Episode #127: The Ten Commandments Of Drugs, How Psychedelics Shape Reality, Warnings About Alcohol, Discovering Your Spirituality & Living Life On Autopilot, With Yuki, Host Of The Modern Day Hippie Podcast


Yuki is the co-host of the Modern Day Hippie podcast, an experienced psychonaut, and a former alcoholic. Psychedelics have been a cornerstone of his life for the past 3 years, and he loves sharing how to consume drugs in a safe and responsible way for fun, pleasure, and introspection. He dreams of a world where alcohol isn't the go-to substance for people on a Friday night.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):


·      The Ten Commandments Of Drugs

·      Help For Mental Illness

·      Help For Addictions

·      Discovering Your Spirituality 

·      The Need To Deepen Conversation


·      DanceSafe.org

·      What Fentanyl Is

·      Fentanyl Is Found In Weed




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