Episode #144: Helping LGBTQIA+ Women Get Over Their Exes, Heartbreak As A Form Of Self-Abandonment And Healing Generational Trauma, With Sara Webb, Resilience Coach + Author


Sara Webb is a Resilience Coach, empowering women revive their innate power with meditation, breathwork, and body awareness. 


Having been engaged three times, divorced twice, and coming out of the closet at 40, she understands the pain that’s possible through big life changes. She believes that a “life of thrive” is possible for everyone regardless of circumstances. 


Sara teaches pocket-sized techniques her clients can use anywhere to process stress and improve daily happiness, so they can bring the best versions of themselves to their own lives.


INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·      Female Empowerment

·      Religious Abuse & Trauma

·      Heartbreak As Self-Abandonment 

·      How Breakups Are Life Death

·      The Need For Queer Therapists 

·      Healing Generational Trauma

·      How The Body Processes Stress

·      The Subtilties Of Epiphanies 

·      Goodbye Alcohol 

·      Manifest Enlightenment



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