Episode #119: Clarity Vs. Chaos – A Positive Perspective From Past Relationships + My New King + Women’s Intuition Personified


This is the first of two episodes in which I will drawing divisions and parallels in order to demonstrate the difference between clarity and chaos in different situations in our lives. I will be revisiting some experiences from my past in order to demonstrate how one can gain peace and positive perspective regardless of the situation.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      A ReCap Of My Lakewood Church Experience

·      Letting Go Of Religious Trauma

·      A ReCap Of My Experience With The Covert Narcissist Ex Of 2018 -2023

·      Letting Go Of Ex’s – No Matter What They Did

·      Relationships – Sex – Dating Are Given Too Much Importance

·      Narcissistic Amnesia & Naval Gazing Are Cancelled – The Truth Is Told – With Receipts 

·      Woman’s Intuition Defined! 




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