right there working all the magic. That’s where I started writing a book as form of therapy. While we were quarantined, I had no access to devices, so I would resort back to my hotel room and just start drawing and went back to my roots. What brings me passion is that’s my, my craft. And then I wrote the book.

This has been a four year project. The first year was to [00:49:00] write and edit the book. The second year was to design the cover of the book as well as the cover of each chapter. So I took 10 models and painted them from head to toe and turned them into these characters that you see on, on the cover of the book that represent Theia cards.

And through the process of making the body makeup is when I realized there was like a lack of pigment. So I went into product development and that’s where I chose to create my first palette, which is called . And you can see like one of the actual models wearing the colors and all the artwork inside is in, is in, is the artwork that’s infused into the book.

So it’s all part of the same brand. And then through that, seeing my models get emotional and hot and you know, sweaty, I decided to also make a fan, which is also part of the same collection. And all the artwork from the book is infused onto the fan. And I lastly have a calendar. Which is good [00:50:00]for 2023.

So this is the only way you can get the actual print of each card is by having your Amos Art calendar. So you can find everything on amos art.com or love is art artist love.com and that’s where you can shop for the palette, the fan, the calendar, and the book as well. You can also go to Amazon and search for the book and just type Andrew Velazquez.

And then my website is andrew velazquez.com for my salon portfolio and all the thanks, beauty tutorials, et cetera, 

De’Vannon: all the things. I love the options. You know, are you a Sagittarius as well? 

Andrew: US gays like options too. 

De’Vannon: You right. That’s damn true. So, you know, I’m born on December 16th. I need everything.

And so, 

Andrew: oh, nice. We’re close. Capric the 27th Capricorn. Yeah. Capricorn. Oh, you can? Yeah, you can come. I have a [00:51:00] Saurus Rising double Capricorn with the Sagittarius Rising and all my besties are Sagittarius as well. You can come 

De’Vannon: to the Sagittarius Ki Keani. I’m gonna get you in. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So this is, so I looked up a couple of the videos and y’all, I love Andrew’s his Instagram and his YouTube channel or Clutch.

He has this beautiful avatar, avant garde look that he does on this girl, which is so like on tempo right now with the way of the water just coming out. You know, he has a Marvel inspiration stuff that he does. Th this, he does full body art, not just face, you know, this is head to toe fear shit, bitch.

Here. Shout out to Mama Ru Paul right now. So on, on this American Beauty star. We’re gonna talk about Lady Gaga, RuPaul, dim Lovato last. It’s gonna out. So you’re good before that. American Beauty star. So I look this up. So you got this panel of judges, these people on here doing this makeup, Andrew’s in charge of the full scale production for this Oh.

Show and everything. And then they will [00:52:00] be judged just like you’ve seen on Project Runway, you know, all the different things. So Andrew comes out, this stone cold bitch is sitting there with like white hair, you know, white outfit. And the, the person that left the review, I, I don’t, I, I don’t think that was Christie.

I think that was the other girl. And and 

Andrew: so anyway, it was Huda from Huda Beauty, 

De’Vannon: right? And so I think somebody might have thought she was a little bit too hard, but, you know, I was just leaving everybody’s opinions for that. But you know, Andrew’s out there on stage and they’re like, are like Andrew and then all the stuff, no, every judge’s face just has no fucking emotions.

You know how they fuck with the contestants and, and they leave them there in silence. For, for what? Felt like an eternity for me. And I wasn’t even the one on stage. Yeah. Felt like Andrew. He’s all like, oh shit. The look on the look on your face. We loved your look.[00:53:00]

Andrew: That’s exactly how it was. Oh my God, you did your research. Well, you gonna be so goddamn dramatic right 

De’Vannon: now. I’m, I’m sitting here in my house, gimme a cup of tea to deal with this stress. And you know, Andrew did well. He made it to the top three. That’s a big deal to be there that long with all of that shit going on.

And I love the way that you would talk with your co, I guess competition, friends, I don’t know exact term on set. Mm-hmm. You know, in the back. But it’s almost like you were there like guide, you know, you were giving them advice and everything like that and like keeping them together. It was very nurturing the words you would say to them on this show.

Talk to me about your experience on this show before we talk about Gaga. 

Andrew: Oh, yes. No oh my God. That it feels, what was it like five years ago? Yeah, it was five years ago. I had just wrapped working with [00:54:00] Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top model. So, and that was like the third cycle that I had worked with her doing hair and makeup.

And, and what I did while I was on Top Model is I absorbed her like a sponge, cuz I knew that this show, American Beauty Star was coming right around the corner. And so the premise of American Beauty Star was to basically be Tyra Banks create a director. So not only did I have to do hair and makeup, but I had to conceptualize and create the runway for the fashion show design, the wardrobe accessorize, design the nail.

I also had to choose the music for the, the platform. I had to tell Emily Rose, the International Vogue cover director to photograph and tell the model how to pose. So all these things that I knew were coming up, I knew like, this is, this is what I do like this. I’m, I feel very good about this. I feel very confident going into this.

And I’m gonna come in, in, in a [00:55:00] humble approach. And so that was my intent, right? Going into this and always putting the energy exuding out for my mother’s health is what I would kind of like meditate every day on my own. Because they said, you’re gonna be quarantined for three weeks. Do you have no access to your devices?

You have no access to your loved ones. You’re, this is a frozen hard environment, which is basically you can’t talk, you can’t speak unless the cameras are on. And it’s a production strategy to conserve your energy for camera type. But it’s also. A psyching test to test your patients, your stress levels.

And it’s so funny because that’s where I started developing this little twitch that happens on my arm. It’s actually happening right now as we speak. I don’t know if you can see it, like the little eye on the, it’s switching a little bit, whatever, to that degree. Yeah. And so and I never had that before until [00:56:00] this show, but because we were only allowed to bring paper and my old school like iPod, you shuffle, I would listen to music like Madonna Ray of Light.

Obviously, you know, other people that would like made me zen. I came up with Zen Drew, and this is where I started drawing for the book and creating the concept behind of what I wanted to do. I didn’t know I had a concept during the time of the the show though. I just knew that I was like, Journaling.

This is my form of therapy. And so I, I, I, I listened to the direction from the judges. A Adrian a Lima is the host who I loved, and she’s stunningly gorgeous, even more in person, more so in person. Serjan is our mentor whose Beyonce’s makeup artist. And, you know because I had been in production on a reality competition show [00:57:00] before, I knew a little bit more, I had a little more insight on kind of what goes behind the scenes.

But now I’m the one in front of the camera place on hard ice. So I kind of knew that there were, there was three parts to the, the production In the morning you would come in, dress in the outfit that you were in the last night’s outfit that day we had to recreate for continuity, whatever we did on the challenge last night again.

Then we would find out, like you saw with the white snow queen, that we were gonna stay or leave. And yes, I was sweating. My back was drenched and my arm was twitching. But my goal was to always listen to the, the, the feedback and put that into the next challenge. Then the second part of the day was your, your kind of like, your interviews and what you see in between they, they call ’em the confessionals.

And so that’s where oftentimes they would set you up with the producer [00:58:00] and they would ask you questions and I could pick up when they were trying to alter my answer or get something else outta me. And I would say, no, that’s, that’s not something that I would say. I’m not gonna say that. Don’t ask me to say that.

And I, I remember asking for a different producer when I didn’t, when I was in vibing that, you know, the, this, this isn’t coming out through for my best interest. This is coming out for. Airtime or production, and I’m not here for it. Like I wanna be authentic, Andrew and what I came up with, what’s called my Zend.

So they listened to that and I went, I had another producer, and she really made me feel like safe, made me feel heard, and, and, and I feel it’s because of her. She was another angel that I was able to, to be vulnerable and to, and to be just true. And then the last part of the day was the next challenge.

And then you’re introduced to a new a new ex whatever [00:59:00] project you’re gonna come up with. And I, I felt everybody’s anxieties, right? I felt everyone’s trying to, like some people were trying to be shady. So the what you see is real, you know, some of it, yes, it’s beefed up because they want to stir up some drama specifically on America’s next time model.

But for American Beauty Star I think they were, they would, they would find. People’s strengths and weaknesses and then enhanced them by and, you know what’s the tar the right word? By instigating stuff and by asking right questions and by like probing. I wasn’t here for it. I think they picked up on that.

I think that’s also why I didn’t win. But I think that’s why I made it to the finales because they knew like, oh, this guy, he’s well put together. He’s corporate, he’s professional, but I wasn’t drama. You know what I mean? And because I sense everyone else’s anxieties, I would try to give them positivity and, and give them zen as and just tell [01:00:00] ’em to, Hey, just trust your, in your intuition.

Just go with what brings you joy and follow that regardless of what everybody’s telling you. Like follow that. And I feel like that’s kind of like what helped me stay at towards the end. Although I didn’t win in the winning title, I won so many other ways and growth and exposure and experience, I was able to open up a salon after that.

And I’m very grateful for it, you know what I mean? Would I do it again? Absolutely. I would bring it on all stars. I will come back on season four and go up against my students, go up against whoever. And I’ll win that. I’ll win that bitch. I’ll take that bitch home. Hell season four all stars. 

De’Vannon: Take me with you.

I can I can supply the underwear. I’m sure y’all need a pit crew for my down under apparel brand. Hey, I can do something. 

Andrew: Let’s go. 

De’Vannon: Okay. So then, so as you thank you for that breakdown. I love you had this fabulous experience and I just speak more exposure over you and riches, both in this world and in the one to come and in the [01:01:00] unseen realm too.


Andrew: yes, yes. Between 

De’Vannon: Lady Gaga, RuPaul and Demi Lovato, which one of these can you give us the most dramatic story from, from working? 

Andrew: I mean, I can, I can talk about all of them briefly. Who did I work with first? It was probably RuPaul. We, Mac Cosmetics was the sponsor brand for season one, and through that sponsorship, David not only provided the cosmetics, they provided artistry support, which was myself and I managed the pro store on North Robertson in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

So we were like the flagship that all entertainment would approach for. Sponsorship product, artistry help, whatever it was. So I worked on season one and we were in charge of just doing the guest judges. So I did like Michelle Williams from, you know, Destiny’s Child. And Ru [01:02:00] Ru is just great.

She’s just such a big flirt and just you can feel her energy when she comes into the, the room. And this is still season one, so it was very fresh. I was invited to come back for season four this time through an agency and still do the guest judges and the pick crew as well. So we had to oil them up and and then you can see me actually on season four in the background cause they would sometimes have us be in the audience.

And this is the one with Sharon Needles. I think who else was. Fifi O’Hara and they’re fighting like on the wwf, kinda like wrestling. So you can see me in the back, like yelling. So that’s a little behind the scenes. And then Gaga was through Sharon Gold, who was Madonna’s hairstylist during the Blonde Ambition tour.

And Sharon we’re shop with us at Mac frequently to get product, to get her discount. Cause we offer, they offered a pro membership [01:03:00] discount for anybody in the industry. And so she hit us up once and said, Hey, I’m coming in tomorrow. Can you make sure that we have. A little private area. Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah. We’re gonna need your face charts, your pigments, and some brushes. I have an artist a musician that I’d love to introduce you guys to. She’s new. She’s up and coming. Okay, great. This is like during MySpace, right? So she was, they kept calling her a MySpace artist. I’m like, all right, cool, whatever.

MySpace come in. All good. So here I meet this little tiny brunettes you know, skinny young, like 20 year old. She was like, twinky, right? Her name is Stephanie. And she is like, how do you, what do you do with these space charts? Show me how to use these space charts. I’m doing this music video and I want you to work on the music video.

I’m like, okay, cool. Yeah. So I was Sharon’s assistant for the music video love game. But again, not knowing who this individual was, I didn’t even know her artist’s name until we got to the set. And now they’re saying, oh, you’re working with Lady Gaga? Who’s Lady Gaga? What is that? What does that [01:04:00] mean?

And literally, In like a matter of two weeks, she was on logo Next, next now award show and overnight she just became this huge sensation and her album just like skyrocketed. And that was it. Like that was the one time consulting with her in the store and then working in the music video. And I will forever take that to my grave cause she’s Queen, you know, to all of our LGBTQ community as well.

And then Demi was for another big queer moment during the la gay Pride. And I was in charge of the avant garde body makeups. And I was also able to do her like glam that morning for a really don’t care music video. So it was a 13 hour day. She’s such a hard worker. I remember she just came back from Paris.

She, this is when she used to shave the [01:05:00] CI of her hair. She’s like, You know, can you clean me up? I didn’t bring clippers cause I wasn’t aware that I was gonna do like grooming and I, I just was prepared for makeup artistry. So I had to, th this is another fun fact I’m gonna share with your audience. I had to taper and sh and shave, fade the side of her head with lash scissors and a mascara one and just like a cute little blend to make it look tight.

And then the rest of the day was turning these dancers into like mannequin avant garde, like avatar makeup. So like blue, pink, gold and black. And it was hot during real life on afloat, during la gay pride in a little pickup truck behind her, touching her up every so often and touching them up. Just exhausting, but, you know, really, really great to work with.

And she was very gracious. And this is when she was dating I forget his name. The my Latino, I should [01:06:00] know his name, HETE. But anyhow, it was a, it was a great experience. She was fun. Gaga was fun, RuPaul was fun, and I love them all as artists. I think what they represent as, you know, ex a self-expression and what they do for our community is just, is awesome.

So I’m gonna forever take that to my grave. Hell yeah. And 

De’Vannon: look, I hopefully you get to work with them again. I speak it so. Mm-hmm. So I’ve enjoyed our time. You’ve, you’ve given me in the world. An hour of your lifetime is my most valuable resource because it is the one thing we can’t get back. And so for somebody to sit down and give a whole 60 minutes or so, you know, for any given reason, means that it was important enough for them to do on some level.

So as we get ready to close out you’ve already told people to reach you. I’m gonna leave all the information in the show notes. Also ab a fucking lutely. So, You have your book, you have your [01:07:00] fans, you have your calendars, you have your makeup palette, you call on the book. So just, yo, you can just, I want you to just give us like some closing words about how this inter intergenerational and multicultural celebration here, all these things you put together, you know, I love it.

What they mean to you and what is your message to the people. Yeah. 

Andrew: You, exactly what you said. The celebration of collaborative, intergenerational, multicultural, all the things, color and beauty for everyone. This is my philosophy. This is my mission statement. I want to share with other creatives, other weirdos, other freaks, other geeks to.

I want them to be inspired. I want them to pick up this book. And when they feel sad, they can know that they are seen, they are heard [01:08:00] and that they can also make something of themselves and continue to inspire and follow their passion project, whatever that means for, for you, for everyone. And just know that there’s enough love and light in this world that can go around to, to inspire all.

And I hope that little legacy can just be a light to others. And if it just touches a little gay girl or boy on neither side of the world, my job is done. Like, I’m good. You know? 

De’Vannon: You know what? Amen. And amen. That is clear. Clear. As clear as hell right there. I get it. That’s a clear, conscious, focused objective that you have.

And may it be done. I speak itself. Thank you for coming on this show today, Andrew. 

Andrew: Thank you so much for having me. Much loving light to all you guys. Thank you.

De’Vannon: Thank you all so much for taking time to listen to the Sex Drugs in Jesus podcast. It really [01:09:00] means everything to me. Look, if you love the show, you can find more information and resources at Sex Drugs in jesus.com or wherever you listen to your podcast. Feel free to reach out to me directly at Davanon Sex Drugs and jesus.com and on Twitter and Facebook as well.

My name is Davanon, and it’s been wonderful being your host today. And just remember that everything is gonna be all right.


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