Episode #121: Archangels, Shamans, Ayahuasca Ceremonies & Care For Prisoners, With Anthony Gaba-DeLaCroix, Shaman + Yogi + Musician


Today I have with one of my favorite Shamans in the world – Anthony Gaba-DeLaCroix!!! I met him whilst I was down in Mexico for an ayahuasca retreat in an attempt to heal from the breakup of 2023. He is a very talented Shaman, Yogi and Musician so I am absolutely positive that you will gain something useful from this conversation!


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):



·      What Exactly Is Ayahuasca?

·      Using Psychedelics To Heal From Breakups & Divorce

·      Perspective On Religion & The Prison System

·      Louisiana Books To Prisoners – https://lab2p.org

·      More Love In A Trap House Than A Church House

·      Grindr & Other Sex Apps & Social Media

·      A Different View On Monogamy 

·      Anger & Resentment





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Tumblr: https://agdelacroix.tumblr.com





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·      Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse & Codependency Support Groups (Virtual) – https://www.meetup.com/pittsburgh-narcissism-survivor-meetup-group/

·      COSA – 12 Step Recovery For Victims Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior – https://cosa-recovery.org

·      A Recommended Reading To Help Heal From Narcissism – https://amzn.to/41sg6FO

·      Sex Addicts Anonymous: HTTPS://WWW.SAA.ORG

·      HEALING SCRIPTURES: https://testimon.io/blog/bible-verses-about-healing-sickness

·      COVERT NARCISSIST SIGNS: https://www.healthline.com/health/covert-narcissist#signs

·      GENERAL NARCISSIST SIGNS: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20366662

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