Episode #115: How Children Oppress Parents, How Children Oppress Children, Body Image Issues & Sexual Hypnosis Via Music – Oppression Part 2


 This is the second of several episodes in which I will be covering covert and subtle ways in which we become oppressed. God is adamantly against oppression. It is time we stop making room from customs, mindsets and ways that do not serve us. Let us learn what it truly means to be free. 

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      How Children Oppress Parents

·      How Children Oppress Other Children

·      Body Image Issues

·      How Stress Negatively Impacts Your Health

·      Which Side Are You Gonna Be On?

·      Victim Playing Is A Kind Of High

·      Healing & Deliverance Through Helping Others

·      Sexual Hypnosis Via Music – Movies – Media

·      Sex Is The Worst Weapon In The World

·      Manifest Your KING!

·      Parents: Don’t Compromise Your Kids’ Character




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·      OverviewBible (Jeffrey Kranz)



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