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All of these hot and steamy things that my ex sent would have been well received had they been sent to me. During the month of October 2022 we were in a closed relationship while we sorted out the details on how better to approach an open relationship. We were delayed in this because our couples counseling sessions were postponed due to Ethan beginning training for a new job which my cousin and I helped him to obtain. I had just purchased Ethan a brand new Xbox Series S, had paid to fly him First Class to Portland, paid for the swank ass condo we stayed in for an entire week plus more when he decided to act an ass. When we were experimenting with being open, the rules were that if we were both in town then no sex with other people unless we were doing it together. What I didn’t know was that Ethan secretly took contacts off of Grindr and whatever other apps he was on and did not tell me. He began to groom these people for sex weeks before it happened and lied to my face the entire time. I digress – I was very much in town on October the 11th as well as October 16th – the two dates in question. My ex’s excuse for cheating besides “I don’t know why I cheated” was that he “somehow got confused” and “thought we were still open in October” when he went and did all this. Bullshit, because the other rule was complete transparency and no secrets. Funny how he conveniently left the honesty part out of the rules he placed into a month where they were not supposed to be. Ethan’s texts are on the righthand side of each of these images. The date of the images where Ethan’s texts are green is Tuesday October 11th and where his texts are blue is Sunday October 16th. On Oct 11th I had just left Ethan’s house brining him Paxlovid so that he could get better from a very symptomatic Covid infection he was in the middle of. Did he bother to reach out to me for cyber sex? – Nope. On October the 16th did he tell me he was even horny? – Nope. My ex preferred the company of strange men over me and was clearly way more open with them than he was willing to be with me. Please note how Ethan had the balls to get upset for the the second guy not answering his phone calls. Now wait a damn minute – Ethan is literally going out to have an affair while Covid positive and he’s made because he got ghosted? There are no words for this type of evil. Well Donald Trump and George Santos do come to mind. Again I digress – Ethan even talked about how he was feeling and all of that which is also something I never got from him. Ethan was never fully with me. My desire is to always be transparent with you and keep it 100 about what I’m going through so that you all know that you are definitely NOT ALONE in your suffering. Let’s suffer together. Let’s overcome together. Let’s grow together. 

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FUCK BOY 1 = The screenshots with Ethan’s Sexts on the right in green. 

FUCK BOY 2 = The screenshots with Ethan’s Sexts on the right in blue.

FUCK BOY 3 = Was not included in this post because Ethan deleted all of those sexts and messages from Instagram before I could get my hands on them even though I had requested him to let me see them. Ethan intentionally deleted the evidence regarding Fuck Boy 3 and then lied saying “I don’t know how IG works and I accidentally deleted them.” On IG if you try to delete a message a big bright red ass box pops up warning you that you are about to permanently delete a message and you must CONFIRM that you indeed want to delete an IG message. HOWEVER!!! – I have included the back and forth between myself and Ethan which will quite easily showcase his gaslighting and trickery. In the final set of texts which have a white background my texts are on the right in blue and Ethan’s texts are on the left in gray. 


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