Episode #74: A Review Of Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix + Ryan Murphy), With Demi Wylde, Author & Host Of The Hookup Horror Stories Podcast



Ryan Murphy and Netflix have collaborated to bring us a shocking rendition of the life and times of notorious serial killer + cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters). Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for the murder of 17, mostly black and brown, young men and young boys. Dahmer would drug them, kill them, harvest their body parts and eat them. This series documents Dahmer’s internal struggle, as well as, how the police failed everyone despite multitudinous warning signs. Please join Demi Wylde, the host of the Hookup Horror Stories podcast and De’Vannon, the host of the Sex, Drugs and Jesus podcast as they go through a review of the entire series.





·      Racism

·      Homophobia

·      Nature Vs. Nurture

·      Hookup Culture Dangers

·      Cannibalism 

·      The Humanity In Dahmer

·      Implications Of Dahmer’s Childhood

·      Grossly Flawed Legal System

·      Dahmer’s Fan Base

·      Dahmer’s Copycats

·      Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness





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You’re listening to the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, where we discuss whatever the fuck we want to! And yes, we can put sex and drugs and Jesus all in the same bed and still be all right at the end of the day. My name is De’Vannon and I’ll be interviewing guests from every corner of this world as we dig into topics that are too risqué for the morning show, as we strive to help you understand what’s really going on in your life.

There is nothing off the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

De’Vannon: Ryan Murphy and Netflix have collaborated to bring us a shocking rendition of the life in times of notorious serial killer and cannibal. Jeffrey Dahmer, played by Evan Peters. Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for the murder of 17. Mostly black and brown young men and boys. Dahmer would drug them, kill them, and harvest their body parts and eat them.

This serious documents doer’s internal struggle, as well as [00:01:00] how the police failed everyone, despite Multitudinous warning signs. Please joined Demitri Wylde. The host of the Hookup Horror Stories podcast and myself as we go through a review of this entire Netflix series.

Demi: Welcome to Hookup Horror Stories. I’m W Wild. You’re Resident Sexual deviant. 

De’Vannon: Hello, bitches. My name is Danna and I hosted Sex Drugs in Jesus podcast. How you doing? 

Demi: How you doing? It is spooky season. So we are here talking about the show that is taking the internet by storm. Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix show Monster, the Jeffrey Daher story 

De’Vannon: C.

All the while I was watching that Lady Gaga song Monster Within my Head, That boy is a monster and bitch. Did he not give meaning to the [00:02:00] term Eat Your Heart Out. 

Demi: Eat Your Heart Out. Actually, I think secretly that song was partially about him. 

De’Vannon: Lady Gaga song. Yeah, yeah, 

Demi: yeah. I could see that. And behold, I think like she was using him as like a reference to, you know, talk about a guy that she was, you know, , who 

De’Vannon: was a monster to her.

Freaked out by I was, I was playing back the lyrics in my head. I asked my girlfriend if she seen you run before. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I have so much to say about all of this. 

Demi: Yeah. We’ve got a lot to talk about. This is a very extra special kind of crossover episode that I’ve never done before and I think it’s really fun to talk about, especially for Halloween 

De’Vannon: season.

Yeah. So we’re doing a threeway with Jeffrey Dahmer than I ate, basically. And couldn’t get any more creepier than that, but we’re gonna do it because we’re open minded and super freaky and so, I was inspired by Dahmer the other day. Well, inspired by the, not by him, but by the documentary, you know?

Mm-hmm. , [00:03:00] and and I was like, I reached out to Deme and I was like, Girl, we need to do a show about this motherfucker. Let’s talk about this. Demi was like, Let’s release it on Halloween. I was like, Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s do it at the witching hour then, . That’s 

Demi: right. That’s right. Well, yeah, it, it is a witching hour.

So obviously we’ve got our candles lit here 

De’Vannon: before we begin and get too far into it. I have mine that I’m going to light now. This little T light here, I’m lighting it out of respect for the people who Jeffrey Daher murdered, but not just the people he murdered, but also anybody who’s departed this plane of existence in a very torturous brutal way like that.

And so I don’t know. Hopefully it shed some peace on them in the afterlife. Agree. And so, [00:04:00]as we say, in, in in positive energy circles for the good of all, or not at all, 

Demi: for the good of all, or not at all. I like that. Perfect. Amazing. Well, if you guys are watching this on video, you’ll obviously receive this on both of our channels.

Check it out. Boom. Otherwise just sit back and listen to what we’re gonna talk about. Spoiler alerts and trigger warnings are in full effect, so get 

De’Vannon: ready. Yeah, it, we, we put spilling all the tea until every goddamn damn thing. So in fact, you can probably listen to this episode instead of watching the series.

You feel like it cause we going through this bitch. 

Demi: Exactly. Well, we’ve got a lot to talk about so let’s just get a little refresher on who Jeffrey Daher was. Shall we? 

De’Vannon: We shall first. He was hot. He was hot. I will say . Was he? I don’t think so. Well that’s cuz you really like black. [00:05:00]

Demi: I mean, I’m hoping to all but like not him.

First of all, he is so like plain Jane looking first of all, and second of all the glasses, the demeanor, the hair, just, I’m not feeling it at all. . 

De’Vannon: Now I’m talking about the younger hyn. Now I’m not talking about the older prison or whatever the fuck I’m talking about, that I’m not about the, the young one.

Demi: Well, yeah, either way he, he’s playing with those striped shirts, the button up. Uhuh. Can’t do it. not my type of white boy. We’re not gonna make you. No. So anyways, let’s talk about Jeffrey Dahmer. So, Jeffrey Lionel Daher was also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee monster. He was an American serial killer and convicted sex offender who committed the murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Many of his later murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the [00:06:00] permanent preservation of body parts. Typically parts of the skeleton. Although he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, sty of personality disorder and psychotic disorder, he was convicted of 15 and 16 or 15 of the 16 murders he had committed in Wisconsin, and he was sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment on February 17th, 1992.

Daher was later sentenced to a 16 term of life imprisonment for an additional homicide. Committed it in Ohio in 1978. On November 28th, 1994, Daher was beaten to death by Christopher Scarr, a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. His victim’s names are all Steven Mark Hicks, who is 18, Steven Walter Tomi, who was 25.

James Edward d Tater, who is 14? Richard Guro, who is 22? Anthony Lee Sears is 24. Raymond Lamont Smith, who is 32. Ernest Marque, Miller 22. David Courtney Thomas, who is 22. Curtis Dorell [00:07:00] Strader. Who is 17? Err. Lindsay. Who is 19? Tony Anthony Hughes, who is 31 Conac in, Who is 14? Matt Cleveland. Turner, Who is 20?

Jeremiah Benjamin Weinberger, who is 23. Oliver. Joseph Lacey, who is 24. And Joseph Arthur Bradoff, who is 25.

How do we feel? 

De’Vannon: I was taking, taking and giving everyone a moment of silence to just like take like that set in for a moment. Yeah. How do I feel? It reminds me of, of all the vigils we see on TV after mass school shootings and stuff like that. Yeah. You know, it’s like when all the, all the, all the dead coming together.

I’m just seeing like, you know, all the titty bears and the flowers and the candles on the ground. That, that’s the imagery I’m getting. How about you? 

Demi: It’s a lot to take in. I, I couldn’t watch the show. In normally, like, I like to binge something that’s not [00:08:00] one of those bingeable shows to me. That first episode had me just like, fully, like on edge, like, and I love horror.

I love true crime. I don’t get squeamish a whole lot. I was very squeamish by this. It was very visceral in my opinion. I just, I was like, Oh my God, what the fuck is happening? You know? Seeing these characters play out before he, before us, the actual murders themselves being portrayed in such a way, especially by Ryan Murphy about it just made everything so much more real.

You know? Cause I’ve already known the story. I’ve already known what happened, but like, just seeing it played out was like, Holy shit. Like this is a little too much at times. It’s 

De’Vannon: all great to have a a, a story, but it’s all about how you tell it baby. And so let us give credit to those who told it. Now, Evan Peters is the star of this.

And then like he said, like, like, like to me, said Ryan Murphy wrote it. And then I saw the name Ian Brennan come up as a lot of the writing. There were other people who wrote it too, but [00:09:00]mainly Ian Brennan. I’m partial to Ian Brennan cuz my boyfriend’s name is Ian . So I’m here for all the Ian’s of the world.

And Demi’s, one of Demi’s favorite persons, Niecy Naja was in there giving life, serving face, , . 

Demi: She played such a good role, and I know that Glenda was, was a real person, but that character that she played and the stuff that she experienced was actually experienced by a lot of the other people that were like in the building or other people that had interactions.

So she was kind of an amalgamation of like a bunch of people. I actually remember specifically the, the instance where the, the 14 year old where he actually, you know, he drilled the head and put acid in there and he was like, you know, comatose almost, but like still, he got up and he, and he ran. And so Glenda was like, and then I think another couple people were outside and they found the boy and then the police.

Sent [00:10:00] them back in with, with Daher. It was like, Oh my God, what the hell is happening here? But she was fully giving me life the entire time especially in those moments where she really like cared to, but also that she wasn’t heard. You know? She like, it was so, Oh my, I can’t even like verbalize it. It was 

De’Vannon: messed up.

Oh my darling, I will do my part to guide you through this emotional journey you were about to take , so the, I had two questions for you. Yeah. Before we get into the episode breakdowns, I just wanted to know what was the most heartbreaking part for you? Was it the scene you just described or with is something d.

Demi: I mean, that one was obviously a heartbreaking, cuz I know how all of ’em really heartbreaking cuz I knew how they all ended. What was the, the, the def the deaf guy? I, I’m gonna Tony Hughes, Was that his name? 

De’Vannon: Oh God. He went through so many men. Honey, I couldn’t keep up with the names. I know. 

Demi: I think that was, [00:11:00] I think that was his name.

I could be wrong. I apologize if I am, but I’m really bad with names anyways. But yeah, the, the deaf boy he, that one was the most heartbreaking cause I knew how it played out and it was just so sad to see, like, it was hard for me to like peel away the kinda like monster mentality versus like kind of just like the need to connect with someone, Which I think a lot of people who are like dah.

Feel, So I don’t wanna like sympathize with a killer, you know? But I can understand how a person just wants to be connected to another person. And I think that was the closest thing that he had was with, was with Tony. And so far from the show, I’m not sure about real life. But you know, in the show it played out that way, that they actually had dates and they actually had, you know, time spent together and they spent the night together and , it was just so heartbreaking, you know?

[00:12:00] Mm-hmm. . Oh, 

De’Vannon: well I feel for you darling. I feel for you that, that that part was super heartbreaking. And what stood out to me was that that’s the deaf guy was the one who was trying to keep a classy, He actually didn’t have his legs open the moment he met Jeffrey, and he was the one I know told him no, and I thought, I wonder if, because Jeffrey didn’t kill him.

He thought about it. He had the drugs to put it in his drink. Mm-hmm. and he put it back up. So this is, this is when we see Jeffrey trying to fight that monster within. And I’m thinking the deaf guys is somebody who’s actually telling him no. Their little note he wrote said, You have to earn me cuz he didn’t talk.

So he told Jeffrey, You have to earn me. And this evoked a different response from Jeffrey. Yeah. You know, we see this in men, you know, quite often if you know, if, if, if, if you let them fuck you tonight they will. But if not, you know, they may just treat you with respect instead. And so, 

Demi: yeah, I mean that was what was most [00:13:00] heartbreaking for me was like that, that story with him.

We all know how it ended clearly, but I’m not sure if they depicted this exactly, but Several of, of his victims. He actually like, kept around, like laid around while after he killed him. So like, he, they were in his apartment for like three days or whatever. Tony, he kept around for a while before he decided to get rid of him.

It is just so strange, like seeing these like, kind of like, I don’t want to humanize him, but like, it’s just moments of like, Oh my God. Like, I kind of feel bad. I, this, this kid had, he was doomed from the beginning. He was doomed from the beginning. His mom was crazy. His dad taught him how to do this shit

De’Vannon: I, I think kind of like a part of the point of [00:14:00] this series was to bring out his humanity, because everybody knows. You know, he’s the crazy bitch who killed all these people. Mm-hmm. , but the sensitive side with his history and background to my knowledge, had never been told before. And so I’m okay with looking at a person and seeing both the evil and the good in them.

Right. And so, and I think that this series did a great job with that. The second question I had for you was, what, what, And the answer might be the same, but, you know, what was the most shocking part for you? Like something that you just not see coming, like, Oh bitch. 

Demi: Well, I don’t think, I didn’t see anything coming.

Okay. I think the most shocking, but also not exactly I, I knew this was gonna happen anyways, was the fact that like the police that just were completely negligent in, in taking this seriously, [00:15:00]just. Got off on it, you know, it ju it was just so fucked. And I think that was what made me so angry at the very end was just like, Oh my God.

Like here is this, this predator who is going after, you know, marginalized people. And whether intentionally or not, he, he was, he was doing it that these police officers just didn’t want to get involved. You know, Even though Linda was calling them all the time, seeing their weird smells or there’s body, you know, I, it’s just mind boggling how, how messed up that shit is and how real it is.

Cause it happens to this day still. 

De’Vannon: Right. What, what shocked me the most was the role that his parents played in it. His mom being on all the pills and the medication, which clearly scrambled his brain chemistry and his dad. Harboring the same sort of desires, but acting him out with animals and then teaching his son how to do the same thing.

That’s something [00:16:00] I never saw coming. I was shocked about that. 

Demi: Yeah. I mean, that part, the fact that his, at the very end they were talking about keeping his brain mm-hmm. to study it, which I think would’ve been really great to do just for science concur. And then his dad was just like, No, we just gotta, We’re done with it.

We gotta 

De’Vannon: go. He didn’t have the balls, He didn’t really have a whole lot of nuts throughout the whole thing. Yeah, no, he had like a moment of nu tackiness and then he just, he just didn’t wanna face the truth or whatever those results would’ve rendered . Good deal. Right. 

Demi: I think the most interesting part of it was like, it, it raised in my, in my mind the whole concept of nature versus nurture, as we know as gay people, like how much of us growing up gay, is it nature versus nurture?

How much of it growing up as a, as a homicidal maniac, [00:17:00] cannibal, , how much of that is nature versus nurture? You know, you know, his mom was, was obviously was like nature right there, you know, he, that was like biological and then his dad kind of nurtured this part of him too. So like, it kind of had both ends of the spectrum.

You know, It’s, it’s so interesting. 

De’Vannon: But I also wanna point out that of these 17 young men that were murdered, the majority of them were black and brown individuals. Correct? This was happening during, like, the middle of the last century, so there’s a lot of racism, homophobia going on, you know, and that’s, that’s a theme throughout the end.

I love Jackson Jackson’s Tri Jesse, Reverend Jackson. Jackson is Triton appearance. Towards the end. Mm-hmm. as you mentioned though, this sort of thing does still happen today. And, and, and if I could like, make a hashtag, like and give respect to your podcast, hook up horror stories, I would say this show pretty much demonstrates the old hashtag ultimate of [00:18:00] horror story.

Demi: I agree. . This is the ultimate, this is the thing that we’ve all been more warned about in like hookup cultures. Like, you know, don’t go out on a date with anybody. You not the internet, otherwise you’ll fucking be murdered. You know, or gotten your heart eating out. Literally the ultimate hookup horror story.

De’Vannon: Yeah. So we’re not joking in this, in this series. Y’all, Jeffrey liked to cut the boys up. I’m pretty sure he sauteed a liver, a human liver, you know, and, and he ate it like it was a goddamn Morton Steakhouse six, you know, five star restaurant. I mean, I guess, I mean, I’m laughing, I’m not laughing at it, but I don’t have any other emotions to, to, I’m laughing at the how hysterical this whole thing is.

Demi: I mean, if we don’t laugh, we’d cry because it’s so fucked up in [00:19:00] grotesque. But I think also talking about it openly and also discussing how we feel about it and using humor as a way to kind of cope. That’s something I’m very familiar with. I’m, I make really, I have a very dark, twisted sense of humor. So this is definitely something I do on a regular basis.

So, no, this is a safe space. I think. Anybody who’s listening, I hope you guys feel the same way. This is a safe space. I think that , in addition to like the, in addition to all the, you know, horrible dismemberments and the cannibalism and keeping body parts in its fridge and freezer and stuff I think the most, one of the most crazy things about it was like he drilled their heads and then put acid in their brain in order to make living zombies.

That was like his goal, because he didn’t want people to leave him. He didn’t want people to, like, he wanted people to be subservient and to be like, you know, [00:20:00] it’s, it’s so fucked up. But also it’s kind of like, Oh God, you just wanted connection. You know?

De’Vannon: I think that stemmed from his mother and his dad always leaving him. Yeah. Cause in the first like episodes we see his mom just got his little brother and screeched off because his mom and dad had a terrible, chaotic relationship. So people can get their heads fucked up just from the parents not getting along and shit like that.

Right. This experience in my, in my own household. And that’s why that was, he didn’t want to be left. He didn’t understand. Okay. They gotta go to work. They got something else to do. He wasn’t trying to hear none of that. Oh, he heard he just wanted them to stay. He wanted them to stay, You know? But I mean, why do, when we go around and we do a whole lot of hooking up, then I think it’s for the same reason, at least for me, you know, looking back when I was in and out of a different bed every night, you know, I just didn’t [00:21:00] wanna be alone when I was a drug dealer, you know?

And I would just give people narcotics or whatever. Just, I just didn’t fucking wanna be by myself. Right. So how do we fix that? Okay. 

Demi: Yeah. I have no idea. , . I think it’s, it’s maybe being comfortable being alone has, has part to do with it. Being comfortable with being, but also not like being so alone that you go crazy.

You know, reaching out to people when you need to and talking to friends, people who you trust, who are having people you trust in order to kind of alleviate some of that loneliness and, and to bring other perspectives into, into being. I wanted to bring out another serial killer that I, I found a lot of like kind of connection to Daher.

And his name was Dennis Ni. He was a guy in the UK who also a gay serial killer. He didn’t eat the body parts, but he did keep body parts around. [00:22:00] And his first kill was a young man. He met at a bar, brought him home, ended up just drinking and talking all night, having a great time sleeping together.

I don’t think they had sex, but they, they slept at the same bed, they cuddled, whatever. The next morning Dennis got up and he decided that he didn’t want this boy to leave, like they all do. And he ended up strangling him while he was in bed. It’s kind of that same motive where it was kind of like, you know, you just want someone to be around.

I and then he also keeping of the body parts has something to do with that too. Yes. There’s some sort of like trophy involved, but also kind of like more like, I have this memento of this person, you know, we still go connected to them. Yeah. So still, still still feel connected to them. Exactly. The only way Dennis Nelson got caught was just this kind of gross, but he, after a few years of like doing this and stuff and keeping body parts around the house [00:23:00] he decided to start getting rid of the stuff and he started putting it down the drain

And anyone who’s been the UK knows that plumbing in the UK sucks. And so he started putting body parts down the drain and. People in the building started finding brown water coming up and they were like drinking it and all this stuff, and they, they finally called, you know, the management, whatever. They found out that there’s like these horrible body parts going up and they all tracked it back to Dennis.

That’s how we got caught. But I felt a lot of like kind of connection between Daher and ni. Like it was very kind like these guys had like the similar mos. They still had kind, were like fucked up in the head from the very beginning. There’s still still a very troubling background too. It’s just a pretty wild, both of these people had similar backgrounds and they wound up doing the same kind of thing.


De’Vannon: was this UK for Well, I’m, I’m, to some extent I’m pleased that eating people was a touch too far for him. He [00:24:00] just could not. Was he before Daher? During or after? 

Demi: Wondering 82. 

De’Vannon: Okay. I think Daher hit the news in like in the nineties. Mm-hmm. , they were doing currently. 

Demi: Okay. So this is 10 years before Daher, but actually around the same time. Cause I think Dahmer got started in 78, so Yeah. They were around the same time. 

De’Vannon: My lord Jesus. So, so I would wanted to issue like a word of warning, like in terms of like the, the danger of hooking up.

Mm-hmm. . I just wanna like remind people that bad things do happen to people when they go behind closed doors with strangers. I get as really easy to go online and meet a fool and run off with them. I’ve done it and I think the sweet baby Jesus, that nothing bad ever happened, but I’m, I’m not arrogant to say that it, that it’s not like it could have, It’s not like I practiced discretion.

I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. [00:25:00] I didn’t verify the person’s name. I didn’t verify that it was even their home that I was in. None of those things, I just trusted a stranger. . When I know like whenever people have like bad shit happen to them on hookups, usually they don’t run around and tell it.

Cuz everybody wants to make it seem like they have a super glorious sex life. Right. And what’ll happen is when you’re on these hookup apps, like that person who you always see in that square, suddenly you just won’t see them anymore. Mm-hmm , that’s kind of how that goes. So I’m just reminding y’all be careful.

Cause in this show, some of the guys would look at a drink cuz Jeffrey would put used to put the fucking dope in the drink and they’d look at it and be like, this looks funny. And then they would just drink it anyway. 

Demi: Right. . So that also goes with just, just the naivete. People not knowing, people not thinking, you know, or just, eh, whatever, let’s have fun, you know, whatever the case may be.

Always . So I have, I have a friend who anytime that he goes somewhere, he always texts me to tell me where he is going. [00:26:00] I think it’s great. It’s wonderful to have a person that you, a little slot friend that you could just be like, Hey, I’m going to X this address , but you don’t here, but by tomorrow I’m dead.

You know, I got , I got bomber. So like, it, it’s, it’s very important to have those friends that you can talk to about this kind of stuff. And I think the whole purpose of like the stuff, what we do in our podcast and, and, and talking about this stuff openly and honestly, that this stuff does happen quite regularly to everyone and it is not doing anybody any good to just like, leave the stuff inside and to kind of like release that shame in a way to talk about it openly.

To talk about, hey, this, here’s how we can avoid this stuff. You know, what to look out for. You know, It’s the same thing with, it’s the same thing with true crime. It’s like you, you. Wanna know more about what’s happening to these people, because that helps us later on to like, kind of like be a little metos and be like, You know what, I, I don’t, I know what’s going on here.

I need to [00:27:00] leave, You know, , 

De’Vannon: oh that makes me think of an Angela Langs very, who recently died rest in peace girl. She gave us murder she wrote, and the Venturian candidate , among 

Demi: other things, A little story by Angela Lansbury. I used to watch Bed ro, bed knobs and broomsticks when I was growing up, of course.

But my grandma used to have a a bed, but in the room that I slept with that looked exactly like the bed from beds and broomstick. So every time I slept on that bed, I always felt like I was like riding through wherever with insulin landsbury, . 

De’Vannon: Well, you know what? She was a gay icon before. I realized that this such thing existed.

Lame. I love the hair. I love the hair, the twist that she did. So, so you mentioned true crime. I know, I know you’re considering this, like your true crime breakout, [00:28:00] so to speak. from this is, this is her breakout interview. So from the true crime aspect, like what would you like to say? What would you like to bring up? Like what’s true crime to you? I mean, the whole damn thing is, but like, what, what do you, what do you wanna pick apart from it?

Demi: Honestly, like I, I love true crime and I feel like the more we learn about this kind of darker aspect of humanity, the more we kind of. Bring this stuff back into light to talk about it openly, to share stories. And I, I think that has a lot to do with, like, I used to really suck at history in high school , but true crime has like kind of brought me more in line with, like, understanding history more.

And I think the more that we understand history, the more we can we plan for the future. Mm-hmm. . So I think that is really kind of like coming full circle for me in a way to kinda like understand this from like that perspective, but also like to understand how, [00:29:00] how victims work and how like the police are so fucked up and, and how humans can just not always get things right.

You know, we’re, we’re, we’re full of problems, we’re full of issues. We all make, we all make mistakes. We all make shit an shit decisions, you know, 

De’Vannon: we do. And sometimes it’s because we. Or we are full of ourselves. You know, we get blindsided by our own desires, ambitions, and stuff like that. And think a little less about the other person than probably we.

I don’t like to use the word should very often, but in this case I’ll say than we should I call for more compassion towards other people in this earth. I just wanna say that I’m super upset and mad and like bitter in my soul that I had [00:30:00] to wait till episode two for Evan Peters to take his fucking clothes off.

I’m getting spoiled by American Horror stories. Like his s is always on his like literal bare s is always on the screen, but we got a little, almost kind of slight side dick or top. Two on this one. I was just saying girling, like,

Demi: so you’d be, you’d be sending dahmer like letters in the mail, wouldn’t you? 

De’Vannon: in exchange for nudes. Fuck it. 

Demi: Think what I got most excited for was Sean Brown, who was playing Tracy Edwards, who’s the guy in the first episode who, who did the little sexy dance in order to escape from daher. I think that was brilliant.

I think that was like a fantastic dramatization of what might have happened. I’m not sure if that actually happened, but holy shit. That was like in insane. That was, that was an [00:31:00] insane escape. I’m so happy that he got out and then he finally got caught. Props to Sean Brown for playing that He is completely me worthy.

De’Vannon: they’re coming. Oh, I, I made one. Did you see it? ? Yeah. . So, so Sean, if you’re listening, you know, Demi’s address is available and you, I, he is in Los Angeles, a, you know, Demi’s in Los Angeles. So I think you should go do that dance for him. And so I love how, So episode one actually shows, like, like to me is saying, you know, this character escaping, running down the street, getting the police coming back, and Jeff Dahmers actually getting arrested.

Mm-hmm. . And so the series actually kind of, it’s like flash backy and then the trial is kind of precipitating and starting to happen throughout. And I thought that was very nicely done, right? [00:32:00] So I wanna talk about his parents. I wanna talk about his parents. I ain’t hit a judge because, you know, I done done all kind of drugs.

I never was a pill popper. I just sold it. No judgment though. So this, so y’all, when when, when Jeffrey’s mom was pregnant with him, she was on like, I can’t remember, 26, 26 pills a day. Okay. You know, then, you know, so there’s speculation that perhaps that fucked him up because, you know, they never thought about it before.

Because we hear about crack babies. I don’t mean that derogatory, but that’s the term people will recognize. Or people, you know, mother’s drinking. You know, you can’t buy a bottle of wine back of the label for whatever fucking reason in this country. We have to tell, we have to put it in print. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t have this bottle of wine bitch.

And so like, but it never occurred to me, you know, somebody getting a legal prescription from their doctors could do the same sort of [00:33:00] damage with pills. Mm-hmm. . So that was like super eye opening for me. 

Demi: And it was also the, it was like the sixties. So I mean, it was a completely different time for pharmaceuticals.

Like people were just like, Yeah, take this methadone, take this fucking shit, take whatever antipsychotic that, you know, cuz who cares? Cause we’re all just making money off of it anyways. We’re still to this day is same problem. We’re just prescribing opiates to people that don’t really need it because we’re making money doing it.

So it’s the same kind of kind of thing the pharmaceutical company is like, is or the pharmaceutical biz is fucked up. But it just goes to show that like, yes, like this stuff does in a large quantity is due serious damage to us, to our bodies and to the bodies that might be living inside of us. It’s, it’s insane, but it was a different time.

It was like the sixties, completely different time. So you [00:34:00] had a, They still thought, they still thought, they still thought smoking was healthy back then. You know, , 

De’Vannon: I somehow feel like this country hasn’t come that long of a way sometimes we seem so damn primitive with the way we treat each other and the, some of the things people say and do.

So this, you know, so we had this mom with the pills, his dad harbored desires, you know, in the, in the show with his dad confessed towards the end. You know what? I really wanted to murder people and I would imagine having done it, but I didn’t say anything. And basically the two of them helped to produce this serial killer.

And I was thinking, you know, people don’t want, you know, queer folk to have kids and everything because they’re afraid we’re gonna ruin them and turn them in and ruin the moral fabric. But you know, we just got, you know, really our rights to really have a family really not that long ago. So the world’s serial killers and murders and, you know, all of these notorious people came from heterosexual unions.

I just really wanted to point that out.[00:35:00]

Demi: right? That’s not an argument. Cause obviously like people procreate and so heterosexuals procreate. Obviously you guys are also doing your part to create people of Daher status. You know, it’s not, the argument is invalid, you know, when it comes 

De’Vannon: to that. Right? So I love all the, you know, the things like that, that this series brought out.

You mentioned several times how shitty the cops were. Mm-hmm. , Let’s get more granular with that. Now, Jeffrey was already convicted sex offender on parole. Right. I think he murdered the damn 14 year old. Mm-hmm. . But he was a brother. Yeah. Right. And so, so Niecy, Nash’s character, Linda believe it was, was complaining.

But, you know, she’s black. Mm-hmm. , it’s, you know, gay things happening. So the cops are showing up like, so this is a boyfriend, boyfriend thing, Right. We don’t wanna 

Demi: get involved. There’s 

De’Vannon: aids, you know. Yeah. We might catch it from like, walking in your [00:36:00] apartment and so and so and so. So, no, they took a very hands off approach to this.

Jeffrey was white, N’s character was black, and then the little boy was Asian. And so they, they just, they just believed the white boy. And so and then Niecy, you know, just, just kept calling and calling and calling, you know, at some point N’S character. She, she just was like, I, you know, I’m, I’m not gonna say what, what’s your favorite line that, that N’s character said?

Demi: I’ll eat it later.

when Daher comes into her apartment, which I don’t know why the fuck she would let him into her apartment. He brought a sandwich into the apartment with him and he gives it to her and he tells her Eat it. And she goes, I’m not eating that . And he goes, Eat it. And she goes, I’ll eat it later. . [00:37:00]That was just so brilliant and just like so well done.

It’s so like powerful. Just like go right back at him with that aggression. Like, Oh my God, that was so great. 

De’Vannon: You know? Yeah. She didn’t back down. She told him, I’m not afraid of you. Mm-hmm. , she had fear cuz the moment he left her apartment and closed the Doche gas and she broke down. But So Niecy nasty, Niecy nasty character.

Lives right next door to Daher and Dahmers putting shit in people’s food. To drug them. And so he had made a sandwich probably out of people in dope. I’m sure it was people Yeah, exactly. And thought she was going to eat it, and so and so. No, she wasn’t having any of that. And I thought she was, I thought she, I thought her character was like probably the strongest next to, you know, to the reverend.

I thought her character was probably the strongest, you know? Yeah. You know, like in, in internally. Yeah. Yeah. So my favorite line from her is [00:38:00] when at some point she told the cops, you know, she’s like, Y’all came, but it’s too late now. 

Demi: It’s too 

De’Vannon: late. You got 17 dead people. I called y’all how many times . She, she read those cops for absolute bills.

Yeah. But the fucked up part, the cops were only suspended from duty with pay. The two cops that were on that circuit, on that beat, you know, handling this, they were only suspended. With pay. And then they got reinstated and then they gave them rewards for like top of the fucking year. 

Demi: I know. And I, I did, I did write down one of their lines that they said when they were talking to their police chief, they sold their police Chief, You can’t fire us.

Trust me, we will be here long after you. Which is just like, it’s so threatening to say that to your boss, first of all. And so just gross, Just gross humanity. And just that, that abuse of power is so insane. And I, it’s [00:39:00] still like that police could not be held accountable, period. There’s nothing to hold them accountable.

De’Vannon: I feel like there’s. Accountability is starting to trickle up. But what, what he was, what those two cops told him was true. Whatever the shit hits the fan, it’s the police chief or somebody in a high position to go right. And they, they’re not wrong about that. And they went, ran into the police union and, you know, hid behind them.

I’m so, I had applied to become a cop with the Houston Police Department at one point before, became a drug dealer. I am, yeah. I’m so happy I became a drug dealer instead. Because there is more honor and credibility in pushing dope in all kinds of methamphetamine and narcotics. Than being a fucking police officer.

Demi: I agree. , there’s these so there’s and Canadian native people there’s a, a story that I, I’m gonna butcher this completely, but [00:40:00] there was these stories that were called like like Midnight, Midnight Drive or something like that. I’m gonna get that wrong. But anyways, these police officers would, would take up these, these Canadian native people, drive them out into like the middle of nowhere, and then have them like, take off their shoes and everything and like, have them walk back into town and they would never find the bodies and stuff.

And they were these, you know, it, it, it’s crazy. People didn’t find out that they were doing this to, to these native people for years. When they finally did, nobody was held accountable, really. Like the police chief was the one that, that kind of like left. And even the Wikipedia page was changed from someone in the police department.

They that. And it’s like no one, you can pinpoint which desk it came from. Why did you not even think to do that? You know, they just didn’t want to. There’s nothing to like keep that because it would make them look bad essentially. And that’s, [00:41:00] it sucks. It’s a reality of the situation. 

De’Vannon: But whatever it’s worth, I, I, from, from my spirituality, I believe that God is not mocked in whatever they, so they will reap as a human.

I don’t believe is for me to see this necessarily play out. I’m not j I’m not, and I’m just saying like, that’s the piece that I make with it, right? That’s my own version of that. And so I hope other people don’t become bitter, you know, looking at, you know, police to think police do, and because the bitterness isn’t going to help you.

You know, it’s very easy to watch a series like this or to turn on the news today. And it doesn’t get angry. The anger is so valid, but I just hope people don’t internalize it, you know? So I just wanna be 

Demi: proactive, you know, volunteer, you know, be, be active in, you know, [00:42:00] protesting you know, be, be vigilant and, you know, really call out these things when you see it.

It’s, it’s, it’s shocking. It’s, it’s crazy, but at the same time, it’s not all that surprising to see that, Yeah, this stuff still happens.

De’Vannon: I don’t know if I, Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should. Okay. I guess I will, since I said it that much. So, , so when, so there’s a scene in here where Jeffrey, Jeffrey has a thing for mannequins and everything like that.

Oh God. And so he goes into the store, kinda buys something, sneaks into the dressing room. And hangs out once they close. And then once the security guard leaves and they turn the lights off, he dashes out of the dressing room, Nas the mannequin, and of course is a nice chisel, male mannequin, all the ad right.

Pulled everything going on. I have to confess, I’ve, you know, notice the, [00:43:00] the, the honks of the mannequins in the window. You know, that , that’s why they make ’em that way. But I never was gonna take one home. So Jeffrey liked to get these mannequins and and. While I’m watching this, I’m having flashbacks from like Pose, which have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Pose was super great. Also a whole nother, but again, another Ryan Murphy show, , another Ryan Murphy show, and also the first fucking episode of Pose, Season one, episode one. When a lecture in the House of Abundance go into the store, the Macy’s or whatever they stay in for. Clothes hide everywhere. Come. They undressed the mannequin.

Oh yeah. Clothes. They take the clothes and leave the mannequins. But I was, I don’t know, it just reminded me of that. I was so happy to see one of those characters from Pose appear later on in the, in the series though, I think, I don’t know, maybe his name was Danny and Pose one of the dancer guys. He was the dark chocolate one.

Oh, right, right. Dos . [00:44:00]

Demi: So, I mean, Ryan Murphy does like to work with the same actors, and I, that’s, I think that’s why he’s taking a liking to Evan Peters, because Evan Peters is a great actor and he did such an amazing job with, with this role. As far as the mannequin goes, I have a confession. 

De’Vannon: No mannequin is safe.

No mannequin is safe. 

Demi: Not mannequin. No, but I was, I was the only child. I, I didn’t really have, I was, I was, you know, a little older than some of the kids on the block. So I was a little lonely at times. I kind of wished I had a brother or a friend around and I didn’t really have one. I, I did occasionally build a friend.

Out of pillows and my own clothes, and keep ’em on my 

De’Vannon: bed.

Demi: It’s a very weird thing that I did as a kid. My mom never batted an eye at this though. , It was very strange. I would give them [00:45:00] names. I would just, you know, this was just like, this is my friend that I’ve built. And so I kind of related to Daher in that, in that aspect of just like, Oh my God, this is so weird to keep this, this thing I, this, this form in my bed.

You know? I never told that to another person, by the way. So everybody knows all this weird secret about 

De’Vannon: me, . Okay. I can confess something that I did, and I don’t judge you for that, but you saying that reminds me of when I was in the Air Force and I left home when I was 17 and I could not relate with people coming from the country, coming from the Pentecostal background and, and I didn’t know how to make friends and I didn’t know.

I got, I had this, I got this orange monkey. He was like a, a bright orange, You might call him like a curious Georgie thing, but he was like neon orange. And I would take him places with me, and now I’m 17, 18, you know, I have a car. I’m not really grown, but I’m older. And I, I would strap him into the front seat and put like [00:46:00] on him and drive him around because I couldn’t find a fucking friend.

You know, there was no, there was no grinder, there was none of that. You couldn’t go online and find a friend. You had to go out and physically meet people. And I was 17. I wasn’t old enough to go to any bars or anything. I was fucked, you know? And I wasn’t in college, I was in, I was in a grown man’s world in the military.

I do not recommend going to the military at 17. So, no. Yeah, we built person. I went to toys us and bought mine. Fuck it. You know, , we all had our mixture of friends. Yeah. 

Demi: And, and you know, it’s, It’s not all that shocking, you know, it’s, it is shocking in the context of like Daher, but at the same time, it’s not all that shocking for people to just be lonely.

De’Vannon: Right. And, and he was lonely. Lone did, Jeffrey was lonely cuz his parents not only walked away from him, but they didn’t really teach him, you know they didn’t really [00:47:00] teach him. Like, I don’t feel like my parents taught me about sex, about life. You know, Jeffrey did not understand what it meant to be a homosexual.

You know, when cops would show up, he would be like, we’re doing gay things, you know porn, you know, to him it’s like something, Homosexuality is something that you do. It’s an action rather than who you are. Right? So, So, you know, the, he was he in that, in that aspect, I’ll say the poor thing was misguided.

I feel like so many of us gays are, you know, I wish someone would say, Hey, here’s how you be in this world. You know,

I wanna talk about post traumatic stress of disorder, . Okay. Like you said, gal NE’s character was, is, was, is an alga amalgamation check of of all the people in the building. So by the end of the series, y’all the [00:48:00] people in this building where this boy then chopped up and cooked and filet and sauteed.

These people just cannot. Okay? They have to go sleep downstairs in the hall because everybody’s having nightmares. And flashbacks thinking, Jeffrey’s coming for them, hearing the same sounds and shit. This is just like a veteran coming back from war. Right. Okay. People who barely escaped from him are having flashbacks.

These people’s families are getting harassed by the fucking police and shit. What? What? The PTSD as something that shocked me and I had never considered before. 

Demi: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, the victims aren’t the only victims in this. It’s the people that actually were in that building. It’s the people who had to find the bodies who, you know, the people who actually working the crime scene and stuff.

The people who were just the neighbors, you know, the people who lived in that, in that neighborhood. Those are all victims. Those are people that knew all this stuff was happening. [00:49:00] I think what the city Des decided was the right thing to do was just to knock down the building completely and erase it, which I think is the wrong thing to do.

And I think Glenda was doing the right thing by fighting for this park in this plaque to commemorate the names of the victims of people. And I think that’s a really important thing. And at the very end of the show you, you realize that it’s still not there. So I think it’s really, I think it’ll bring up an interesting commentary to this, especially just because of this year and the kind of last couple years that we’ve been having in order to really do some good in this world, is to bring light onto things that were once dark, rather than just 

De’Vannon: make them disappear.

That’s like whitewashing it in a way. Like, you know, you know, I love, I love me, some white dick and all of that, but. White people can do things like try to just make problems disappear and shit. Mm-hmm. like what we see demonstrating here, [00:50:00] because historically white people have held at the power, you know, in this country, they’ve had the power to do it.

Control the narrative, rewrite history, the where the fuck you wanna do, bad shit happen over there. We’ll call it Murder House from American Horror Story couldn’t get any worse. You know, bad shit happened. We’ll just tear it down and we’ll just act alike, you know, we’ll just move on now. But like, like, like the reverend Jesse Jesse Jackson said in there, you know, we’re not gonna let you just give us peaceful words like healing and hope, and everything’s gonna be okay, which is another way of saying, let’s just forget about it.


Demi: That’s not how you deal with, with trauma. , you know, actually processing those emotions learning to stand in it and not be affected by it. Learning how to kind of move within it rather than just forget about it. Cuz as we all know, and we just pushed into the back of our minds, they always have a nice, lovely way of coming right back up into weird, do weird things to our psyche, [00:51:00] you know?

So yeah, all those people, I’m sure I, I, I hope have gotten help through the years. But I still think that there still needs more to be done culturally, especially when it comes to like, people who are victims, who are horrible victims such as this. 

De’Vannon: And like, and, and you mentioned, I mean, all traumas like that.

I mean, you said it best. I’m just gonna say trauma goes in, is he has to come back out. It won’t just dissipate. And you mentioned earlier about, you know, you asked me like, would I be one of the ones writing letters to, to Jeff in the mail since I think he has a nice ass and d print. So in the series, y’all, this, this part grossed me out and I hope I was gross top in the nonjudgmental way because I don’t like to judge anyone for anything.

Okay. Jeff had a, had a, had, has a following. They started making Halloween costumes and shit. There was a comic, his [00:52:00] dad wrote a book. People started writing him letter, sending him money. It’s kind of Trumpy . 

Demi: Oh. He was trying to profit off of what happened and like, being the father of the killer, you know, I think that’s so messed up.

And I think it was right for the victims, for the families of the victims to pursue that in court. And did, did they win? I, I believe they did Eventually. They, they want, they lost the first time, but they did. And yeah, that money should go to the victims. It should not go to the fucking dude. Like dad.

That’s insane. Like, my god, 

De’Vannon: not only, no, but hell nah. I couldn’t believe he had the balls to do that. Like, I could have seen if he wrote it for cathartic healing reasons, maybe shared it with the family or whoever 

Demi: requested Yeah. Set up for like non-profit or something. Like just, Yeah, like, just don’t, That’s it’s so selfish and it’s very Trumpy for sure.

De’Vannon: Yeah. They’re in their [00:53:00] toasting margaritas, you know, and shit over the, over the book deal , you know, everything like that with no concern for people. So then Jeff had copycats people, Sorry, do mimic him and everything like that. And it. Makes me very concerned for the, for the mental state of the world.

Because as old as this crime is, it’s not like mental health. I don’t feel like it’s improved. Right. Treatment has gotten better, but people are still like, not all there . Right. Not as good as they could be. 

Demi: Completely. Do we have any final 

De’Vannon: thoughts? I do. I have, I, the, the last two things that I would like to bring up was the way the whole unforgiveness, bitterness thing that, that went from DC Nas character.

Mm-hmm. , the guy who murdered him in jail, who felt like he was a right to hand of God and everything like that. And then Jeffrey’s baptism and [00:54:00] repentance before that. Right. Do you think the repentance is real? For, for me. Like I was saying earlier, I, I don’t want people to get into this space of thinking like we have space to judge anyone.

I don’t care how terrible it is. Right? It’s like if somebody’s like a monk, you know, in certain religions they feel like all life is sacred. So they would never, like say, step on a roach, Okay, we’ll step on a roach, kill a spider in a fucking heartbeat. Cuz we view it as a threat or just gross or whatever.

But if somebody goes to murder an elephant for their ivory, you know, then we’re like, Oh no. How could you, I’m not justifying the murder of the elephants, but I’m saying like, if we get judgey, that monk could judge you for stepping on the roach. So I want people to be careful how they tread, because these people in jail, especially the guy that killed him, just couldn’t, He was so offended by what he had done.

He was like, I did bad shit, but it wasn’t as bad as yours, so I’m running to kill you now. Mm-hmm.[00:55:00]

Demi: obviously that guy had some mental problems and he became obsessed with this thing and, and obviously he had a very. Active vendetta against Dahmer for whatever reason. For many reasons I’m sure. But I think when it comes to forgiveness, I think it’s important to forgive if not only for the sake of others, but for the sake of ourselves.

When I mean, you don’t have to forgive a person, you don’t have to forget either. But I think in order for us to kinda like move on from like trauma like this, it is kind of important to be like, just forgive the situation. You know, just to kind of like allow some release of some way. You don’t have to forgive the person, but just forgive the situation for what happened.

And I think that’s one way to do it. Perhaps the best way, I don’t know, whatever works for you, like, whatever, it’s [00:56:00] through religion, finding forgiveness through that, which I’m not sure if that was fully , I’m sure if that was fully authentic of, of Doward to kind of go through that. At the end, maybe he finally felt bad for the situation cuz I mean he was very aware, he was very self-aware of what was going on.

He was just like, I, I just don’t know how to control this. And, but maybe that was a way for him to kind of like, move through it. But at the same time, he also had some narcissistic tendencies at the very, when he started getting fan mail and stuff, he started getting a big head, you know, . Cause I, I really don’t know where to place that, but I think in, for forgiveness to really happen, some sort of like forgiveness within needs to happen first.

De’Vannon: True. I feel like if he meant his repentance that he, he had the priest commander baptize him and everything, I think just like Jesus did on the cross, and I think Jesus had a murder and a thief up there with him. Yeah. You know, Jesus said that He’ll forgive you for anything with the exception of Blast Fing the [00:57:00] Holy Ghost, which is like a, something that I don’t think most of us even know how to do, to be quite honest.

But and a lot of people might not care 

Demi: to die. How do we do that? ? Can you tell us step by step

De’Vannon: They create Little Holy Ghosts and Blast femurs. researched it. I’ve been there, researched it because I was like, How do you even, I think it has something to do with a very deep and like, kind of like rejection of, of, of God on like, like a, on like a super, super, super, super, super deep. Level that it’s, it’s very hard to explain and I, and I don’t really, I I can’t explain it to you cuz even though I’ve read it, I’m like, okay, I’m reading this and I was trying to read this, trying to understand that the original culture of the Middle East where this came from, and I’m all like, I don’t know, this is like a deep, deep, deep level of [00:58:00] disrespect.

And if, if you, if you’re this, this adverse towards, towards the Holy Ghost, you would probably know. And this is beyond like, well I’m undecided on God or I don’t know if I’m gonna believe in him. This is like this is like a Rast rant thing and I cannot explain it because I don’t know how to blast feed the Holy Ghost.

And after reading it, I just know, okay, I ain’t done that and I never will because that’s like really far out. Right? You do. So, so so I would just say people watch the show. I don’t know if this may be cathartic for people who, whose family members have been murdered on any level to watch other people go through it.

I think that there’s some healing to be found in it. So watch it the seat and see what you can get out of it. 

Demi: I would say or not, if you’re not comfortable with that kind of stuff, don’t, because it’s, it’s not, it’s not for everyone [00:59:00] and I think it might, obviously it brought up a lot of conversation, especially online about victims and all that stuff.

If you’re not comfortable in that, it might not be good for you to watch. On the other hand, those who aren’t probably not that sensitive to it or perhaps have done some sort of, you know, work in, in this, in that kind of realm to be sure you’re able to like handle the kind of things, which I thought I was very.

Open to this type of stuff. I was like, really gung ho The moment I was like, Yeah, let’s watch Daher. Everyone’s talking about it, let’s do it. That first episode had me like, Oh my God, I can’t, I gotta wait. I gotta wait a day. , you know, I gotta watch a comedy after this. I gotta watch it stand up or something.

Cause I, I don’t think it’s for everyone, but I think it’s for a specific type of person. I think it, there is some sort of healing in it as well. But also it’s a lot of like more learning from, in my opinion. [01:00:00]

De’Vannon: Well, if anyone needs a friend or to talk to us about anything that you may come across. We’re not mental health professionals, but we do.

We are life professionals and we have lived through some experiences. My website is Sex Drugs in jesus.com, and that’s where you can reach me. All my information is there, 

video1836075140: baby. 

Demi: And mine’s dimitri wild.com. But before we let you go, shall we do a little round of red flags? 

De’Vannon: Yes. 

Demi: All right. All right. Number one red flag.

They keep an mysterious oil drum in their bedroom.

De’Vannon: Yeah. Okay. Yeah, he did, he did have a, a red or an oil drum in his bedroom, , and we know enough to know, well, there are the body’s in there, but , you know, then they didn’t have so much television and, you know, the sharing of knowledge. But yeah, there was [01:01:00] that 

Demi: red flag for sure. Their apartments smelled like dead animals.

De’Vannon: That was a red flag, which Jeffrey always explained the way is rotten meat in the refrigerator. , 

Demi: they have a fish 

De’Vannon: tank,

but most people haven’t smelled a dead decaying corpse. So most people have a frame of reference. But this is not just like, You, you just ran or just had one of those days where you’re feeling not so fresh this year?

Demi: Wait, you’re still talking about the dead animals? . 

De’Vannon: This is beyond that. So yeah, beyond that it was Thank a Dan. 

Demi: Dan. Exactly. They have a fish tank.

De’Vannon: Well, I suppose I don’t see so much fishes around anymore. I don’t with a fish tank anymore, but I don’t think that that would be a red flag unless all the fish are dead. Which I [01:02:00]think a couple of his were, Yeah, 

Demi: beta. The beta fish that fight.

How about if they live with their grandmother? Red flag? 

De’Vannon: Depends on the nature of it. You know, if he owns the house. And he’s, and he’s Sha letting Granny Shack with him then? No. But at that age, and it doesn’t have to be, If somebody’s going through hard times, I would not judge them for that. But when Granny’s coming down, throwing shade and reading Jeffrey for a filth and like clearly, okay, run bitch granny don’t like, can, cannot deal with her own grandchild.

Why should you And Granny called too. Granny was strong too. Was strong, you know, She was like, Hell no, I’m not leaving, bitch, this is my house.

Demi: Last one, they order liver and onions at [01:03:00] dinner.

De’Vannon: Growing up in the south we had liver and onions all the time, but it was cow liver. That tip my knowledge, not people

Demi: I don’t think I’d, I don’t think I’d like anyone who ordered liver at dinner. Like it would be like weird. It’s just gross. 

De’Vannon: Well, out there in California, y’all don’t have southern cuisines, so you don’t have like grit, You don’t have that. Yeah. Greens and, you know, and shit like that. Maybe if you go down to Roscoe’s Chicken and waffles, you might find something close to that.

But other than that, you know, something, half the shit we eat down here, you’d probably be like a red flag. Oh Lord, a pig. Lift a pig, lift a pigs foot. Oh hell no. I’m not about to get cut up in this motherfucker. I’m out. . 

Demi: Yeah, I mean I’m, I definitely grew up in Southern California, so I grew up on like, you know, chicken in pork, but like, that’s about as far weird as I got, you know, [01:04:00] liver, not so much.

De’Vannon: But they say it’s super good for you. It tasted lean. I can’t, I don’t know that anybody ever became morbidly obese off of eating liver out of all the things that we ate that probably came around in the, like a lower 10%. It’s not like I saw it a whole hell of a lot. And I haven’t seen it in years, you know, now.

But after this show here, maybe people will stop using, eating it all together. Right. 

Demi: Well that’s all the red flags I have. , I guess. Thanks for everyone for tuning in. This has really been really fun. Thanks to Van for doing this with me, This little collab that we got going on. 

De’Vannon: Thank you. Go for agreeing to come on and for and, and for pushing me to, you know, to get it.

I was trying to like, You know, I was like, I can be such a procrastinator, but you know, when Dimi makes up her mind, y is going get done. And I Absolut love [01:05:00] it. She was like, Yes, let’s do this shit now. And I was like, Oh, 

Demi: like what are you doing November? I’m like this is Halloween, girl. This is Halloween.

Well again, thank you for doing this with us. Thanks for listening everyone, and we’ll see you next time. Bye bye. I.

De’Vannon: Thank you all so much for taking time to listen to the Sex Drugs and Jesus podcast. It really means everything to me. Look, if you love the show, you can find more information and resources at SexDrugsAndJesus.com or wherever you listen to your podcast. Feel free to reach out to me directly at DeVannon@SexDrugsAndJesus.com and on Twitter and Facebook as well.

My name is De’Vannon, and it’s been wonderful being your host today. And just remember that everything is gonna be right.


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