The Meanings Of Sex: Spiritual & Other

The Meanings Of Sex: Spiritual & Other

Sex is one of the most sought after experiences of the human race. It is also something which can be used for good or for evil. Sex is a multilayered event which taps into physicality, spirituality, emotions and so much more.

The point of this blog is to enlighten and educate people on what is happening spiritually and energetically when it comes to various aspects of sex. We are neither encouraging nor discouraging – we are informing. Spiritual and energetic implications are in effect whether those engaging in sexual behaviors are aware of them or not. Much like when someone contracts an STD/STI but is not aware that it had happened – the absence of knowledge and awareness of the disease does not prevent people from contracting diseases. Burying our heads in the sand and acting like sex is only physical is not the way to go. The three of us all believe somewhat differently, spiritually speaking. This blog is not to promote who we pray to, but rather to promote an informed approach to sexuality as many of you have not experienced before.

This post was written by myself (De’Vannon Seráphino), Ale Padilla & Anthony Gaba-DeLacriox. Ale & Anthony are two of my Shamanic/Spiritual Guru friends who I met in Mexico some time back. Anthony has been interviewed on our podcast and Ale will be interviewed in the future.  These questions were prayed over, meditated upon and given an immense amount of consideration before the answers were recorded. As always, I encourage you to go to God/The Divine for yourself and really spend time before them in prayer/meditation/study to see what you come up with. Your relationship with The Divine is personal to you and the point of this blog is to help you be sure you are not hurting yourself or your relationship with The Divine in ways that you might not be aware. 

  1. Is sex spiritual and energetic or is it just a physical act?
    • Ale – Sexuality is spiritual and sacred, it is not just a physical act.
    • AnthonySex is all three in one. Some are more conscious of it than others, which brings about a different experience. Even if we are unaware, there are still energy exchanges happening during the physical act. With the right partner who is open and has trained themselves, sex can be a spiritual experience that is of great medicine without the need of a substance to obtain the results.
    • De’Vannon – Like the High Trinity, sex is three in one. The trinity of sex: Spirit – energy – physical. The Spirit aspect is the presence of God/The Divine in absolutely all that we do, even sex. It is our perpetual connection to The Divine. Energy speaks to our auras, our karma, our soul footprints/fingerprints which we imprint on everything and everyone we come into contact with. The physical is The Divine’s decision to grant humans physical pleasure and for us to enjoy it. The mental aspect of this over arches all three of the these aspects as the mind is what we use to balance these three or to to choose to ignore any of these three. Giving proportionate attention to all three aspects of the trinity of sex is the beauty of sex as I feel it was meant to be done, in its highest expression. This highest expression speaks to balance with sex being not too much or too little of any one aspect of its true composition. Anything done out of balance is chaos. Chaos gives birth to a great many negatives and problems which cannot be fully quantified. 
  2. Do you consider starting to have sex to be a loss of virginity or not?
    • Ale – In some ways it is. I think it is only the loss of virginity of the physical body. But on other levels, virginity is not something that is lost, it is something that is given when you give all your love and share your soul through sexuality. 
    • AnthonyLabels are a judgment system. But if we must, to me the term “virgin” is like saying “inexperienced.” True, the first time breaks us into a world that can transform who we are. But maturity comes through practice. And sometimes someone comes along who makes you feel like a virgin all over again. Lol. I have lived a good portion of life and the Goddess I am with now has opened me up to a world I haven’t experienced before. She makes my previous partner #irrelevant, because she has helped awaken something in me I didn’t know. 
    • De’Vannon – When someone starts having sex I look at it as a right of passage of sorts. A coming of age. A transition into the collective of humans currently engaging in sexual activity in a way. I feel like it is not a loss but rather a transition which should be honored and celebrated. If I had a kid who decided to start having sex I would bake them a cake and literally through some type of party or celebration. I would intentionally make their transition a super huge deal because really it is. My kid would have had years of preparation leading up to their first act of sex followed by meaningful conversation and a Kiki! Overall, I don’t feel like starting to have sex is something to hurry to get to. For sex is really a three or four edged sword which can be anything from supernaturally blissful to utterly catastrophic depending on how it’s wielded. Well that’s the point of this blog isn’t it? – to equip you with knowledge so you better know what you’re dealing with when it comes to sex.
  3. If someone is molested as a child, are they still a virgin when they begin to have sex?
    • Ale – A child who was abused is not giving up their virginity, they do not understand what is happening and they are not guilty of anything, so in their soul they remain a virgin. What they have taken from this child is their innocence and their peace of mind. They have hurt them deeply but the child has not given up their virginity. 
    • Anthony – Sometimes I question what world we live in where this is even a question. If the trauma is created, you are given a warped perception of sexuality. You are still innocent and naive. If the child who has been molested can be taught (or teach themselves) the love that is necessary to replace the hateful crime of molestation, they keep that power that someone tried to rob. That power might be given away or some might try to take it, but it is always ours and always belongs to us.
    • De’Vannon – I’m not really sure it matters one way or the other. When I first had sex at age 19 it wasn’t nearly as huge of a deal as I expected it to be. The sun and the sky still looked the same the next morning and life went on as it always did. I’m not sure if this was because I was molested by my uncle at a young age or if I had watched so much porn that the novelty of the experience had been diminished. Or would I have had the same underwhelming reaction regardless of any external factors? I place blame on the church and certain cultures for suppressing sex and graphic sexual education. This was done in conjunction with a huge ass deal being made out of virginity which didn’t need to happen. This big deal that the church and cultures made out of virginity placed a target on it, made it taboo and warped peoples’ perception of the transition into being sexually active. 
  4. If someone has had oral sex only, are they still a virgin?
    • Ale – It all depends. If you are lovingly and responsibly giving your energy then you are consciously giving your virginity. If not, you are only discovering your sexuality in an energy exchange unconsciously, but you have not given up your virginity. 
    • Anthony – A touch from one can cause the orgasmic sensations more deeply than the penetration of another. Once the path is entered into, experiences are acquired to obtain a level of mastery. If we could see sex as the ultimate spiritual path that it is, we would not be so concerned about losing a title – we would see and experience the path unfolding before us.
    • De’Vannon – I think about how the moment we begin to have sex (and possibly even by kissing) there is a chance of contracting one of the known 150 or so strains of HPV, which is on lots of people whether it ever manifests into a disease or not. From the moment we enter into the shared world of people having other than platonic physical interactions with others we become a part of the collective and things like HPV demonstrate how interconnected we are. So is penetration of some sort required to officially cross the threshold of virgnity? I think the moment someone accepts any type of sexual experience with someone else they have entered the space of no longer being a virgin as they have mixed their energy with someone else on a sexual level. The consensual mixing of energies in a sexual way (making out, kissing, oral, penetrative etc.) to me is when we are no longer virgins. Sex is a spiritual and energetic exchange at its core and this is something no one has the power to change as we did not invent sex – The Divine did. But like Anthony said, it’s not so much about the title of “virgin.” The important thing to understand is that up until someone begins to do sexual things they have only had platonic and familial relationships. Entering the world of sex is like starting a new job at a new company in a place you’ve never been to before and have only heard echoes about. Along with this new territory comes new risks and also new benefits. The point of this blog is to help prepare you with knowledge of what some of those risks and benefits are.
  5. Is oral sex less involved than penetrative sex spiritually speaking?
    • Ale – With oral sex you also get involved energetically because it is an exchange of sexual energy and mutual pleasure. It is not as much of an exchange than penetrative sex because in this way the exchange is bigger.  
    • Anthony – This depends on the person involved. Again, a touch from a lover who is fully involved can create more pleasure than a fuck buddy who is only partially present. With my lover, my massages are given with the same love and attention as oral or penetrative sex – they are part of the same journey. Being present attunes you to the changes in the breath of your partner, the small or large electrical charges flowing through yours and their body – the waves and movements of the moment.
    • De’Vannon – There seems to be a certain base level of spiritual/energetic exchange no matter what is happening on a sexual level. I also don’t think it is completely understood what is happening spiritually/energetically when we engage in sexual behavior which is why it is important to know who you are engaging with in this way. Intention is everything. An oral exchange can carry way more power between highly intentional partners than a “hit it and quit it” penetrative exchange between lower vibrational individuals. So then people wanting shallow exchanges will choose not be conscious of the spiritual implications. But then what happens when someone involved may have spiritual intentions that they have not made known? We will cover this in questions to come.
  6. Do kissing and making out while keeping clothes on carry any energetic implications?
    • Ale – Every act of a sexual nature involves energy exchange. In terms of sacred sexuality it is not about taking off your clothes but about showing your soul and being able to see the soul of the other.
    • Anthony – Everything is conducted by energy. Arousal occurs because energy flows. We are energetic bodies that radiate far beyond our own body, whether clothes are on or not.
    • De’Vannon – Everything is spirit and everything is energy. Even eye contact, electronic exchanges and spoken words carry more energy than you might realize. Granting someone access to you in any way is accepting their energy be it good or bad.
  7. What happens to us spiritually/energetically during sex?
    • Ale – It is said that during the sexual act we leave an energetic and karmic imprint. “Karmic imprint” means that if the other person generated any negative consequences, they share some of that with you. By exchanging vibration we create bonds of subtle energy where, regardless of time and space, this exchange continues for a while. It is because during the sexual act, we are open to give and receive.
    • Anthony – This depends on your level of awareness and experience. At the foundation you are exchanging your life energy with your partner. This can be meaningless for some where only the physical sensations are given attention. Or on deeper levels healing can occur, traumas can be triggered and released, other realities can open, manifestations can be magnetized in strong ways. Enlightenment can occur, especially when the two partners have formed a bond that expands to every area of their relationship. When two people can become free within themselves and keep that freedom with each other, than expands into their intimate life, as well as it should. 
    • De’Vannon – Sex is a fusion of sorts in the way it works with the humans involved. I am reminded of the various fusions found within the Dragon Ball Z universe where we see characters combining to become someone other than their individual selves – this is akin to the way sexual connection works. Sex forms a soul tie and all persons involved become one in a multitude of ways. This is why once sex is done feelings may linger and the people involved may stay on your mind for a while – it wasn’t simply because the sex was good (or bad). In plant medicine – weeks leading up to the ceremony the Shamans caution participants to not engage in sex in any way. This is because it is essential that only the participants’ energy come into the plant medicine ritual. Sex is not a “one and done” type of thing. You take a part of the soul essence of whoever you do anything sexual with and you carry it with you for some time. This is why cheaters always get caught – they carry energy with them away from whatever they did sexually. This is a universal & spiritual standard and none can alter this. Again, sex was created by The Divine and not by humans. So the effects of sex cannot be changed – only denied by those who choose to. 
  8. What happens to us when we climax spiritually/energetically speaking? Is this different for males vs. females?
    • Ale –  I believe that each person experiences it in their own way, in their own essence and nature. That is something totally persona but both men and women can achieve the same level of divine pleasure. 
    • Anthony – I can not speak on how it feels to climax as a woman. I do know that when a woman is more open to her sexuality and her body, her level of orgasms can be more intense. My partner squirts every time she orgasms. This is not because of me, but because of her experience of understanding her body and how it flows. I just assist her as she accesses the power. I will say we hold the power for what happens when we climax. What is our intention for this particular kind of ceremony? Is it to grow closer? Is it to manifest abundance? Is it just to bust a nut and move along? We hold the power to determine how much of the energy we will experience during our intimate moments.
    • De’Vannon – Well Anthony’s answer about squirting had me going through some emotions even as I attempt to type this blog! Gheesh!!! – I do love Anthony’s confidence and objective circumspection which allows him to detach ego/self-worth from his woman’s experience. Anthony is definitely not a toxic masculine and I salute him for that. I also wonder if the reason why so many women complain of not being able to achieve orgasm has more to do with their self acceptance/internal development than their physicality or partner related implications?
      • I also cannot directly comment on what happens for a female during climax but I do dare speculate that spiritually/energectically speaking there is probably not much variance. During climax we enter into a state of mind where we are neither “here nor there” so to speak. For males there are various studies and schools of thought regarding infusing breathwork and other practices into the climax experience in order to reach other states of consciousness/pleasure.  In any case, when males climax we are totally vulnerable physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally etc. Remember during any kind of sexual exchange you are completely vulnerable. During climax this vulnerability is greatly intensified and you become an open portal through which energies can flow into and out of you without your awareness. We are like this at various times anyway but during sex and climax the intensity of this is greatly multiplied. This can be used for good or for evil depending what your sexual partners true intentions are.
  9. What are the spiritual implications for promiscuous people?
    • Ale – I believe that venereal diseases are generated in the energy space and one of the cases of this imbalance in energy could be promiscuity. Another consequence would be lack of vital energy – feeling empty and depressed. Promiscuity is not “good” or “bad”, it is simply a decision that generates consequences.
    • Anthony – Sharing your energy with others – it must be known that you are indeed exchanging energy. My first shamanic teacher told me we hold the energy of a lover for 7 years. If I had sex with 7 partners who each had sex with 7 partners and each of those partners had sex with 7 partners, I am open to all those energies of all those partners if cleansing has not occurred. It is wise to be aware and open with your partner and hold your union as sacred. I prefer a monogamous relationship that is of a conscious nature because we can center our energies and shed the rest. It has to be conscious. We can have an energetic relationship with someone without it being physical, but it can create inward thoughts that can be just as invading to the union with a partner. Every person has the free will to do what they do, but in my humble opinion the less energy you absorb, and the more you are consciously aware of what you take in the better off you will be. 
    • De’Vannon – Engaging in sexual exchanges with people without knowing who they really are and what their true intentions are toward you, as well as their deepest held beliefs about sex is stupid. Periodt. This is like allowing a stranger to put gasoline into your car without knowing what the true contents of said gasoline are. It won’t be until you’re down the road and away from the exchange that your car breaks down and you realize what kind of trouble you are actually in. Furthermore, it will take you far longer to undo or contain whatever damage was done in a relatively short amount of time compared to the sometimes years it can take to undo damage inflicted during sexual exchanges. This is physical, spiritual, mental, emotional etc. damage. I’m not demonzing sex. The Divine invented sex so it is inherently a good thing. I am throwing copious amounts of shade along with a stark warning against sex that is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. reckless. Trying to avoid these components of sex or “compartmentalize” them away is also stupid and denialism personified. That’s like driving a car and calling it anything other than a car so you can try to justify what you’re doing. But it’s still a car. 
  10. How can people in loving relationships use sex, through focused intention, to strengthen their connection?
    • Ale – The couple must have a common goal and at the moment of sexual union then they can use that energy to visualize and decree their joined desire. Let’s say that sexual energy can be used as a vehicle to materialize in this dimension everything desired.
    • Anthony – No brainer. Sex involves body communication, the connecting of flesh to flesh generates a fire that cannot be extinguished. Connecting the breath, the flow of movements together can become a dance, eye gazing can penetrate even deeper. Pressing hands together or being aware of chest to chest to the heartbeat of your partner can incorporate rhythms together. It is all tied back to being conscious. If the primal energy of the body is matched with the deepness of connection, so much can be explored together. Be open, communicate, telepathic exchanges can occur which should not be out of the ordinary. Sex strengthens the connection and can help us access the deepest parts of ourselves.
    • De’Vannon – Sex in an of itself comes along with a connection to the other person. So then the task at hand is to strengthen the connection that is already forged by the act of sex alone. It is important for each person to set an intention prior to engaging in sexual activity. That way the desired outcomes are measurable and can be quantified. Intentions might look like: feeling more connected if perhaps you have felt distant, getting in touch with the divine masculine or femine within, a better understanding of your partner, etc. 
  11. What are the spiritual implications of group sex?
    • Ale –  Group sex could bring different consequences due to the large amount of shared sexual energy. That energy is stored in our subtle energy field and sharing with several people is also sharing their pain, illness and karma. But if someone likes to experience this type of sexuality, there are tantric and yogic sexual cleansing techniques.
    • Anthony – I cannot speak to this as I have never experienced this.
    • De’Vannon – Group sex carries all of the implications written about within this blog multiplied by however many other sexual partners there are also taking into consideration any energies from everyone’s sexual activity with other people at any point before the group sexual encounter happens. We spoke about this to some extent earlier but simply put: the more people there are the more spirits/energies will be involved. In a group sex setting everyone is fully open to all things (physical, magical, spiritual, mental, emotional etc.) from everyone involved whether it is known/stated or not.
  12. Give me your thoughts on sex witches/warlocks and the risks involved with having sex with people who practice sex magic.
    (This is regarding people who use sex magic without informing their sexual partners of what they are doing.)
    • Ale – The person who does not know what energies their sexual partner is using can become seriously ill, even mentally ill. It is very dangerous but it all depends on the intention of the witch or sorcerer. If they have a luminous harmonious and loving intention, this can do a lot of good to their partner. 
    • Anthony –  Ehh, magic performed in any way without the consent of the receiving party is dark magic. When I say “dark magic”, I mean it is unethical and lacks integrity and I would not even give it the title of magic. That is trickery and deceit like a doctor giving you a drug that numbs one thing but opens up portals to other ailments. Sorcery. For the magic to be pure as magic is intended to be, both parties must be aware.

    • De’Vannon – People who infuse dark arts/evil wishes/foul intentions with sex do indeed lack integrity and are in alignment with Luciferian energy in an intense way. People must understand that there are people in this world who throw dark intentions at people for the sake of destroying people for various reasons – or no reason at all other than that they enjoy destruction. Sex is an easy way to gain access to people who won’t see this coming. Dark magic can hurt people over a great distance. Much more damage an be done if the person working against you is inside your body, you’re inside their’s or they’re laying next to you. As stated previously, sex makes you completely vulnerable to all things. 

  13. What are the dangers of getting involved with sex magic practitioners?
    • Ale – It all depends on the intention but it could be dangerous for anyone’s health on many levels (mental, spiritual, physical etc.)
    • Anthony – I cannot speak too much to this. It all depends on the intention of the partners. Even someone who does not consciously practice magic, practices magic. Every word spoken, every act done is a spell of sorts. The combined magic should be in agreement for it to flow naturally with the current. 
    • De’Vannon – The danger is in not being aware of exactly who people are before engaging in sexual relations with them. Someone with evil intentions can gain access to someone through sexual situations and take advantage of the inherent vulnerabilities that come with sexual encounters. People can have altars and all kinds of talismans and cursed objects laying around their house in a million different places. They could also place such objects in your car, home etc. and you would never know it. If someone gets close to you they can place things on you directly like sands, oils and potions in order to harm you. They can get your hair, nails, clothes and things personal to you in order to hurt you. Pay attention should things “suddenly go missing” from your home or car or office or where ever. They might even give you “gifts” like crystal bracelets, necklaces, clothes etc. and this can be used against you as well. Remember if someone wants to do you harm they will pretend to like you, be nice, be sexual – whatever it takes to get you to let your guard down. Witchcraft can be used to break peoples’ minds, drive them insane, cause people to abandon self-control, cause people to harm themselves etc. Dark magic can be used to steal joy from people, take money from people, to cause people to lose their homes, health and jobs. Evil magic can destroy marriages, break up families, destroy friendships and strip someone of their very sense of self. There is much more but that is all I will place here. 
  14. Is there any way to tell who practices sex magic? 
    • Ale – Only if the person believes in it. This is the first step – believing that sex magic is a real thing. 
    • Anthony – I cannot answer this question fully.  My partner and I are magic because we communicate and are real and transparent with each other. We are open to the magic of each other and allow that energy to flow naturally. So to me this is sex magic. Being able to use my mouth, wand, body to help conjure up pleasure in my partner is magic.
    • De’Vannon – No, there is no certain look or way to tell who is who. It takes time to get to know someone and to know what they are really about. Pracitioners of conscious and intentional sex magic do not look a certain way. There is no way to tell by feelings and emotions (which can be deceiving). The most vile people intentionally dress/carry themselves in a low key, conservative and unassuming way in order to gain access to people more easily. We must take time to really get to know people before engaging in sexual relations. 
  15. Can someone tell if they are having sex magic done on them?
    • Ale – Again the same answer: only if the person believes in it. Otherwise they won’t know what’s happening to them. 
    • Anthony – This is a realm I have not journeyed into. But again, conscious awareness comes up in my spirit. If you are aware of your energy and trust your intuition, you will notice subtle changes within you. Anybody who willfully invades my field without my consent must pay a fine. This is not a threat, but a right. My angels and demons do not play, and will return that energy back to sender in a way that will make the sender wish they had not done such. 
    • De’Vannon – What I have witnesses is people not being willing to face the truth of the fact that witchcraft/magic exists. So when weird things begin to happen to them they rationalized it away as being anything but a spiritual attack. Also, some spells work slow – so it will be some time after the spell was cast before the damage is made manifest. The point of this blog is help you understand how to avoid getting caught up like this in the first place. Should you get trapped in witchcraft it will take a considerable amount of time and much patience for you to get delivered from it. You will need to develop a healthy and consistent prayer life and study about The Divine as you are drawn to understand The Divine – developing a relationship with The Divine. Also you will most likely need to consult a trustworthy spiritual practitioner and many can be found at botanic shops and maybe online – do ask them and try to verify from whom they draw their power and make sure they are compatible with your belief system. Do not try to use a devil to get rid of a devil. One thing that is common across the board is that you will have to stop all socialization and communication with anyone you suspect has placed evil upon you. Delete the pictures and get rid of anything from them or tied to them. Unless you want fucked up karma added to your list of troubles, you need to stop having any kind of sexual encounters with anyone until the witchcraft is broken because you can transfer the evil on you to sexual partners just like an STD. This is one type of “spiritual STD” that exists and it is your responsibility to not spread this to anyone. 
  16. What are the spiritual/energetic risks of polyamorous relationships?
    (Not to be confused with group sex – polyamory is all about love and connection)
    • Ale – If everyone involved works on their sexual energy and shares from love, consciousness, respect and the agreements between everyone are clear, there are no “negative” consequences.
    • Anthony –  Everything to me comes with awareness and being conscious. I cannot speak to polyamorous relationships as I have never experienced them. My father had multiple wives and it did not play out well for any party in the end. But some relationships thrive. It is all in the magic the pod brews together.

    • De’Vannon – The more people involved the more risks will be inherent to the situation. My question to polyamorous peeps is how soon will you be able to detect if one of your partners has some type of negative entity or energy attached to them that they may have contracted from some type of sexual encounter elsewhere? If and when you detect bad energy are you equipped to banish it? Is it really worth risking your primary relationships over extra sex with extra people?
  17. Is masturbation somehow less than or not as great as sex?
    • Ale – Masturbation is taking charge of your own sexual energy. Masturbation is the greatest energetic and creative contact that you can make with yourself. Masturbation is beyond pleasure – it is SELF-LOVE. It is making love to yourself.
    • Anthony – My teenage answer would be much different LOL. With the right partner, masturbation becomes somewhat unnecessary. I would rather save and invest my energy into my current Goddess than being solo because the energy of the two of us is so powerful – so much so that I want to give her all of me. Our communication adds to the fire, our longing for each other, untouched until we meet again, creates such a beautiful friction, a magnetic pull. The more I can master the desire, the greater control I have. 
    • De’Vannon – Masturbation is another form of sexual expression. Periodt. It is not to be compared to sexual encounters which involve other people. There is such a thing as “mindful masturbation”, which gets into the area of using masturbation as a vehicle to understand oneself better and also to connect with The Divine. Stated more plainly – masturbation is not what you have left over to make do with if you couldn’t find someone to sleep with. 
  18. How can masturbation be used in a beneficial way?
    • Ale – Masturbation helps release stress, release endorphins and oxytocin. So it is ver healthy if practiced wisely. 
    • Anthony – If we must, masturbation can be used to power up manifestation. Some would use it to release stress or tension. But breathing can do that while allowing your life energy to not escape. Now, if we can use masturbation to control our energy, move it around our microcosmic orbit, we channel that sexual energy and use it as a power source. But this can be done without physical stimulation. 
    • De’Vannon – I love the idea of utilizing masturbation as a form of harm reduction – for those trying to stop being promiscuous. For anyone wanting to renegotiate their relationship to sex they will need to stop engaging in any kind of sexual encounters with others until they have been granted this sexual reinvention. Also, masturbation is a super great way to connect with yourself. I mean go for it – set the candles, draw the bubble bath and really take yourself on a date! As we take time to learn to love ourselves and explore our bodies in private, we become better able to authentically show up for our partners in more ways than just sexual. 
  19. Can masturbation harm men/women in any way?
    • Ale – If you become addicted to it (like any addiction) you will depend on masturbation to feel “good” and this will not be productive for you in any way.
    • Anthony – Overstimulation can always be an issue. Truly loving our bodies and giving it care and not abuse is what reaps the greatest results.
    • De’Vannon – I have seen it happen in relationships where someone may masturbate to the point of preferring that over sex with their partner. Many times, but not all the time, a pornography addiction is involved. I have also personally experienced occasions where the person I was in a relationship with decided to masturbate earlier in the day and then said they could not perform sexually later on with me. I would advise to consult a doctor – but I have also heard of guys masturbating too much and/or incorrectly and causing damage/strain on their groin area.
  20. Give us your thoughts on porn spiritually/energetically speaking.
    • Ale – Pornography can be an addiction too. Watching a lot of pornography can disconnect you from your partner since you will need other stimuli to get excited. It will become difficult to concentrate on your partner due to the images in your mind and the expectations created by watching porn. 
    • Anthony – I was addicted to porn as an adolescent and young married man. As I have gotten older, I view it as such. My partner gives me pleasure and fulfills my fantasies, whatever they may be. The real experience blows fantasizing with a screen out of the water. To see and feel a woman orgasm in real life adds confidence that porn can never deliver. To have my partner squeeze me and hold me closer as I orgasm is mind-blowing but this is how I view life. I would rather go to the gym and get fit than watch other people play sports on tv. I would rather write a song than sing someone else’s. I would rather be intimate than watch others in their act. Porn is easy and there is no effort. In reality we can build the connection to experience the flow. 
    • De’Vannon – A part of Lucifer’s (or negative energy as you define it) illusionary devices is to deal in fool’s gold – things that seem to carry more value than what they actually possess. Lucifer also tends to take what God has already created and adjust it, usually barely perceptibly, yet totally altering its intended meaning. Porn, like masturbation, can cause blockages in relationships if people turn to it with undefined or ill intentions or use it too much. It can also fuck with peoples’ attention spans as well. I don’t people watch. I don’t watch sports on tv (although I will physically attend a game). I don’t watch reality tv. Today’s world is very voyeuristic in nature and many people devote a lot of time into watching other people live their lives. But what’s worse is that reality tv and really anything that can be watched on some type of device is rarely legitimate. It is staged. People watch porn and other television/smart device shows and can get a warped sense of reality. People then go out into the world with warped expectations and get disappointed and confused. I have heard of this happening to couples wherein the guy thinks every girl wants super rough sex and if she’s not screaming like the girl doing porn then the guy in real life things he’s doing something wrong. 😑 Due to a lack of sex education, sites like Pornhub and Grindr have become the source of sexual education and outlet. This is a hot damn mess. The church, parents and certain cultures did not teach people about the raw realities of sex and/or at the same time tried to suppress sex. This created a space for porn to thrive because people are naturally curious. This curiosity must get directed somewhere and what was accessible without judgement or denial was pornography. Remember everything is energy so watching people do sexual things is another type of exchange that is happening. Effects of energy exchanges are not always instant and can take some time to manifest. 
  21. Give us your take on dating/hookup apps spiritually/energetically speaking.
    • Ale – Applications to meet people are based on sex in most cases. If you want to find a partner with whom to have a stable, mature and spiritual relationship, most likely you will not find it there. There are some cases where this type of relationship is found, but they are very few.
    • Anthony – I think they can be useful. Building connection through communication is a great place to build a strong foundation between you and your partner. Just getting on there to fuck is dangerous to me. But in person interactions are the best. 
    • De’Vannon – Energetically apps expose its users to a wide variety of spirits and energies. This is why people can do reiki healing, tarot readings and other energy work over an app/website because energy transfers through all things. So when someone is on Grindr, Tinder or wherever, they are getting major exposure to a vast variety of energies. Have you ever spent a lot of time on social media and felt exhausted after? This is why. It takes energy to deal with energy and we don’t have an endless reserve. There are energy vampires and sex addicts who take to dating apps to intentionally siphon energy from people without any intention of ever meeting up with them in person. Energy vampires are fully aware that they can go on an app and have a conversation, get photos or whatever and derive a sense of validation or a type of high just by the electronic exchange alone. Their energy boost is tangibly real within them. They got this energy from people on the other end of their phone/electronic device. An evil magic wielder could use an app in the reverse to send dark energy and curses to people through apps because apps act as a portal that is open between all users. Energy can be extracted from them as well an injected into them. Why would someone wish to hurt someone on an app? Because they can. Evil people don’t need a logical reason to do evil. It’s just what they do. The naked and otherwise physically exposed photos make this much easier for someone to work against people because our nudity is something that is sacred. When photos are used haphazardly, people give up certain protections and become vulnerable. Even if it’s a shirtless guy, a girl in a sexy dress or a fully clothed photo – if the photo was placed with the intention to lure people sexually or some other type of low vibrational intention, then this will not serve you energetically speaking. Remember, the use of apps is not being done by everyone in the world – this is a specific sector of individuals choosing to partake in this. No matter how popular apps are they are not being used by everyone. I personally choose to hold out and I absolutely do not use any dating apps. I also do not date anyone who uses dating/hookup apps and this is a total and absolute deal-breaker with me. Periodt. Why not? Because I need a man who can foresee the inherent and unnecessary risks involved with apps. I hope not everyone has a negative experience but to me it’s just not worth it. I know for a fact that people on apps have reputations whether they know it or not and people tend to run their mouths about who they met from an app, what happened etc.  I don’t have the time for this nonsense and I will not date anyone who has energy to give up like this.   
  22. Let’s talk about attraction. What causes one person to be attracted to another? (We have heard of pheromones, but they have a limited range in which they can travel. We can be attracted to someone we see over media or way down the street.) What is really drawing us to each other sexually/spiritually/energetically speaking?

    • Ale – We are attracted to what we need to work on at a healing level for “good” or “bad.” Our unresolved karmas can attract us to a person as well as we can be attracted to the light and magic of another. 
    • Anthony –  What we are is the highest attraction tool. When we are conscious and aware we realize we attract what we are and our highest self and guides draw that back to us to reflect to us the light/dark that is what we are. My partner and I both were going through healing in our bodies, both had a past in the limelight but have taken a more isolated approach to life during this season. We drew each other because we resonate on so many levels.
    • De’Vanon – Attraction is an energetic exchange that is physical on the surface (attraction is physical but never just physical alone).  When we look at someone we subconsciously take in way more than their physical appearance and begin to draw conclusions: Is this a smart person? Is this a successful person? Is this a confident person? Is this personal physically appealing to me? Does this person carry good/bad energy? etc. All this can be done within minutes or seconds depending on how sharp the mind is that is performing the analysis. This analysis is automatic and done in person or over electronic devices. For example, we see folks with similar looks and body types all throughout the day yet we will not be attracted to all of them. So what is the difference? – Many things which are not conscious to us. You will hear people say things like: “I don’t why I’m attracted to this person. Something drew me to them. I’m not usually attracted to someone like this” etc. I agree with Anthony – similar  energies do have a way of drawing each other. Sexually/energetically conservative people won’t be found on dating apps. I don’t care what anyone says – apps drain your energy. You will not find sex addicts or people willing to be promiscuous in places where people go to meet people in person and take their time to get to know people, establish a bond etc. before anything sexual happens. You won’t find doves hanging out with vultures and you won’t find vultures trying to be cute hanging out with doves. They are just not on the same wavelength about how they approach life. Literally birds of a feather flock together and this same sentiment applies to the human race. What is unfortunate is that people with harmful habits get together and reinforce said habits and convince each other that what they’re doing is somehow justified when it totally isn’t. Be careful the company you keep. It is true that a person can be judged by the company they keep. We would do well to not follow every feeling and emotion that arises within us or comes upon us. A wise mind will analyze feelings of attraction and make sure they are coming from a balanced and good place before acting on them. 
  23. What do you think about rebound sex after a breakup? Does it really do any good?
    • Ale – I think that could only confuse and cloud a person’s judgment about the breakup. The best thing is to wait and if there is a reconciliation then sex will be a beautiful consequence of the dialogue and agreements. Here in Mexico we say that: what begins about sex, ends about sex. 
    • De’Vannon – No. Absolutely no. We, as humans, would do well to learn and accept the value of going without things for a while. Every time we have sex it’s like a type of soul surgery is being done due to how vulnerable we are and receptive we are to what is going on with the other person(s) when we engage in sexual intercourse of any kind. After a relationship ends all parties involved are in a raw and vulnerable state. Everyone will do themselves a good service by taking plenty of time to allow the lessons and changes from the previous relationship to be fully integrated into themselves and into their lives. After a relationship you become a new person and you need to give yourself time to learn who you are before getting involved with people sexually again or even dating without sex – take time to yourself. I cannot tell you how much time. If you are honest with yourself and take it honestly before The Divine then you will truly know when you are ready. A relationship that was one week will probably have less to be resolved than a years long commitment though this can vary depending on the particular variables. Rushing into sex or dating is a form of avoidance and you will damage yourself since you have not fully healed from the previous relationship. I don’t care how popular rebound sex is – it is foolish. After a relationship ends you move on by learning to love and accept yourself with no one else, not by trying to move on with someone else. You will only cheat yourself out of precious growth if you attach yourself to someone else too fast and then you’ll have to learn the lessons you should have learned all over again.
  24. What do you think about sex with an ex who you have not gotten back together with? Is this helpful at all?
    • Ale – It depends on what you really want. If you want to maintain a purely sexual relationship with this person then it is correct, otherwise if you want something beyond sex, it would be better to look for other solutions. 
    • De’Vannon – Girl bye. Y’all broke up for a reason. Sex is supposed to be a divine manifestation of love, respect etc. between people. Sex is not the glue that holds a relationship together. Settling for a sexual experience with an ex is doing damage to you on a soul level. Settling for anything in any way is not good for you. You wanted and expected a full life and commitment with this ex so why settle for a brief period of sensuality? We face the good feelings of getting into a relationship and being in a relationship. We must be mature enough to face the pain of a relationship ending without trying to put band aides on the deep wounds which a breakup leaves. What is happening is that your body has gotten used to that ex but we must learn to let stay dead what is dead. We will then grow and be granted new and better things in life. I recommend mindful masturbation while you are healing. As stated in a previous response: masturbation is not settling or somehow a secondhand option to sex. Masturbation is an excellent way to learn to accept and love yourself when done in a conscious and mindful way. 

*If anyone would like further enlightenment, where can they reach you?

Ale – IG: @Corazon_de_guacamaya

Anthony – IG: @agdelacroix + Email:

Your relationships and the implications applicable to sex will change as you change, grow and develop. Sex is fun but we can also honor The Divine as well as the divinity within ourselves and others if we choose to. Be careful who you choose to share sexual experiences with. The effects of each encounter are not done in a vacuum but the effects ripple through space, time & eternity.

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