Episode #17: The Shocking History of Lesbians And The Benefits Of Drinking Urine From The Wisdom Of The Master Student: Crumb


The Master Student is the creator of Crumb TV, a conscious community media company. He is a content creator and social media influencer, with about 100-thousand followers across several social media platforms. The Master Student is proficient in and dedicated to the art of learning, understanding, & sharing knowledge and specializes in PowerPoints of diverse subjects. He had humble beginnings on Facebook in 2009 and since then he has risen through the ranks of [conscious] social media as a passionate online personality with compelling content. He teaches history, science & religion with an unapologetic spirit & fervor for the unadulterated truth. 


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·       The Shocking History Of Lesbians (Who We Need And LOVE)

·       Benefits Of Drinking Your Own Urine

·       Non-Traditional Healing 

·       The TWO HOLES Found Within A Vagina

·       The Three Little Pigs Compared With The Bible

·       The Importance Of Research

·       Occultism Defined

·       How Christianity Today Is Very Cult-Like

·       How Confusing Christianity Has Become

·       The Curse Of Gospel Music

·       Definition Of Etymology

·       Homosexuality In Ancient Greece


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[00:00:00] You’re listening to the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, where we discuss whatever the fuck we want to. And yes, we can put sex and drugs and Jesus all in the same bed and still be all right. At the end of the day, my name is De’Vannon and I’ll be interviewing guests from every corner of this world. As we dig into topics that are too risky for the morning show, as we strive to help you understand what’s really going on in your.

[00:00:24] There was nothing on the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

[00:00:34] De’Vannon: The master student is the creator of Crumb TV, which is his conscious community media company. He is a content creator and social media influencer with about a hundred thousand followers across several social media platforms. The master’s student is proficient in and dedicated to the auto learning, understanding and sharing that.

[00:00:56] And he specializes in PowerPoints of diverse subjects. He [00:01:00] had humble beginnings back in 2009. And since then he has arisen through the ranks of conscious social media as a passionate online personality with compelling content. He teaches history, science, and religion with an unapologetic spirit and fervor for the unadulterated truth.

[00:01:14] Y’all. And today we’re going to be talking about lesbians and urine, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

[00:01:24] Crumb, crumb, crumb. Welcome to this show of so glad to have you. Um, and you, you’ve got to be one of the most charismatic, interesting people I’ve ever had. The pleasure of finding out there in the wide world of media. Your smile is contagious, your energy is contagious.

[00:01:46] And what I love the most about you is that you have very sharp opinions and perspectives on things. And, um, and that is what we are going to be diving into [00:02:00] today on this show. Yes, we will be talking about the history of lesbians, but before we get into that, we’re going to dig into some fun facts and things about you as well.

[00:02:10] I understand more of where you’re coming from. So, uh, I watched her video history of lesbians. It was a phenomenal on myself being LGBT, a member of the alphabet mafia. It’s a lot of what I call us, alphabet mafia. Uh, you know, I love it. You know, any kind of delicious titillate I can get my hand on it. I can read or watch a good video about our history, about us from open-minded people.

[00:02:40] Now, I want you to say hello though, as you address the people and all of the different languages that you did on your video, because I thought that was cool. 

[00:02:52] Crumb: Absolutely. Number one, I will do, as you say, but before I do that, may I. Give you the, uh, [00:03:00] honors you deserve. I want to thank you for allowing me on a platform.

[00:03:03] I am so humbled. I’m honored. I’m appreciative. Uh, it is exciting. I’m excited to be here. Uh, so I just want to give, you know, give you your flowers first and foremost with that said yes. If you could repeat after me. 

[00:03:16] De’Vannon: I don’t mind if I did peace. Peace. I shame. I say 

[00:03:22] Crumb: Islam is long now. Mistake, 

[00:03:26] De’Vannon: Nama day who been to Ubuntu.

[00:03:30] Oh, PSEO of fail. Halito Helito boom, boom. What Guan gone, 

[00:03:42] Crumb: whatever the respect of greeting in your language. I am your humble brother Crump here on second. Drugs and Jesus. Oh my God. Yes, brother. That’s how I do things on my platform. I’m grateful to do it on yours. Thank you for joining me the way I usually do it.

[00:03:59] When in [00:04:00] Rome do as the Romans, how are you brother? 

[00:04:03] De’Vannon: I’m doing fabulous. Um, I can’t complain. I want to, I want to very humbly throw in my, uh, Coney Tiwa.

[00:04:19] I’ve got to, because I’m studying Japanese, you know, to that have visited Japan a couple of years ago. And I was already in love with Godzilla and anime and everything like that. And I finally solidified that with hanging out with the peoples. So now I’m studying the language itself, so I cannot leave out my Japanese people.

[00:04:38] Um, because it’s gonna throw a little bit of shade at their prime minister for hosting the Olympics, because I don’t think he should have done that in the middle of a pandemic while they got the COVID outbreak going on amongst the. Okay. Okay. But I do understand it to be politically fueled since he’s like up for reelection a few months.

[00:04:55] I think it’s a hot mess. I love Japan and the people of Japan are not really [00:05:00] happy with him for doing that. I just wanted to talk about that and talk about him. He was talking about Japan other than that great country. Absolutely. So, um, so you have crumb TV. I want you to tell us about your website, your PowerPoints, and the things you have going on and your YouTube channel, which is quite prolific.

[00:05:22] Crumb: Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah, I could. Well, okay. My biggest platform as of this particular, second is an because that’s just how quickly it changes is YouTube. It’s crumb TV. And it started out as crumb snatcher. I just wanted to expand it to, I started working with other people it’s not egotistical.

[00:05:42] I was thinking in the mind of CNN, you know, it’s not the guy who owned CNN’s name, it’s CNN. Uh, and I wanted crumb TV to be more so like that, where it’s less about me and more about the information. Um, I am on Instagram. I am on Twitter. I, I, I’ve got [00:06:00] a viral Twitter thing going on. Um, I’m on, uh, uh, Facebook.

[00:06:06] I have a huge platform, like 60,000 on Facebook, but you know, the reason I don’t really promote. Thank you. Thank you. The reason I don’t promote those platforms cause they they’ll be monetize me. They’ll shadow banned me. They’ll restrict me. And I’m just tired of promoting everybody’s platform and they, they do me so janky.

[00:06:24] So, uh, my. The headquarters is crumb tv.info. I know it’s not the.com or.net, but I felt.info fit. So I just ran with it, crumb tv.info. It’s in the spirit of what I do. So I hope I answered your question. 

[00:06:41] De’Vannon: Yeah, you, you did. That’s the exact thing I thought when I went to your website, it said.info. And I was like, you know, I don’t really ever see that, but the way your website is compelled, I think that this made more sense than a.com for you and it’s all on the same internet anyways.

[00:06:55] So it doesn’t really matter what the.is. So, [00:07:00] but of the choices that I think that you made the best one, but give me more detail. Are you out to say something? 

[00:07:06] Crumb: Yeah. I just remembered now that I think about the website, um, you asked me about the PowerPoints and, you know, I guess that would really encompass a lot of what I do.

[00:07:16] So I. I come from Christianity, you know, it’s the same old story. I’m just like you in so many different ways. I know that’s your background as well. So I’m innocently not trying to be a rebel. I was a good Christian brother. I was a good Christian 

[00:07:33] De’Vannon: emphasis on was

[00:07:41] Crumb: we fall down, but we get up.

[00:07:48] So, um, uh, I was asking questions, not from a place where I’m, I’m, I’m going against anything. So, you know, um, I was received with push. It wasn’t a [00:08:00] pleasant experience. And, um, the internet had came out. I I’m, I’m 38. I’ll be 39. This November, I’m close to 40, you know, I 

[00:08:10] De’Vannon: I’m, I’ll be 39 in December. Come off. Oh, really?

[00:08:14] I’m 38. 

[00:08:15] Crumb: Okay. So our age group, we are, you know, where I’m from. I know where you from, you know, I’m your reflection. So now, um, uh, I didn’t, we didn’t grow up with cell phones. You know, I can remember a time where we had C like I thought tapes was old school. Now CDs are old school, right. iPods are old school.

[00:08:36] Right. Th the, you know, it’s, it’s been a really quick jump for, for our age group. I digressed. So now, um, I’m just now getting on the computer, really just, you know, prior to. Um, adulthood, I didn’t have access to a computer until, unless I went to school and that was all for educational purposes. So, um, I’m, I’m asking questions on the internet [00:09:00] and I was received with the same energy as the church.

[00:09:03] It was a V go, look it up, go do your research. And this is what people even say now. Um, and for me, I don’t like that energy. So I decided to be a thought leader. I decided to be an influencer. I’m not going to tell people to look it up. Maybe I’m going to influence people to be lazy or to be a slave, to my own portion of understanding.

[00:09:21] But I think. I’ve done for you. What I’ve done for everybody else, I’ve run interest to a topic I’ve shared my opinion. I want to encourage everybody, even your listeners. Of course, absolutely shout out to everybody who’s within the listening audience. So, you know, let me broach the topic, but by all means my, my portion of understanding is not the end all be all.

[00:09:41] I think it makes for great conversation. It makes for the whole, the holistic learning experience. And the PowerPoints is what I do is on a Chrome TV, a website, and all my plat platforms, you know, even on Instagram, I’ll just break the PowerPoints up into like a little tidbit and Hey, the one minute teaser type of thing.

[00:09:58] And that’s basically [00:10:00] what I do. And I think that’s in essence, what I was trying to show you what you caught on to. 

[00:10:06] De’Vannon: Right. And, um, and I, I agree. I like, um, I like the whole concept of being a thought provoking. Um, I’m, I’m a stronger advocate though, of people. Doing their own research. Not necessarily if somebody, like, if you’re, if you ask somebody a question and that’s the way they responded to you and they’re supposed to be an expert on it, or they’re supposed to know more than you, I don’t like that.

[00:10:35] But, but in order for us to not become codependent on pastors, preachers and stuff like that is a form of independence and the be sure of you not food, you know, and stuff like that. That’s why I say, well, perhaps we should fact check, you know, like that, but sometimes people are not going to be motivated to get up and like go grab a thick ass concordance.

[00:10:57] Like I will, um, [00:11:00] in the commentary. So maybe an interesting video like yours and that can go, um, you know, head, head achingly deep into something might be less intimidating for somebody to get them down that path. So I think that it’s a good thing that you have and stuff like that. Um, now I’m more of a. A hard ass about people becoming, you know, disciplined in their research, just because of my history, having been the one with my head way too far up of past, or the assets and believing what they said.

[00:11:32] And without question, and I ended up getting myself hurt over that kicked out of the church and everything for being a member of the alphabet, a mafia, my letters have changed over the years. So, um, and so I really don’t want people to fall into that trap of thinking, just because they’re up on a stage, they know more know the truth.

[00:11:55] And, um, but you know, our parents are the people who brought us to church in my, in my [00:12:00] experience, never taught us to question the people up there. They just told us what they said goes, and now we’re supposed to change. We think according to what they say, and that’s both shit that, oh, shit. Okay. So a couple of fun facts and things about you before we talk about our delicious, lovely lessees, or, or as you said on your video, nah,

[00:12:29] I want to talk about, apparently you drink your own urine. Um, when I read this, it reminded me of when I used to get high on crystal meth and engage in water sports. I think I did that like at least one time, like, like, like you had to go like let a guy pee in my asshole and that’s like a whole fetish and everything like that, which I’m not into, but when I used to be high on meth and there was nothing I would say no to, I would do any fucking thing question, but [00:13:00] tell us why is it some health things that like a holistic thing?

[00:13:03] Is it spiritual? 

[00:13:06] Crumb: Well, absolutely. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s incredible for me when people ask the question, it’s in such a way that it’s obvious that they know the answer, you know, not, not even sliding your question, but I feel like you, you you’re connected. And I think that’s why it even, you know, resonated with you to, uh, to, to ask about it.

[00:13:25] Um, a lot of people, they can’t even fathom. That’s what I always say, especially in the age of, you got to Google it to get the right answer. You got to ask the right question and I have to, I have to, um, uh, give you your flowers again, because you were able to ask the right question. So basically let’s start from, from, from day one, when we’re dealing with drinking our year and the pertinent that the average person will tell, you know, I’ve never drank in my urine.

[00:13:50] Well, the reality is we’ve all drank in our urine. If we look at when we’re in the womb, uh, doing gestation when our mothers are carrying us, uh, that, that. [00:14:00] Called amniotic fluid that the baby’s floating in that’s urine. Like the mama doesn’t get big until maybe around the fifth month, second trimester, or, you know, whatever the case may be.

[00:14:11] But that’s because the baby’s kidneys have just formed around him. So now she’s going to fill up with urine. So now, um, urine is really the fountain of youth. Um, it’s it’s, it’s going to keep you looking youthful now. Uh it’s. I will drink my urine. No problem. I’m not saying I don’t. However, comma I am saying that it’s probably going to be best to drink a woman’s urine.

[00:14:33] Number two is going to be best to drink a pregnant woman’s urine because she has four kidneys. She’s the only person. I mean animals, but you know, she’s the only human who’s able to, who, you know, has, has a filtration system that’s sophisticated at any point in time. One more point I’ll pass the mic. My father was a diabetic.

[00:14:51] A lot of our families, we have diabetes, whether that be the bad cultures, slavery, poor choices, whatever the [00:15:00] case may be. Um, you know, diabetes runs in our families, not saying it’s hereditary, but due to conditions above our control sometimes anyway. So, you know, uh, my father was no exception to that. He lost his kidneys, um, and they had this big machine.

[00:15:15] This is, this is called a dialysis unit. And I’m like, dang, this big machine, which is bigger than me. I’m, I’m, I’m only five, six bear with me. Um, so machine is bigger than me and it’s supposed to replace the job of a kidney. This. I’m sorry, your kidneys about the size of your fist, same thing with your heart.

[00:15:32] It’s about to, you know, relatively whatever that size. So, you know, the sophistication of the kidney is just out of this world. I’ll just, I’ll pass the mic from there. 

[00:15:42] De’Vannon: Right. It is very sophisticated. And I learned a lot about that. My massage therapy training, cause I’m a licensed massage therapist. And so, so we had to get, I had to dig all into the anatomy and just the way the body works in and of itself is it’s like a, it’s like a computer [00:16:00] in different parts, know everything.

[00:16:01] And so, so yeah, anything all out there that can vanish or rebuke diabetes. So this is a big deal. Like my aunt had it and my grandmother had it, you know, like, um, you know, you know, my boyfriend’s dad, I think has it, you know, it’s a big deal, especially here in south and you over there in, uh, in Atlanta, Yeah.

[00:16:24] And, uh, oh, which is where my boyfriend’s family’s from. They, they, uh, they up north they’re in Snellville, 

[00:16:32] Crumb: Snellville shut up Snellville. 

[00:16:34] De’Vannon: And, uh, so yeah, anything that you can do, Hey, I’m that, you know, what they can’t hurt you is all natural. It is an organic drink. 

[00:16:42] Crumb: Well, I I’ll say this just to kind of make it, uh, more anecdotal.

[00:16:47] I remember grandma would say, um, to clear your skin up, wipe your face with the baby’s pee pamper. Have you heard that before? 

[00:16:56] De’Vannon: use like watermelon Rines.[00:17:00] 

[00:17:01] Crumb: Okay. Okay. That’s that’s that’s dope. Um, okay. Well, have you heard this when you get stung by jellyfish, you pee on it? 

[00:17:10] De’Vannon: Yeah. Okay. 

[00:17:13] Crumb: So you only reason I’m bringing these things up is because in our culture, you know, at the mom and dad level, not at the hospital, but you know, we, we, we know in certain aspects, the urine has a medicinal effect to some minor degree.

[00:17:29] The urine is medicinal that’s that’s, that’s, that’s at the very least of what I can say. You know, I can go on for an hour. I know you got more for me. I just want to make an argument, uh, pro urine. 

[00:17:42] De’Vannon: Right? And look, I I’ll hang a yellow bend down out of my back pocket. Some people out there bandanas in the, in the gay world have meaning, you know, yellow bandanas has to do with water sports.

[00:17:54] The black one might be. BDSM don’t quote me on that, but it’s like a whole [00:18:00] color chart of different bandanas colors and what they mean in the fetish world, because I did like fetish research at one point, I thought 

[00:18:07] Crumb: you would just be in funny. Okay. That’s true.

[00:18:17] De’Vannon: But no, like I was watching Madonna on David Lerman years ago and she was saying like how she pees on her feet to get like, you can do it and it’ll clear out like athlete’s feet. I don’t know if she was saying, I don’t know if she was saying she had, at least when she was saying that she knows it because of the enzymes in the urine or something.

[00:18:35] So I pee on my feet all the time. I’m like, by the way, it’s this year and in the shower, 

[00:18:41] Crumb: David. Uh, huh? He is is, is one now he’s, he’s not a, a propagator of drinking, but I ha uh, if you go on YouTube, but internet, whatever, uh, and look up, you know, uh, you’re in therapy. He’s one of the people going to come up.

[00:18:58] Um, I don’t even really, you [00:19:00] know, deal with him. I I’ve heard of him, but you know, other than when I saw him do that, like, oh wow, he’s doing it. And it was like a real at home video, like on his Instagram. He’s like, yeah, guys, you know, there’s an old video, but nonetheless, um, you know, he had, did like, Hey guys, this is what I do at night.

[00:19:16] Uh, he’ll just do whatever, um, you know, and just wipe it off in the morning or whatever the case may be. Uh, so he’s another one. And I would say, I know there’s a lot of Hollywood magic smoking mirrors, but you know, from what I saw on his Instagram, or I don’t know where he was at, but from what I saw in his raw video, his skin looked pretty.

[00:19:34] De’Vannon: Yeah. He’s, he’s kept himself looking good over the years. His teeth is like the main thing he’s gotten, like, you know, endorsements for and stuff like that. Um, so I’m curious, do you filter it or do you just pee right in the cup and gulp it down or you refrigerated and you take it with. The sugar and salt, the rim, you know, how exactly do you, how has this served?

[00:19:59] Crumb: [00:20:00] You

[00:20:05] know? Yeah. I, uh, actually try to get it as fresh as possible. I wouldn’t drink it after about a day. Um, when you’re dealing with urine, the main active ingredient is urea. Urea is synthesize nitrogen and on a science-y level is going to go through a cycle. If, if, if you’re in sits for too long, it starts to turn into a Monia.

[00:20:26] It starts to get a smell to it. So fresh urine is absolutely the best. Um, now here’s another unpopular one is not as, as, as big as urine, but it’s very unpopular, um, uh, urine as well as all drinks should be certain, not all drinks, but drink should be served at room two. Your drink should be served at room temperature.

[00:20:47] So, um, uh, your urine, as soon as you urinated out, it’s already at body temperature. I’m sorry. Excuse me. Not room temperature, you room temperature, body temperature, please. Forgive me. Um, so now, [00:21:00] uh, just like with your water, I am a supporter or, or a propagator of drinking room, temperature, water as a health benefit.

[00:21:07] I know we’re supposed to be talking about things a little bit more exciting, but Hey guys, you know what, if you want to be a rebel, drink your water room temperature, but in addition to that, your urine should be room tone. It should be fresh within a date. Um, not only should you drink it, put it up your nose, don’t breathe it in, but put it up your nose, uh, in your ears.

[00:21:26] Uh, clean your eyes out with it. Conjunctivitis gets rid of all of that. Um, it’s a retainer for water. So it’s going to make your skin fill up with water. You’re going to, you know, because remember when we get old, we get wrinkly. So we’re going to hold the water in place with that. This is the same thing that, um, Botox is doing is, is, is holding that, that, that stuff in place that the collagen, you know, cause once we get older, those things, uh, get wear and tear, but we’re just going through deep dehydration really.

[00:21:51] And that’s why they’re going to say for real, honestly, black don’t crack. You got good skin brother. I don’t, I doubt you’re doing a urine thing. You’ve got good skin. [00:22:00] You’ve got good genes, but not everybody has good genes. Like. Um, you know, you have a youth for parents. I have a youth where parents, you’re probably going to keep it all your life.

[00:22:09] Your mom and dad probably looked like that. I wouldn’t be surprised. However, just for a little added benefit, I’d say urine is good. Not needed, not necessary. Hey, you’re not getting stung by jellyfish every day, but Hey, it does have medicinal, uh, effects. 

[00:22:25] De’Vannon: Um, do you think that, you know, keeping in the vein of the water, so you know how like you’re in can be like darker and you can carry an odor for persons not properly hydrated, or maybe if their kidneys aren’t filtering.

[00:22:37] And I just want to say, if you do have like a, a problem with odor in your year, and then you can use like, um, or at least it works for me, uh, carbonated water to drink that. And it will banish that odor and take care of whatever it is that’s causing it. So is it better for someone to drink their urine when it’s clear when they’re better, better hydrated, as opposed to when it’s dark yellow and they’re not as hydrated, it doesn’t mean.

[00:22:58] Crumb: No. No, I’m so glad you [00:23:00] said that. I really appreciate you for saying that signs and symbols are for the conscious mind. I don’t want the family when I start talking like that to think about masonry or witchcraft, you know, it’s just even when or, you know, anything, uh, the secret, uh, Donald Trump collusion thing, just really simple things.

[00:23:18] Um, if, you know, number one, our urines is not supposed to be dark. I kind of make jokes about these things. I say dark skin to everything, you know, or light skin. I say light skin to everything. Uh, if my water has something in it is like that. It’s one of the dark skin. I just make those types of jokes. But anyway, no, you’re, you’re, you’re in should not be dark skin.

[00:23:36] Your urine should be light-skinned. Your urine should be clear. Um, if you’re drinking heavy on a sodas, if your diet is not where it should be, you’re going to get telltale signs. And if your urine doesn’t smell right, uh, let that be a. Um, uh, a trigger, a flag to just, um, um, clean yourself out. [00:24:00] Once you clean yourself out, you get the body to optimal place where it should be.

[00:24:04] Then at that point. Yeah. You can go and do things, but, you know, um, I’ll tell you this, just to be mature about this. Um, for, for, for, even as a man who I say, Hey, only drink a woman’s urine. If she has had sex within the last hour, I would not say drink her urine, even though the urine is not coming from.

[00:24:25] Place it’s coming from somewhere else, but just to be responsible about it, you know, um, don’t don’t, even for me, if I have, have had sex within an hour for myself, I’m not drinking my own urine. This is not about anybody else. This is just being responsible. If my year is dark, if it has an odor, if I know I’ve been cheating, I came from the club last night, I was drinking hint dog.

[00:24:48] Uh, I might not do it then, but if I’m, you know, because, Hey, I’m not saying be a vegan Nazi. At one point in time, I was a vegan Nazi bear with me, you know, we can get carried away sometimes. [00:25:00] So, um, I don’t want to encourage anybody to jump off the cliff. My mother, my father was a diabetic. That’s a part of my life.

[00:25:06] My mother was a cereal, um, diet. She tried any and every, every diet that came out in the nineties, my mom did it one month. I’m like, mom, she’s like, I’m going to do nothing but eat grapefruit for 30 days. I don’t know. I don’t know, mom, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m a teenager at the time. I, I’m not smart, but I’m not like, I don’t know if that’s going to be good.

[00:25:29] You might ask, like, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Right? You’re going to fall off. Great. But nonetheless, um, so, you know, even for me growing up, I understand, you know, both sides of it. I don’t want to be an extremist. I don’t want to, you know, just be blind to my health. And I know there’s a balance within it.

[00:25:52] You know, I’m not saying go off the edge, but drink some water, clean yourself out fast. Don’t be a vegan, [00:26:00] do be a vegan, you know, to be, not to be is the question, but fast, do a little exercise, putting yourself out once you do those things, then at that point, absolutely. You know, partake. 

[00:26:14] De’Vannon: And then I wanted to, um, to say what’s that when he was saw him about.

[00:26:21] Um, if, if a woman’s had sex to wait like an hour, because he comes from a different hole, some of those who have not had anatomy training like I have, or who may not be as well versed with the vagina as you are, uh, you know, from all your dealings with it as a man who seems to primarily identify if that resectable.

[00:26:43] So there’s actually, I did, I had to learn about this from school because I’ve had very few women, I liked it and that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. But when you are dealing with a vagina and I didn’t know this till I was in massage therapy school, so what he’s saying out there, um, [00:27:00] cause there might be some man Evans, women who may not fully understand their anatomy too.

[00:27:05] So, so there’s, so this Bayer is saying, you know, come on. So there’s like a tiny little hole and I think it’s somewhere around. Like under the clutter is where actually the pee comes from. Come on. Yes, sir. And then the big one is what we know and think about when we say vagina, that’s where the big, those are the Philadelphia or the tongue or the fingers or whatever.

[00:27:25] Fuck cucumber, you put up there.

[00:27:34] And so, um, so that’s what he was saying, where he was saying to people from a different place, because like vaginal secretions and fluids and things like that, the babies and all of that comes out of the big VAT. And no-code nail when there’s this tiny little hole it’s like on top of that, that’s like, just repeat on.

[00:27:51] We 

[00:27:52] Crumb: just, you know, and if, if I could come out of closet in a sense, no pun intended. I didn’t know that for a very [00:28:00] long. You know, just being honest about it, you know? So, um, I don’t want to come off like V heterosexual expert, um, to where, oh, he knows women. Well, I’m still learning as well. Um, and, um, I was even surprised, you know what, you know, my, oh, wow.

[00:28:18] I didn’t know that. Um, you know, and I guess for me it would be a little bit more embarrassing, but nonetheless, absolutely. We learned together. I just want to put that out there. 

[00:28:28] De’Vannon: We sure do. Now let me pivot to, yeah. So the sum that up once your body’s healthy urine is clear, you’re taking care of yourself and diet on point.

[00:28:37] Then you can drink your feet other than that. Don’t and if you’ve had sex, wait an hour. Yeah. So, um, so I’m going to ask both of these in the same question. You talked about Jesus being fake and as God, really the double. And, uh, you said you were [00:29:00] a good Christian before. Uh, I’m curious as to where you coming from with this and break this down for us.

[00:29:10] Crumb: Well, you know, and here let me, and I, I’m not saying this because I’m here with you. This is how I really talk on my platform when, when, when I’ve got some information that I’m holding and I come out of the closet every single time. So let me come out of the closet again. Um, in a way I still resonate as a real grill as a good Christian, you know, um, I still have a interest in reading the Bible.

[00:29:35] I still enjoy learning about the biblical stories. I still see the value within the message. Guilty and guilty, you know? Um, so I don’t want to be this atheist guy who you y’all know. Jesus. No, no, no, no. You know, uh, thou shall not steal asshole. Don’t play with me.[00:30:00] 

[00:30:00] De’Vannon: Amen. On Monday morning.

[00:30:05] Crumb: Um, yeah. Um, so yeah, I, uh, I’m sorry, ask me that question one more time and I’ll answer it head on. 

[00:30:14] De’Vannon: Yeah. So some thoughts about, you know, you know, Jesus being faking of God, the devil. 

[00:30:23] Crumb: So now number one, the story of the Bible was. Fake, we have to understand with all due respect you and I, uh, we speak English and for me, I’m just going to assume that we’re both not from England.

[00:30:38] That’s not a part of our culture. We have a hard time connecting with it. We, we, we, we were forced to read Romeo and Juliet. Um, you know, we couldn’t, I can, uh, Juliet, Juliet, uh, come Heather mother and mother buy-in by icon. And this is you, you know, just watching, listening to the [00:31:00] whole thing, you know, in the best school we do voice, you know, what are they talking about?

[00:31:05] Um, so, you know, I struggle with English and some aspects, whether it be. Uh, modern English. Um, by the time, uh, black children get to fifth grade, their European counterparts know approximately 10,000 more words than we do. So a lot of times we don’t understand the message or what’s really being conveyed.

[00:31:26] So now when we go and look at, uh, uh, the, the Bible is fake, well, what do you mean fake? And this is what I even tasked Europeans with, depending on where they’re at. Even college graduates are across gender lines. I’m sorry, racial lines. Um, uh, I’ll ask them to define that word. Cause a lot of times you’re going to find there’s a, there’s a, a, a disconnect with the language.

[00:31:52] That’s why we don’t even, um, I’m digressing. That’s why we don’t even do good with math because even in math, there’s word problems. [00:32:00] So now when we say, oh, the Bible is fake, define fake, the Bible is not just all out fake. I’m not defending the Bible. I’m going home. I did that. You know, that, that that’s not even God, that’s the devil, but I’m not defending the Bible.

[00:32:15] I’m just saying that the Bible is allegorical. It’s metaphorical. It’s, it’s poetic. You know, we say certain things, there are in your windows. You can say something without saying it. You know how to talk that talk. I know how to talk that talk. 

[00:32:36] De’Vannon: No, you, for example, like, um, give us an example of like the allegory or like, uh, saying something without saying it, if that, that, that would come to mind right now.

[00:32:48] Oh, 

[00:32:48] Crumb: absolutely. You know, and this is what I got exactly from school. I’m going back to when I was in, I think sixth grade, the teacher said to us, my love is like a red, red rose, or my love is a red, red rose. [00:33:00] Well, number one, my love is like a red, red rose is a metaphor. Your love and the number one you cannot scientifically define love.

[00:33:09] Go look it up. Define love. No I can’t. No, there’s no scientific definition for love. That’s number one. So now we have to express it in a different way. So now in metaphor, well, what is love? Well, my love is like a red, red rose. That’s a metaphor. Well, here’s assembling. My love is a red, red rose. And which you use something to describe something else that you cannot describe.

[00:33:29] You know, some at some points in time, no matter how sophisticated any of us may be, we are at a loss. For words, you did there’s emotions that both of us have felt that you cannot describe it’s it’s indescribable. There are no words to describe that feeling, that emotion, that mindset, that mind state, because our, you know, we, we, the language doesn’t, you know, it’s just not that sophisticated within nature of itself.

[00:33:55] So now we have to understand certain things aren’t going to be given to you [00:34:00] directly. You can’t define love is scientifically love. Doesn’t need to be. Well, we did the, the, the, the test and yeah, she’s in love. You can’t do. 

[00:34:12] De’Vannon: So. Are you saying that that same rule kind of applies to the, to the realness of the things that are contained in the Bible?

[00:34:19] Crumb: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. The Bible is significant. Just like the story of the three little pigs is significant. The throat, the story of the three little pigs in a certain way, as facts, you, you have ass, so shit built this bullshit 

[00:34:38] De’Vannon: strong 

[00:34:38] Crumb: house you playing around. Uh, so now, you know, you and me, we go hard.

[00:34:46] You know, we, we are, some people are talkers, some people are doers, some people are, are, are the grasshoppers. Some people are aunts, brother. You’re not really an aunt, you know, but you know, you [00:35:00] encompassed or you embody that idea of that energy that you. He got that. And, and, you know, we do that through, um, our cartoons and even the hieroglyphs where, you know, there’s a, a Hawk head on this guy.

[00:35:13] And, but it’s, it’s not that he’s a Hawk. It’s just, he has a vision, like a hardcore, just some aspect of the animal to represent what you’re really saying. So when I go to the Bible, I’m not trying to tell you these stories to say, believe in Jesus. No, I don’t. I don’t believe in Jesus with all due respect, but the ideas encompassed, those ideas are legitimate.

[00:35:34] And if this is a medium to teach you that, then so be it. That’s all I’m saying. It has relevance in a certain way, um, songs. Um, how do we learn best 90, 90 beats per minute is, um, is, uh, is rhythmic. It’s melodic is hypnotic most. [00:36:00] I, my, my baby can’t can’t remember this, but he knows all the, all the songs, all the words of the rap song.

[00:36:05] Why is that? Because you delivered it in a way when you first started teaching that baby, how did you teach them through song tween, go tween, go Ludo star a, B, C, D E F G. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but that’s something we’ve gotten away from. So now when we go through learning through a different medium, if it’s going to take Jesus to let your ass stop stealing, then Hey, whatever it is to be like the Tiki teaching mechanism is here.

[00:36:35] No there, as long as you get the message. So I’m not saying the Bible is real, or these stories really happen to do walked on water. No, he did not walk on water. I do not believe that, you know, literally, but allegorically poetically three little pigs. His ass did not build a fucking brick house in for real.

[00:36:58] But, you know what I [00:37:00] mean? You know, that’s my brother. So when I walk up to you without brother, so then somebody outside. Oh, that’s really your brother. No, no. What I mean, my brother, man, 

[00:37:10] De’Vannon: that’s my brother. And so there’s this, this is the coolest thing that, uh, that, uh, that I wanted to point out. And one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on the show, because I knew that we didn’t necessarily agree on everything.

[00:37:25] And, and I, and I wanted that intentionally because I like to surround myself with people who not, who don’t see all the point of views the same. It’s like, it’s like when my democratic people on MSBC have a crazy ass Republican on the show you have, I’m not calling you a crazy answer, Republican, but I’m saying I wouldn’t dare insult.

[00:37:47] You. That’s like the lowest of the low right now, but, but it creates a good texture, represented different perspectives. And that, to me, I’m not saying that I have it all figured out. [00:38:00] So, so let’s get civil to let’s talk to everybody. People who don’t believe in Jesus. I do people I’ve talked to somebody who stuck Satan’s Dick for all.

[00:38:08] I care as long as the, of the, um, conversation was thought provoking and help to my audience, because my show, you know, the shows where people who already believe in God, but for a lot of people were considering all kinds of ways and I’m not naive. Everybody’s not going to be a Christian, you know, and not everybody’s going to be this religion or that religion, but it isn’t important for us to search and research and think, and, you know, conversations like this started the way I looked at the Bible.

[00:38:36] So what you’re saying is some of it might be real. Some of them might not be all in all gleaned the good stories for it and go live your life. And don’t be an asshole or a Dick to somebody out there. And you know, if, from my perspective, through the personal experiences I’ve had with. You know, and with the holy ghost in particular, God has revealed himself to me through dreams that come true in different experiences [00:39:00] that I have had where he has put his hands on me.

[00:39:02] And I would not expect somebody to believe in God, unless he has proven himself to them in some sort of way that they know that they can latch. Hold of. And if that’s meant to happen for somebody in some sort of way, when they’re reading through the Bible are exposed to Jesus in some way, then that’s what’s for them.

[00:39:20] If it doesn’t happen, or if it hasn’t happened yet, well then maybe it’s not for them or maybe it’s far off, but it’s not, but I’m not about to just have people around me who, who only talk about, you know, who only believe in Jesus and stuff like that. It’s important to have everybody. And I don’t look at you as somebody who I need to convert or change.

[00:39:39] I don’t, you know, then I’ve had people in the past who thought that I wasn’t a believer and I totally was who only wanted to become close to me to try to get me to go to church them and stuff like that. And I thought that was just some fuck shit. And so and so no. And so, so we both agree. People should read different texts.

[00:39:57] All of them have I had a child, I would just [00:40:00] put all the Bibles in front of them that the, the, the, the Koran, the Torah, the, you know, And then we would have a conversation and he’s gonna have to pick what appeals to him. Now, I would say recommend the Lord, but God don’t have to go with it. Like he did through people in the Bible.

[00:40:13] And he met when God had already, he reached out to people and said, okay, I’m real. And here’s why you should personally believe in me. And so if they come speak great, if it doesn’t great, but just don’t steal from me in the meantime.

[00:40:30] Crumb: Well, you know, and I say, I agree 1000000% and I appreciate your perspective. Uh, I’m not sure if you interpret us as disagreeing, but I, at this 100000.0% agree. And you know, I try my best to find where, you know, this, the bonds that hold us together are stronger than the forces that divide us. We can easily find something to disagree on.

[00:40:48] I don’t mind. But anyway, um, what I was going to say is what does a w what makes a cult, a cult? A cult is a cult when you’re not allowed to talk to anybody [00:41:00] with conflicting views, Uh, uh, everybody except for you and people who think like you and believe what you believe are going to hell and they’re all bad people it’s really that black and white.

[00:41:11] Um, you know, we are only going to put ourselves in this small little bubble of reality and any other ideas are the devil. Um, so when you say, Hey, I have my, uh, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, perspectives, perspectives, portion of understanding, wisdom through experience, so on and so forth and sharing that with the child.

[00:41:32] That’s your risk or person that’s your responsibility. Absolutely. And I agree 1000000% with that. And that is when it doesn’t become a cult, you know, but I was raised in a cult. Nope. Neal Christianity. You know, if you brought the Koran in my mama house, you can’t bring no goddamn Koran in this bitch.

[00:41:59] [00:42:00] Fuck. Suicide bombers. My mama don’t play that shit. So now, uh, you know, but you know, it’s, that’s how narrow the perspective is for different religions, you know, even seven day Adventist or did your homework. If you not a Jehovah witness your hope. If you don’t go to kingdom hall, I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or not, you ass, your ass is gas.

[00:42:22] De’Vannon: They didn’t break their birthdays though. I don’t, I can’t fuck. What did you hope was witnesses on? Like, y’all just don’t have no fun at all. So, so, so y’all w what, what Chrome is saying, it’s something that I’m going to be addressing in my second book that I’m going to be working on, and it’s going to be all about my memoir would be out sexual agencies is the memoir is going to be out later this year, but, um, I’m starting another book.

[00:42:49] That’s going to actually talk about the abandonment of Christianity, the fuck show become versus what it originally was. So. Because [00:43:00] anybody logical looking like a child, examining all the options today. If they were to look at Christianity, they would go accelerate. What exactly is it? You know, because it’s not on one accord, you have 50 million translations of the Bible.

[00:43:14] You have 50 million different Christian denominations. It looks like a confusing shit show and it is not a respectable, however, that’s why people like me are writing things and coming out and being very vocal against the church. I won’t be vocal against the Lord because I view him apart from that. But somebody new in faith does not yet know how to separate the two.

[00:43:36] And so then they’re just going to be like, well, fuck it all. And not worry about it. And so. That will be being addressed. And yet Christianity was called is called, like, because they had me believe in Christians were the only people it’s particularly the church of God in Christ were the only people Pentecostals that were going to go to heaven.

[00:43:56] Everyone else got it wrong. I’m going to go to hell. And I remember thinking like how in the fuck could [00:44:00] I be so lucky to just there and the other billions of people in the world down, no, this don’t make sense. And so, and there’s all kinds of reasons why that is, and people feel better about themselves and making other people feel smaller and you know, in the church does that, you know?

[00:44:21] Yeah. But it’s their way or the highway. They weren’t interested in having open discussions, you know, don’t drink alcohol. Well, why and wines all throughout the Bible. That doesn’t make sense, but just don’t do it because we said so, you know, so I am not actually an avid fond in a PR person. Who’s like a strong advocate of going to church.

[00:44:42] You know, I believe that we have our most sincere experiences with the Lord at home, by herself. 

[00:44:51] Crumb: Let me, let me go to church

[00:44:57] De’Vannon: that if you would’ve pulled up, well, one of them white [00:45:00] usher glove

[00:45:09] Crumb: with all due respect, this is church where two or more a guy that brother, this is church. It is. So, you know, I just want to put some respect on the name that, you know, I, you, the floor, 

[00:45:22] De’Vannon: when you said two or more, there’s a scripture in the Bible, in the Hebrew Bible. And I do like to remind people that the king James version, all of these Bibles that people fight over in America, ain’t ours.

[00:45:31] It came from the middle east. And so I just want to give the proper people credit. So that’s why I say the Hebrew by. Um, there’s a scripture in there that says where two or more are gathered together. In my name there will I be in the midst? And that is God saying, when two people get together, I’m going to be there with gal now with you, if you by yourself too.

[00:45:50] But he’s saying that there’s a threefold cord is not easily broken. So what he’s telling us is that there’s strength in numbers and that he will be there with us. [00:46:00] And so what he’s saying is we have in church here on this Monday morning as we are. Conversing, and we won’t be judged here. You will be welcomed who you are and all of your points of views and your tour and your Keren and your Buddhist texts too, will be there.

[00:46:18] Um, I go down well before the pandemic, you know, I would go down sometimes to the Buddhist temple that we have here and, you know, meditate that great vegetarian food, and then I’m bald too, you know? And then there, so we got along great all now you mentioned music earlier and you have this thing called the curse of gospel music.

[00:46:43] And so I want to keep in the same spiritual vein. I don’t want you to break down with the curse of gospel music is 

[00:46:49] Crumb: absolutely. Um, I do want to apologize. You did ask a question and I want to attack it head on. You said, uh, why do I call God the devil and, and just really quickly, and I’ll address [00:47:00] gospel music is because it really ties together.

[00:47:03] Jesus told them ye are gods L on sprays that isn’t, it written a year guys. And he was referring to Psalms chapter 82, verse six, where it says and your gods. Um, so, um, but on a personal level, just like you, you, we are the gods. We are the devils, just like when we see, um, the, the angel and the devil sitting on your side.

[00:47:27] You know, these are just, and what do the angel, the devil look like? They look like you because he’s just aspects in your mind or does God gods in my mind what that’s cause it’s in your mind, God had devil’s in my mind. That’s because the devil’s in your mind, um, you know, cause you are the devil. You are God, and these are decisions you have to make, you have to live with.

[00:47:43] You can be devilish, you can be holy. Uh, some people, you are their devil. You are there Bain. Some people, you are the God, you’re just a beautiful person in them. And these are just aspects of self. I do believe in God. I do believe in the devil. Uh, but they are one in the same. And it is all aspects within us now going on to the gospel or the curse of, [00:48:00] of, of the gospel music.

[00:48:02] I was basically speaking from a black perspective. Um, a lot of my platform is, uh, all things black, uh, for us and, um, gospel music came the only general of music to ever be associated with a people is his old Negro spirituals. There’s never been another John rev music to be associated like, you know, um, Asian music.

[00:48:24] There’s no. That’s being racist. It’s not called Asian music. Oh, that’s Mexican music. No, no Latino music. No. You know, and it might be Moraine gay, but you know, but anyway, so now Negro spirituals was the only genera of music named after a people from Negro spirituals. We’re going to get gospel music.

[00:48:42] Gospel has, is a girl. She’s a beautiful woman. Now she has a twin sister. Gospel’s a good girl. She goes to church every Sunday. She reads a Bible, go to church every Wednesday, whatever the case may be. She 

[00:48:55] De’Vannon: hasn’t already that she may eat or 

[00:48:57] Crumb: eat. This is just an example of me being poetic. Uh, [00:49:00] similarly, uh, an example.

[00:49:02] So now, uh, she has a sister. Gospel has a sister. Her name is jazz. Some people call her blues. Uh, some people call her R and B rhythm and blues. But, um, just like you meet with, with, uh, with gospel every Sunday morning, this is after slavery every Sunday morning and actually during slavery as well. So you meet with, uh, w w with Negro spirituals every Sunday morning.

[00:49:27] And it continues on with gospel her daughter every Sunday morning, her, uh, her, uh, her other daughter, her twin daughter, that, that the dark one, you meet with her every Saturday night at what we call the juke joint. This is the history of gospel. A lot of those gospel singers. They didn’t make a lot of money, but they could sing Nate assau.

[00:49:48] So now those gospel singers turn around and go to the juke joint Saturday night and make a couple coins. You know, this is all just a feed. The family nobody’s getting rich, cause a juke joint is a hole in the wall. [00:50:00] Uh, it’s a speak easy it’s, you know, something, you know, it’s not on the map. You gotta know somebody to find out how to get there and knock on a door, a certain type of way in case the cops come, you, everybody run, you know, that type of situation.

[00:50:13] So now, um, with that said the Jews, cause we’re dealing with religion, the Jews come in and they go to these, these, uh, juke joints and they start, um, hiring these artists onto their labels. The most famous movie about this happening is Cadillac records, uh, with, uh, Beyonce was in there. That one Jewish boy was in there.

[00:50:40] Uh, I really liked him too. That, that, that, that one Jewish boy. He’s a good actor. Anyway. So now, um, uh, You know, a lot of these juke joints came from down south because slavery was down south. The plantation was down south. So now once you see the first big crossover, the first big crossover is [00:51:00] Sam cook.

[00:51:01] Sam cook, uh, was a big gospel artists. And this is basically why is there a curse? Because everybody who went from gospel to secular following behind the Jew die tragically, Sam cook died tragically. After Sam cook died, tragically Bobby Womack, uh, uh, took Sam Cooke’s wife to his funeral, married her three months later has sex with Sam Cook’s daughter, uh, at the age of 15, just six months after.

[00:51:30] So now, um, this is, this is not just the case. You say, oh, well, Sam cook, oh, my Bobby Womack is such an asshole, but you know, this isn’t this and this and that, yada, yada, yada. But this is the thing. There might be a such thing as karma, because it is said that, uh, you know, what comes around, goes around Sam cook, doesn’t get, uh, Aretha Franklin pregnant at 12.

[00:51:51] A lot of people will tell you a Rita Franklin child that she had at 12 years old, Sam, that Sam Cooke, baby, other people like Ray [00:52:00] Charles will tell you that, uh, that 12 year old daughter, that girl who got pregnant, Ray Charles said her daddy got her pregnant. And her daddy was a preacher of a church.

[00:52:08] Every, every one of these people who crossed over from, from, from secular music, I’m sorry from gospel over the cycler has been a curse. Go look at Whitney Houston. Remember the preacher’s wife go, you better stop playing with me.

[00:52:23] There’s a curse on gospel music. 

[00:52:27] De’Vannon: I believe in you and me have a lead. We whom be love internally and I’m happy to go listen to the whole soundtrack. 

[00:52:38] Crumb: Hold on. Only one. I could have a reach me was the sign of a preacher, man. Y’all better stop. You better stop playing with the Lord. 

[00:52:48] De’Vannon: Now you think maybe that song was about her experience possible?

[00:52:54] Crumb: Well, you know, Sam, she was a PK and you know what the PK is, right? 

[00:52:58] De’Vannon: Peak head. [00:53:00] I know what a cluck had is a chicken head, 

[00:53:03] Crumb: a preacher’s kid. Those are the worst ones. TK. Okay. Yeah, she was a preacher’s kid. Uh, uh, Sam cooks was a preacher’s kid. These preacher’s children. They be off the chain brother. We got to talk about it.

[00:53:15] We’d have to talk about it. 

[00:53:19] De’Vannon: And, uh, okay. Thank you for explaining that. Uh, before we move on into the lesbians, um, I want to clarify, so like, when I felt like when you were talking about like, like God and the devil earlier, what I was hearing is how, like a lot of people, uh, you were saying, you don’t miss the scarily, you believe on the devil or one, and then we have both of those inside of us.

[00:53:40] So what that brought to mind for me is like how a lot of new age thinking believes we contain this entity with, within us. You know, a lot of people will say that, what you’re saying is, don’t forget, you have like a dark side too, you know? And so we both have both light and dark. It sounds like you’re saying some [00:54:00] people call it God, some people call it, call it the devil, but really we all have it both inside of us.

[00:54:07] Crumb: And remember, remember the plot twist from star wars. Which one, Luke, I am your father.

[00:54:26] bad guy. Everybody hates you. Can I be, how can you be a part of me? I’m a party. That’s the most famous,

[00:54:39] De’Vannon: it’s pretty twisty. It is pretty twisty.

[00:54:45] Let, let me switch, switch gears again. And now we’re gonna, we’re gonna finally talk about the, uh, the, the good old lesbians here. And so, so give us like your, [00:55:00] your, your run down here. And, uh, basically this is talking about a different perspective on exactly. You know where lesbians come from, some different myths surrounding that.

[00:55:14] And, but please start with a breakdown of what etymology is.

[00:55:23] Crumb: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you. 

[00:55:28] De’Vannon: You’re welcome. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. You’re welcome 

[00:55:32] Crumb: to get the right answer. You have to ask the right question. A lot of times I try to create context. I try to set the family up so that it doesn’t get taken the wrong way. I appreciate your brother. I respect you.

[00:55:47] Um, it’s an honor to work with you. I don’t have a, uh, issue with, uh, the way you choose to live your life. I love your energy. Um, I hope that we can work together again in the [00:56:00] future, and that I’ve impressed you a little bit today. Honestly, that’s what I see. So now that I’ve put, you know, I’ve been vulnerable I’ve, I’ve made myself vulnerable and exposed you.

[00:56:09] How I truly feel, um, you know, the naked truth, uh, no pun intended. Um, oh my God. Chrome is naked in front of another man. Yeah. Technically so bare with me. I haven’t 

[00:56:18] De’Vannon: done at least from my perspective, my end. Right. 

[00:56:23] Crumb: Nothing new to you. All right. I’m preaching to the choir. No pun intended. So now, you know, with that said, um, I, uh, I, I am big on etymology.

[00:56:33] Etymology is the origin of words. Um, this isn’t a slight to anybody. It’s just fun learning the origins. So, um, I had a chance to, um, because with so many words, I don’t know where to start. So, um, certain words are popular. People will tell you, um, don’t say good morning, because morning is something you do at a funeral or, or it’s not really good to say.

[00:56:57] Someone is nice because [00:57:00] nice technically means stupid. Um, Actually I have to admit brother, you’re pretty sharp. You have good grammar when I called you. Cause before we got on a zoom, we called each other. I said, brother, how are you? You said I’m well, I know to the average person, that doesn’t mean anything, but that’s good grammar brother with actual, you know, actually that’s the King’s English.

[00:57:23] You speak the King’s English. You’re not a commoner. You speak like royalty. And I liked that. I’m a nerd. Bear with me. I, those types of things like, oh, wow, okay. You know, I’m talking to royalty. Cause he carries himself. He talks like that. I digress. So now, um, when we’re dealing with etymology, I don’t even know where to start.

[00:57:41] So somebody had, uh, you know, giving me a word to look up and it was lesbian. And when I looked the word up, it sent me down a rabbit hole and it just blew my mind. And it was so fun learning about it that, uh, I just wanted to share with the family. So I did a video [00:58:00] and I disguise. As about lesbians, but smart people will recognize the video was about etymology.

[00:58:08] It was about history. It just had a lesbian twist on it. Um, you know, some of us like our liquor straight weed, you got to put a little ice in there, a little, put a little splash of ginger rail up there. You know, I don’t want to be such a Savage. Uh, so, you know, um, but because, because, um, and, and, and forgive me for making a short story long when I was in schools, learning was boring, bro.

[00:58:31] I was bored. And one thing you said about me in the beginning, you said the brother has character. He has. He’s going to make learning interesting. He’s going to make learning. Cool. And that’s all I seek to do. It’s not about, uh, jumping on lesbians. It honestly has nothing to do with that, but let’s make it about that.

[00:58:48] So if we look at the etymology and that’s really the point, but if we look at the etymology of the word lesbian, originally, the word lesbian was referring to women on a, on an island in [00:59:00] ancient Greece called Lesbos. Now, when we dealing with homosexuality and ancient Greece, patriarchaly that’s I just made that up.

[00:59:10] I’m sure. Patriarchy quickly. We only just talk about the. Oh, well, this is what the men were doing. This is what the men were doing and the women’s still get out shadowed. You know, I know it’s not a competition, but the men, uh, within the, uh, uh, the alphabet mafia are out shining the women. So I decided with just being quirky as I am in my own special way, just to give the women some, some attention.

[00:59:34] So if we go to look historically at the island of Lesbos, which was a, uh, Grecian island, there was a Greek island, um, where there was a lot of women there. I thought based on common culture, based on common culture, gay means homosexual, no disrespect. Gaming’s happy based off common culture. The rainbow represents, uh, a symbol of gay [01:00:00] pride.

[01:00:01] It does, however, comma, the rainbow is really just the rainbow. It is what it is because of culture. It means something else. Um, Uh, bill Cosby, just joking around bill Cosby represents slipping somebody and Mickey that’s just because of common culture for people like you and me. Bill Cosby was the number one.

[01:00:22] Dad. When we grew up in our generation, bill Cosby was famous for being a dad in this generation. Bill Cosby is famous for slipping women to Mickey, or maybe he’s exonerated. I’m not really sure of the situation. Bear with me. I apologize if I’ve misspoken. I digress. When we look at the island of Lesbos, um, it doesn’t fit popular current culture to fit what we think of a Lesbos as a, which I personally believe lesbian.

[01:00:48] Wasn’t a derogatory term. If you call a woman a lesbian, that’s a little more respect on her name. If you call her a lesbian, that’s more lower vibrational, I guess it depends on the person of how they taken it. That’s how I was [01:01:00] told. Oh, she’s a lesbian that’s negative. Anyway. So now the island of Lesbos was not derogatory.

[01:01:05] It had nothing to do with lesbians. If you look at the original definition, Definitions change origins. Don’t if you look at the original definition of the word Lesbos, it was what we call today. A thought she knew how to please a man. And for me it was like, cause it was just weird, you know, just certain words.

[01:01:27] Crumb: I’m like, oh, I didn’t know. It really meant that. And it was just one of those moments. So, um, you know, just passing the mic just to kind of share that. What were your thoughts based off that? I’m sorry. I know you’re interviewing me, please. Forgive me. 

[01:01:39] De’Vannon: We have free reign here to do whatever we damn well, please.

[01:01:46] That’s all we have for the free version of the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, my beautiful people, but Hey, have if you’re vibbing on what you’re hearing and want to take it to that next level. Then [01:02:00] perhaps a subscription may be in order access to full length episodes only cost $2 and 99 cents a month. Or you can do $25 for a year, or if you’re down on your cash, you can literally do it.

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[01:02:35] Thank you so much for listening and just remember that everything is going to be all right.

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