Episode #136: Being Afraid Of What You Are In Love With, Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs. Borderline Personality Disorder & The Magic Of Music, With Janey Brown, Trauma Informed Coach + Keynote Speaker + Professional Singer


I’m a trauma-informed coach, professional singer and keynote speaker. I help people build resilience to fear and manage mental health so they can radiate confidence in front of any audience. I’m studying psychology at Queen’s University and will be publishing my first book very soon!!! I love deep connection and having great conversations that uplift, inspire and help others.

Over the last two decades, I’ve performed in front of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE and struggled with astonishing stage fright most of the way. I used to try and “fight” my fears, achieve perfection and never show weakness. All that did was weaken me further, induce a deep sense of loneliness from abandoning myself and turn my fear into a monster. Eventually, this way of living devoured my physical and mental health. After avidly studying psychology and trauma since 2014, what was once my fear has now become my FUEL. I founded Fearce Academy to provide the mental health, emotional intelligence, confidence and leadership skills I lacked coming up in the entertainment industry, especially around mindset and fear. I was taught that fear is a weakness, but after years of fighting fears and losing, it’s clear now that fear is just an untapped source of fuel. When honed, fear can actually become our friend.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      God Has Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear…No, He Did Not

·      Being Afraid Of What You Are In Love With

·      When Janey Met P!nk At Yoga!!!

·      Our Thoughts On Alanis Morrissette

·      Manufactured Artists vs. The Real Deal

·      Signing By Janey & De’Vannon

·      Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs. Borderline Personality Disorder

·      The Importance Of Awareness

·      Trauma Informed Therapy Is A Must!

·      Soooo Much Potential!!!



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