Episode #65: Solo Dolo: Independent Christians



In this episode I speak from my heart about the strength that each of us possesses as independent spiritual beings. Spiritual leaders can be a good thing but that is not always the case. It is important for us to grow into spiritual independence and to establish ourselves in every way that we can without reliance on others.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):



·      1 John 2:27

·      Jeremiah 23:1-4

·      Acts 15:28-29

·      Let’s Stop Being Addicted To Church

·      Church Is A School And At Some Point You Must Graduate

·      Have You Made An Idol Out Of Your Pastor & Church?

·      Where Do You Feel Closest To God?

·      We Gotta Let That Anger At God Go

·      Use Media & Technology To Learn About God

·      You Do Not Have To Tithe




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There is nothing off the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

De’Vannon: Hey, Hey. Hey everyone. Thank you so much for joining me again and welcome to the sex drugs in Jesus podcast. In today’s episode, you have me all to yourself again, and I’m gonna be talking about the power of independent Christianity or independent following of God or Christ of whatever you want to call.

So in this episode, I’m gonna be speaking from my heart about the strength that each of us possesses as independent spiritual beings, how spiritual leaders can be a [00:01:00] good thing, but that is not always the case. Y’all, it’s important for each of us to grow into spiritual independence and to establish ourselves in every way that we possibly can without reliance on other people.

And I gotta say, I got a little bit petty in this episode and I don’t regret it. I said what I said. And I hope you enjoy what I had to say. Hello. Hello everyone. And welcome to the sex drugs in Jesus podcast. My name is van Hubert and I am your host. And I’m so glad to have you wanna welcome you back again this week for. Another video and podcast. If you ever been checking out our YouTube channel, be sure to check it out.

Have lots of cool videos on there. We’re expanding it all the time. And of course the website is sex drugs, and jesus.com. Be sure to [00:02:00] grab my memoir while you’re there and check out my blogs and everything and all the free content that I do have on my website. I appreciate alls alls y’all’s compassion and support.

As we have been doing this ministry for the Lord. So today I wanna talk about the value of being an independent Christian or believer or whatever kind of term you wanna associate with your faith. I believe in Jesus Christ, as I say all the time. That doesn’t mean everyone has to, I don’t believe a person’s gonna go to hell if they’re not a Christian.

I believe the world’s religions are far too broad and expansive and deep in detail for any one person to feel like they’re the absolute expert. On it. And I’m gonna go ahead and hop off of that soap box before I get started, I would just say we all could stand the benefit from a dose of fucking humility when we approach the things that are greater than ourselves and religion and, and God is greater than any of us.[00:03:00]

So in the day, I really wanna talk about, let me see, how can I say this? I want people to stop being fucking addicted to church. And from the beginning, it was not. So, you know, if you go back through the scriptures and everything like that, God didn’t start off dwelling intense in buildings and stuff like that.

Now I think it was David. He told. You know, you know, I’m, God basically I’m larger than you. And I’m larger than this whole earth. No building can contain me. You know, why would you wanna build me a building? But God, unlike modern day, Christians and church folk are very, very, you know, he’s very, very flexible and, and he’s willing to to work with us and to, to meet us.

Where we’re at and to do things, even though it’s not really in his fir it wasn’t really originally in his first mind to do it, but he’ll go ahead and meet us at his level. So, so he lets people [00:04:00] start building churches and stuff like that. But from the beginning, God really wanted to be in our hearts. You know, the whole purpose of the new Testament was to get away from so much ritual and stuff like that.

And, and so that God can just get up close and personal with us. Now, many people have noticed the bullshit coming from these churches and everything like that. And. And basically everyone’s saying anybody got time for that. We’re not trying to fuck with these crazy ass preachers and these crazy ass churches with these crazy ass rules, trying to control every damn thing they can go fuck themselves seems to be a growing opinion, but what I wanna warn people about, so cool.

Yay. We decided we’re gonna leave the church. Fuck them. Great. But don’t. Leave God, I’m gonna get back on that in a second. But there is a scripture that I wanted to throw at you that justifies this, this inclination that you have, that maybe you don’t want to go to church anymore. I don’t [00:05:00] care if you were raised in church.

I don’t give a damn about how Catholic you are, how church of God and Christ you are, how AME you. All the damn different denominations can go fuck themselves because it’s just crazy that we’re all supposed to be worshiping the same God, but there’s 50,000 different damn interpretations of the Bible and 50,000 different damn religions.

And God Lord Jesus. Just, just give me God, can we just simplify this shit please? The book of first John chapter two and verse 27 says, but you have received the holy spirit. Or the holy ghost is I like to call them baby. Yes. I’m gonna say it like, I like to say it, but you ever receive the holy ghost and he lives within you and your hearts so that you don’t need anyone to teach you.

What is right now, preachers don’t preach this scripture ever. Because this scripture here is saying that there’s gonna come a point in your maturation and your growth with God that you are going to [00:06:00] outgrow churches and you’re going to outgrow preachers. And as this scripture is saying, you have needs that no man teach you.

You don’t have to keep going to church to find out how to live. Right. You know, church is a school. If you insist upon going there, bitch, you shouldn’t stay there forever. You can’t be a van Wilder. Throw back to a movie there. You can’t be a van Wilder and keep going to church fucking forever. It’s a school you should outgrow it eventually.

And graduate. There’s nowhere to school where you’re expected to stay there forever, you know, except the school of life. But that’s something none of us can outgrow until we die. So. Understand that there there’s gonna come a point in your Christian walk. If you insist upon constantly going to churches, that you’re going to develop a co-dependency on this church and your reasons for going there are gonna be for that church and not really for God.

So, so what you still go to church for the worship [00:07:00] music? Because you wanna be next to a rich preacher or something like that. You feel special when the pastor looks at you and pat you on the head, you know, the community, oh, you need your friends and everything like that. You want the bake sales or whatever the fuck it is that people do at churches these days.

You know, I guess it’s not really much wrong with that, but, but please be clear that at some. You should outgrow church. If you’re getting really, really serious about actually following God, then it shouldn’t bother you to leave church. If you’re serious about God, then somebody insults your pro your pastor or your church.

You shouldn’t be offended because it’s not about you anyway. It’s not about your pastor. It’s not about your church. You know, it’s supposed to be about God. But you see people make idols out of everything these days from their children to their preachers and everything like that. And so I’m saying all this to say, [00:08:00] if you’re going to church, what are you really going there?

For is it for God? Is it for all the bells and whistles that they throw at you and all, you know, and the way they market churches, these days check your motives and everything like that. But first John two and 27. And of course, all this will go in the show notes, you know, is telling you that there should come a point where you have need that.

No one teaches you what is right anymore. And if this, this is true and this comes, then why the hell are you still going to church your most important time? It should be your alone time. God, you shouldn’t be feeling like you need to go to church to get a prayer through, or you need to You know, the closest you feel to God is when you’re in worship.

I used to be like that when I was immature, you know, but it’s just like with any relationship, if you’re dating someone and getting to know God is very much like dating him, you know, it. But take it back to just dating a human your most important time with that person is not gonna [00:09:00] be when y’all are out at the movies or at the opera or on a flight going somewhere.

Your most intimate time is when you’re by yourself. And no one else is there. It should be the same thing. If you call yourself a follower of Christ. So I want you to stop being angry at God. You know, if you’re angry at churches and on all of that, great, they do deserve to they, they, they deserve your wrath because there’s a lot of shitty churches and a lot of shitty preachers out there that can go fuck themselves.

But as the saying goes, bitch, don’t throw the baby out with bath water. I see a lot of people leaving churches, pulling their children outta churches, which is a smart thing to do. But girl, once you get home, then you gotta have spiritual education. You can’t. Stop going to church and then stop reaching out for God.

So I’m giving you permission today because some people just need to hear it said positively. It is okay for you to not go to church, but once you stop, find ways to reach God by yourself at home [00:10:00]to help you with that, I’m developing. Some single one to two page courses that are gonna be offered for free on my website.

And I have two guys with me that are gonna be contributing to the content as well as it’s gonna be simple instructions on there about different things you can do in your private time. As you reach for God, he is gonna come and reach back to you. You know, I’ll be praying all the time for the Lord to reveal himself to people in ways that people are going to, to understand that it’s him speaking, be it dreams, visions, angels.

These are the ways that God has spoken to me. It could be anything for you, but it’s gonna be something that you understand and, you know, Undoubtedly that it’s God talking to you, but you gotta be serious about the Lord. You know, just as serious as you are about trying to make money, be successful. Find love, find Dick, find pussy as mouth, whatever it is you’re looking for.

We chase after so much stuff with such of a vehemoth intensity. My challenge to, to [00:11:00] you is to chase after God with that same intensity.

And, and, you know, I made that mistake before, when I got kicked out of Lakewood church and I got angry at God and, you know, I stopped talking to him. I pushed him away and everything like that. And I shouldn’t have done that. So when we see these churches do this fucked up shit to people we love and they do fucked up shit to us.

Let’s try our best to, to, to, to put the anger where it belongs against churches and against these supposed preachers and everything. And when I say preachers, I’m using the term loosely because I don’t believe half of the motherfuckers are really called and you know, be angry at them, but don’t get mad at God.

You need him, baby. And the God is not the church. And the church is not God, and God is not preachers and preachers are not God. No matter how much they wanna elevate themselves, they just fucking human and that’s all there is to it. And they really wouldn’t be nothing without all of you who, who, who have supported them over the years.[00:12:00]

So I’m saying, I want you to be praying. I want you to pray for spiritual and understanding. You know, cuz you, cuz you’re trying to get close to God and trying to understand spiritual things at the top of your prayer list. I want you to put up there to ask God, to open your mind, to understanding as it says in Proverbs, you know, get this and get that.

But with all you’re getting get understanding because there comes a point in your growth that just some things that are so spiritual, you cannot use a natural mind and natural Understanding to try and try to comprehend. It’s not gonna work that way. Like you have to, you have to be able to step into the spirit, you know, as they say, to get what God is trying to tell you at some point, yes, I’m trying to get y’all to grow more spiritually today.

So let that anger go, baby, process it, go to therapy, counseling, whatever you [00:13:00] need to do, talk to your boo, your love or your friends, whatever your best sees BFFs and process that shit and sort through it. But let’s, let’s let this anger at God.

I mean at the smells basis form, you always want to be praying and praying is just having conversation with God. You can do it in the car, you can do it, whatever you add me. First thing I do when I get up in the morning, I try to find me a scripture to read. I’ll pray. And I, I really like that private time, right.

When I get up in the morning and then I’ll talk to God throughout the day. On most days, there’s some days I don’t talk to him as much as I would like to. And that’s cool. You know, our relationship is long term and it’s growing. I’m not gonna be perfect with it. And I’m okay with that. He’s the only one who is perfect.

And so it’s about just consistently trying your best to reach for God every day. And prayer is one of the most basic tenets of the Christian faith. And I encourage people to, with the, with the wealth of knowledge that is [00:14:00] accessible to us in this day and time, you really like, literally don’t need like a preacher to tell you anything anymore.

You can go to YouTube and finds all kind, find all kind of videos. I mean, I have my website, but I also found another one called overview bible.com. And that’s certainly gonna go in the show notes Jeffrey Crans a very, a very beautiful mind that that one is has a very colorful, simple, yet expansive way to go over.

So many topics from the Bible. I love how simple his method is, and I love how engaging he is and his, oh my God, his whiteboards and everything. So overview Bible. I’m gonna put that in the show notes. That’s an example of where you can go. If you wanna learn about. The book of Matthew or Isaiah or whatever, you know, you can go there.

Now, before, back in the day we had these concordances [00:15:00] thick ass books like this, your theological workbook, you know, of the old Testament child. You know, the strong expanded wait, expanded exhaustive, the exhaustive concordance of the Bible and bitch. This motherfucker is exhaustive. This is for what you wanna learn Hebrew.

Greek Aramaic and shit like that because I need you to know that the Bible wasn’t written in , wasn’t written in the Queen’s English and , you know, it’s actually in middle Eastern text written in Greek Hebrew in Aramaic. The old Testament is Hebrew and Arama and the new Testament is Greek. And so. But you can try to Google Hebrew and Aramaic, but I’m gonna tell you, and I’ve done it before, like [00:16:00] in Google translate in different apps like that, the way those languages are interpreted, I don’t think those apps really do the language justice because you have to be able to cross reference different texts and things like that to get your best objective.

Understanding of what you think the authors meant. These languages are not like, say Spanish or French. They’re not like a romance language where you have like this word and English means this and this word in Spanish means that it’s not like that. A lot of times there’s several words that are like put together to kind of give a general sense of something.

And it’s not like a direct translation and. So I encourage people. If you’re gonna be serious about God, to find what’s gonna work for you, be it kicking at old school and getting these thick books to read or going online and finding YouTube videos or some other kind of community, you know, online great point is to try to find a way to get to the [00:17:00] point where you don’t need a preacher to tell you what this scripture over here means.

You can go and look it up yourself. Because people put their prejudices and biases and the way they were raised. You’ve heard preacher say before, they’ll say I wasn’t brought up like that. His upbringing is her upbringing or whether, fuck the upbringing is completely irrelevant to the word they’re supposed to be ING on stage, but preachers cannot separate themselves from their message.

I would say, no matter how, how, how hard they try, but I don’t think the motherfuckers really try to, they have a really easy audience to cater to. and a lot of ask kissers around them. And these preachers motives are not to be trusted. They have too much money and too much power over people for their, for, for their motives to not be called into question.

And I’m gonna do a different show just on how terrible I think preaching has become and how corrupt that business model is on a different day. Right now I’m just trying. [00:18:00] Affirm that it’s okay for you to leave church if you want to. And just to lay a very high level, brief overview of the beginnings of what it means to walk with God by yourself without a church.

And I know it’s gonna be hard for a lot of you to do that because you were raised in these different denominations and that was ingrained in you and you don’t see how you can approach God without a preacher. You can’t see how you can approach God without the structure. That is the. You know, but I’m telling you, you can, and it’s gonna take some doing, but we can’t be so dependent on something that we can’t see our life without it.

The only, only thing we can be that dependent on is God, everything else is subject to change. I don’t care what the fuck it is.

And look, I don’t care what church is trying to tell you. Everything is not in the Bible. And yes, the Bible does contradict itself at some points, but just like somebody you’re trying to date, there’s gonna be some complicated [00:19:00] shit with them and you’ve gotta reach past that and try to find the sense of it.

All. You know, people said the Bible is perfect and everything that is supposed to be in it about life, but God never said that. And so. I read through the Bible, very humbly to, to glean from it, what I can to help my life. And then I leave it. You know, I leave it at that. You know, preachers, when I was growing up in church would always say Bible B I L B I B L E.

Fuck. I can’t spell today. B I B L E supposed to stand for basic instructions before leaving. Okay. That’s another part of their hypocrisy. How in the hell is the Bible supposed to stand for basic instructions before leaving earth, but you’re supposed to tell me everything. And every problem that I might ever encounter in life is supposed to be included in this Bible.

And it’s not there. It’s just not there. Preachers will say anything they can to get your attention [00:20:00] and to get your, to get you, to buy into whatever it is that they’re selling. So let us not be so simple minded. And I used to be that simple minded church person setting there, feeding off of whatever it is.

These preachers were were, were dishing in my plate. And I didn’t question them. I didn’t challenge them. If I had a thought that was against them, I would rewrite my thinking and adjust it to fit what the preacher was saying, because I felt like he knew better than me than he did not know better than me.

All he had well on was a better suit and he had a higher platform. And so. He hypnotized me into believing him, but that was not the spirit of God. And so I’m not saying every preacher is a piece of shit. I am saying most of them are pieces of shit though. And I am not saying they all started out as pieces of shit, but there’s a point of inflection that comes.

Where preachers can change from being really, really righteous and strong, to really, really weak as they begin to compromise their values over [00:21:00] time. And the thing is you’re not gonna be able to look at them unless you have divine sight, you know, to really, really be able to look at a preacher and tell if he’s fallen that way.

You know, and I know this is true from my own experience, but there’s many examples. You can see these preachers look the same every Sunday, and then suddenly the scandal comes out, whatever it may be. Just pick whichever scandal shit. So many of them, these days in the congregation setting their ag clutching their pearls.

Like they just can’t believe their preacher could do such a thing. Bitch, stop being stupid. These preachers are human. And just like all of us, they get into. And so, and I’m not justifying them because they got so much judgments for other people, the same judgments they judge other people with. God’s gonna judge them the same because they’re so damn harsh on folks.

Oh, speaking of these trifling ass preachers, I wanted to throw [00:22:00] this scripture at you here too. Now this is Jeremiah 23, like the first two verses of. It says I will send disaster upon the leaders of my people, the shepherds of my sheep, where they have destroyed and scattered the very ones they were to care for.

Instead of leading my flock to safety, you have deserted them and driven them to destruction. And now I will pour out judgment upon you for the evil you have done to them. Now, this is a Lord coming for preachers, prophets, pastors leaders. He’s not talking about homosexuals or the people who wanna go get abortions or whatever.

He’s actually talking to church leaders. Okay, this, this is another scripture. Hmm. That I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a preacher preach before if it has been a long time ago. And I just don’t remember it, but my point is it don’t come [00:23:00] around nearly often enough. Okay. There is so much in the Bible to, to, to learn from, but these preachers in this day and time only pick and choose what’s gonna serve their agenda.

Okay. And then that’s what gets put out because of course, half the messages, these days have to be filtered through the the fucking board of the church or whatever, before it’s even much released for public consumption. So they’re gonna make sure whatever’s in that message reinforces the agenda and the objective of that church gone other days, where you have preachers just preaching off the.

Out of their life, just as fresh from the spirit as it can get the shit’s pre-written, you know, it’s on a tablet or whatever the case may be. Shit. When I was growing up, them preachers has had they dusty ass Bible that they’d had for a thousand years look like it’s about to crumble the pieces, but you know that they opened that bitch up and then boom done.

And then that was a three hour damn sermon. And these preachers in this day and [00:24:00] time came preach for 20 minutes without it being pre-written on notes and then pre reviewed and previewed by the board girl by,

and then the book of revelation. Now, let me talk about them for a moment. These, these watered down messages that these preachers give. Do you ever notice how that shit just kind of sounds the same? It’s a whole bunch of like positivity and shit or things that make you feel good, certain key words and shit to excite you, watch and pay attention.

These preachers don’t really talk about themselves a whole lot and they’ll write a million books, but not really any of ’em are gonna give you a memoir. You know, I don’t wanna talk about. Oh shit. And then those books they write are just like regurgitated sermons. So they write these little 20, 30 minute sermons every week.

Okay. You [00:25:00] do that. And then each year you can just put that shit together and create a new book. Put a different cover on it and bitch go sell a few million copies. You know, there’s a strategy, there is a method there’s like a whole process there. They’re not gifted and talented writers. They just have a system that they’re working.

And so they take that same system and they spread it to their other little preacher friends and their family members. And now everybody’s got a whole book, business monopoly going on. And so. But this year is just regurgitated sermons. When I used to read books from preachers and shit like that when I was at Lakewood, I just, I think I bought like one of Joe’s books, maybe his first one.

Maybe the second one, but I think just the first one and I was reading through it and I was like, wait a minute. I heard this same thing at a sermon before bitch. It’s the same shit. It’s just regurgitated. And look, I’m not all I’m saying. I’m just letting you know, what’s there. If you wanna support, support these, support, these people and go [00:26:00] buy shit.

You’ve already heard before. Do you, are they hustling you? Yeah. They hustling you, but some people like to get hustled. , you know, I’m just telling you what I observed the book of revelation, also the first part of it, admonishes churches. And I like to really point out the fact that it’s talking to churches and so.

And churches are the ones that this thing and time are trying to find fault in everybody else. But see the opening of the book of revelation when those seven churches are addressed, the Lord is telling these churches, you think you, you think you’re righteous, but you’re not. I actually have problems against you.

So the church is not qualified to properly analyze itself. It shouldn’t be going about finding fault in certain classes of society or certain groups of people and stuff like that. So I want you to be, and I’m not gonna get into those now, cause I’m gonna do that in my next solo dolo. But for [00:27:00] now, I’m just gonna throw that out there.

I’m just trying to get you to understand that your church, ain’t all this cracked up to be. And I want you to question why you’re going there. I want you to be more critical of these churches. I want you to stop taking them at face value. Don’t care, how rich your preacher is or how broke his ass is how many books he’s written, how much music they’re cranking out, how many radio stations they’re on, how many sermons they’ve preached.

They can do all that and still fall short before the Lord, because see the Lord doesn’t really pay attention. To rich people like he does to poor people. We have this example so many in the Bible. Oh, there was a day and time where people were giving this and giving that, and the woman showed up and I believe you, the Bible says she gave like two nights and the Lord said this woman has given more than everyone else in the room.

But in our society, everybody wants to talk about what the richest man in the earth is doing or what this rich preacher is doing, or his Ferrari or his tennis shoes or whatever the fuck that the Lord has shown you, that when all the chips are down and when [00:28:00] it’s time for the settled judgment. He is more impressed with the person who is poor in this earth than rich in spirit than the person who is rich in this earth.

And the Lord said that very scarcely will a rich man enter into the kingdom of heaven. I need you to understand this, you know, he didn’t say it was impossible. There’s like a handful of examples of rich people actually being righteous in the Bible, but you have all these rich preachers and churches now, bitch, there is no way all of these people are of.

It’s just not, it’s not possible. It, it goes against the word. It’s like, it is just statistically, you know, improbable. So who to fucking be trusted? Who can’t you bet you better pray and you better be able go to God for yourself and stop and look, I don’t give a fuck what the Catholic church tells you.

You don’t need to go to a priest to get forgive. And don’t get me started on the history of the Catholic church from their part to play in the colonization of this country and our indigenous people and the way they [00:29:00] change customs and times and everything like that to reinforce the agenda of the Europeans and shit like that.

And of that fucking Catholic church, the Catholic church is built upon blood and I don’t care for it at all. Okay. I can’t, I don’t, I can’t stand any denomination or religion, but the Catholic church is particularly idolatry and, and just hateful and hurtful in my fucking humble ass opinion. But the Lord, you know, said he would take.

The foolish things of this world and confound the whys. You see? So, so let’s be mindful that we don’t follow after what’s big and popular and shiny, and that we remember the humble things. You know that humble things really stand out before the Lord. You see, cuz Jesus had all power, but he carried himself with great humility.

He came in riding, you know, a tiny little horse, you [00:30:00] know, when he came into Jerusalem, when the time of the crucifixion drew, he didn’t come here with pump in, in, in glory though. He could have he chose not to see just because we can. Maybe it doesn’t mean we should. And those of us who have authority have to learn how to wield it the right way and for the right reasons and not to go out there and just do everything that is within our power to do and be mindful of how our lifestyles affect people.

So I wanna talk to you about the book of X.

So these church are always trying to get your ties money. They’re trying to tell you what you have to do.

in churches, try to use so much control over people within the book of acts. The Bible talks about. [00:31:00] Exactly what somebody is supposed to do if they are not of the bloodline of Abraham, I need y’all to understand that. If when you open up the Bible, you are opening up a middle Eastern text. Okay. It is not an American book.

It is not a European book. It came from the deserts of the middle fucking east. Okay. And you are a part of Hebrew tradition. If you call yourself a follower of Christ. Yes, it is so ironic that people who wanna wave around the Christian Bible tell Jews and people like that. Tell I could go back to their country while you literally have their original book in your hand.

And so. I know isn’t that stupid. I can’t make any sense out of that, but that the shit people do. And so, and what a lot of people don’t preach about is the fact that people who are not of the bloodline of Abraham. So these are your, [00:32:00] you know, fucking white people today, you know, really any of us black or whatever, who are not Hebrew.

Okay. In the beginning after Jesus left the original bloodline of Abraham, a lot of those people were not accepting of them the same way you have supposedly Christian people telling this group of people they have to get out. Leave. You can’t say is the exact same thing. The bloodline of Abraham told Gentiles who are all of us who are not of the bloodline of Abraham.

They told us to get out and go. They didn’t want us to be. The, the, the shit got so bad in the book of acts in the book of acts is really all about, you know, figuring out how the ministry of Jesus is going to be infused into the current Jewish culture. What’s gonna stay, what’s gonna go. And then people did not want us there, but they had a, a whole key key and everything like that.

So let me read, and this is in. The book of acts, the exact description, [00:33:00] everything like that is gonna go in the show notes with, I think this is the fifth chapter of acts. So it says like arriving in Jerusalem, they met with the church leaders, all the apostles and elders were present and Paul and barn at this reported on what God had been doing through their ministry.

But then. Some of the men who had been Pharisees before their conversion stood to their feet and declared that all Gentile converse must be circumcised and required to follow all the Jewish, customs and ceremonies. And so the apostles and church elders set a further meeting to decide this question.

And so, so what is this saying here? So so, so the original bloodline of Abraham was saying that anybody who’s going to be fucking around with our customs need to do of the whole thing, but there was contention here because [00:34:00] okay. You’re not really a Jew you’re you’re joining spiritually. So do you have to go get your PPP whacked two?

And that’s another thing. All of these people running around here with circumcised, dicks and everything. I hope you know that because you have that you are a part of Jewish tradition. You got a little Hebrew on you, whether or not you knew it. It’s not an American thing. And it’s not just a medical thing.

That stuff has spiritual roots. My fast forward in this chapter. So they had this whole fight. This, there was a heated debate. It was a really, really big deal. And this is what they decided for. It seemed good to the holy ghost and to us to lay no greater burden of Jewish laws on you than to abstain from eating food, offered to idols and from unled meat of strangled animals.

And of course from fornication, if you do this, it is enough peace out. So, let me be clear on what this is saying. This is [00:35:00] saying that if you are not of the bloodline of Abraham, You do not have to do anything, nothing. A part of the Jewish culture and traditions, other than all three of these things are talking about idol worship.

Even in the word fornication. If you look into it, doesn’t have to do with fucking, it has to do with cheating on God in your heart. Okay. I don’t get what the big deal is over fornication. All of our patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob shit, David Solomon had more than one girl. They had concubines, they were slinging.

They dicks from the free throw line. So this whole just having sex with one person is not even biblical. You know, if you wanna be monogamous great, but there’s biblical precedent that God is totally cool with people having sex with more than one person and still being close to. For indication. When I read into the original E etymology of the word seemed to give more indication between cheating on God and your heart, which means worshiping [00:36:00] things that are not him, your fucking children, and yes, many of you do worship your children.

And, and that’s one of those cute forms of idolatry that’s greatly accepted in our society. Cuz people will just tear down nations over a child. You know, people worked with their jobs. Their bodies, their wardrobes, all kinds of shit. And the Lord you can do just about anything with God, just don’t put anything or anyone before him.

And so. But nevertheless, so see shit like tithing, where churches try to tell you have to tie then all of this and all of this, you have to do, you have to do. And they try to go back and be fundamentalist and be like, well, we’re gonna go with the old Testament. No, we don’t have to do any of that. Cuz they told you right here.

And Jesus, actually his work even releases the, the original bloodline of Abraham and not follow those traditions anymore. If they don’t want to, if they want to be traditionalist and fundamentalist, they can. But it’s unfair to try to force that on the rest of the earth, you know? And it’s unfair for your church to [00:37:00] lie to you and to tell you something bad is going to happen to you.

If you don’t tie when hearing a book of acts, and this is another one of those parts of the Bible that they don’t talk about. I never heard this shit growing up. I had to find this on my own. And I’m gonna read it to you again before it seemed good to the holy ghost and to. To lay no greater burden of Jewish laws on you than to abstain from eating food offered to idols that’s idol worship and from unled meat of strangled animals.

I okay. I don’t, I don’t run around strangling animals and I guess it’s some shit they was doing back in the day. And of course from foreign occasion, which they’re just told would you has to do again with idol worship every time the Lord got ready to overthrow Israel for some foolishness, it has to do with them departing.

From God becoming assholes towards one another being mean and shit like that. You know, the sex was one thing, but it’s how you treat people. [00:38:00] So I’m saying all this to say, bitch, if you don’t want to give the church your money, don’t. Some people give, they wanna help out in some type of way, but they’re done fucking with the church.

So then they find nonprofits and shit like that. Great. Some people believe that tithing time is of a more sacrifice. Some people might more easily give $10 in the offering plate than they go volunteer for an hour or two somewhere. You know, I don’t have an opinion on that one way or the other. I’m just telling you some people believe in tithing time.

I mean, You know, time is the one resource in this earth that we cannot get back. Once it’s ticked away, it’s done it’s over. You can give 10 bucks and go make it again. But if you, whatever you do right now for this next hour, that’s, it’s done. You can’t get you can’t recreate more time. And

so this show here has been about why we need to, to try to wean [00:39:00] ourself off of following. Preachers feeling the need to go to church and to be into checking our motives and to see why, why are we going to church? Are we there? Cause our parents told us we need to go. Are we there? Because we are afraid we’re gonna burn up and go to hell or be curd in his life if we don’t go.

But see, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a power and of love and of a strong mind, baby of a very strong mind. So I want you to pay attention to your minds and to be sure that they’re not in the hands of a preacher and of a church and of a denomination. Remember these churches and these preachers and these denominations have an agenda, they got all this expensive shit.

Now they need your money to help them keep it. It took your money to help them get it. And so they need you to help them maintain this lavish lifestyle that they have. And And so, but who are you and what do you want? Not what your parents want, not what the Catholic church or [00:40:00] any other denomination told you.

You need all religion, all preachers, voices aside and out of your head. Ask yourself the question who. Are you and be sure that whatever conclusion you come up to has nothing to do with some, what someone else has told you. And you might have to go get hypnotherapy counseling and all kinds of shit to get those voices outta your head, but I encourage you to do it.

So. I’m going ahead and shut my mouth. Now I’ve said what I’ve said that I’m going to say more in the future. Again, the website is sex drugs and jesus.com. Please drop a donation over there. Two of you, if you care to, if not, then stop buying, take advantage of all the free shit that I have on the site. There’s something there for, I would say most people.

You know, my audience is not really the church. My, my audience is people who are outside of churches and stuff like that. But some people are just so [00:41:00] heavily influenced by churches. You know, I felt like this, this show needed to be done. And the way church looks on TV today with the way church and politics are in bed.

With evangelicals and Republicans. I’m so happy that more of us are rising up and saying, no, that’s not actually what it means to follow Christ. I don’t even know what that is that Republicans and these church people are doing now. I don’t know what to say about when I see like Joel Ostein on stage with Kanye west and shit like that.

Of all damn people. And so I can’t really say anything about that. So there’s something on my side for people who are humble, open minded, willing to take a second, look at things, and don’t go about the business of trying to find fault in others, or think that their way is the greater way in, in everyone else’s way sucks.

So, so my, my. My messages for people who have been hurt by the church and for [00:42:00] people who are trying to find their way. And so you can be an independent Christian or an independent believer of follower Christ. We don’t really need the Christian title. You know that that’s not of God, that’s something manmade anyway.

So I say, let’s get back to God. Let’s remember his heart and remember who he is, and let’s get personal with the Lord so that when you stand before him at your death, and yes, you will die one day. We’re not gonna be on this earth forever. And I wouldn’t put my money on coming back as a mane or a dragonfly or whatever, although that sounds cute.

I talked to far too many dead people, like in my dreams and shit like that, to believe that they’re going to, that they’re that they they’re gonna come back as a dragonfly. But I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m against reincarnation. I’m saying I don’t think is necessarily worth the risk. Cause it doesn’t seem like I, you know, none of the people around me who die are coming back, you know, but when you stand before him, , you know, you don’t want to be sitting there talking to a stranger.[00:43:00]

you know, you don’t want to be sitting there talking to a stranger. You want it to be like, it’s been a long distance relationship. Someone you’ve talked to over the phone or something, but you’ve never seen in their face, but you want to be very familiar with the presence of God. And the only way that you get that is if you take the time to invite him into everything that you’re doing and you take the time and pray and you take the time to To get to know him, be serious about God, just as you were serious about everything else in his life till next time.

Thank you all so much for taking time to listen to the sex drugs in Jesus podcast. It really means everything to me. Look, if you love the show, you can find more information and resources at SexDrugsAndJesus.com or wherever you listen to your podcast. Feel free to reach out to me directly at [00:44:00] DeVannon@SexDrugsAndJesus.com and on Twitter and Facebook as well.

My name is De’Vannon and it’s been wonderful being your host today and just remember that everything is gonna be right.


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