Episode 110: The Bull$h!t A$$ @uckery That Is Hillsong Church + Vanity Fair’s Fiasco, With Tanya Levin, Author – Podcast Host – Former Hillsong Church Member

What do people with narcissistic personality disorder and the leaders of religious organizations have in common? Absolutely, every damn thing! I have with me today, Tanya Levin, the host of the Leaving Hillsong podcast. The same one was also featured on two separate documentaries. One was on Discovery Plus – it’s called The Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed and the other one produced by Vanity Fair on Hulu called The Secrets of Hillsong.

 I got Tanya Levin with me and we’re going to dissect this foolishness reverberating from Hillsong Church Australia, the scandals surrounding Brian Houston, all the little boys they done slept with, covered up the scandals and no, it was not the gays doing this honey, you can’t pin this on us, it was all them straight men, quote unquote.

 Cheating abounds. Scandals galore. If y’all have not seen those documentaries or heard of Tanya Levine, This one is for you.


Website/Podcast: https://shows.acast.com/leavinghillsong

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed: https://rb.gy/v4u7z

The Secrets Of Hillsong: https://rb.gy/qxx6d

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      The Latest Nonsense About The Hillsong Church’s MANY Scandals

·      The Vanity Fair/Carl Lentz Connection

·      Preachers Who Gaslight Without A Conscience 

·      The Donald Trump/Evangelical Preacher Connection



·      Adulterous Hypocritical Preachers

·      The TRUE Impact That Lying Has On People

·      Can You Save Your Loved On From Abuse?

·      Child Sex Abuse Scandals In The Church

·      The Lakewood Church Conneciton


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