Episode #131: The Intersectionality Of Drugs And Homelessness, Finding Your Purpose & The Struggles Of Starting A Charity, With Sean Cononie, CEO Of The Homeless Voice/COSAC Foundation


 Sean Cononie has been working with the homeless since 1984, operates shelters, food banks, outreach, COVID outreach, Monitor Hospitals for unsafe discharges, Hate Crimes on the Homeless, and NIMBY when it comes to communities that don't want shelters . Networks covered my work, CNN, FOX and Friends , CBS and many local networks.

I was feeding the homeless at a very young age just out of high school. I n 1997 I found this guy John McCormick a homeless man who needed help. I asked him to come with me and I took him to a hospital. We were not a shelter at the time. When I gave him housing the hospitals found out and they started to send me all their homeless. We became a shelter basically overnight without one ounce of planning. We became the biggest provider in the county. Years later the city sued us but we won the case to stay where we were.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to): 

·      Battling With The Government To Help Homeless People

·      Ideas On Starting A Charity

·      How Homeless People Are Treated By Society & Healthcare Workers

·      Have You Found Your Purpose?

·      Are You Actively Seeking Your Purpose?

·      The Debacle That Is The State Of Florida

·      The Intersectionality Of Drugs And Homelessness

·      Why Kid’s Need Exposure

·      Dad Jokes!!! =)




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