Episode #18: A Study Of The End Times With Branch Isole


I am speaking again today with Branch Isole. This is a man I resonate extremely well with. He used to be a drug dealer like me, he’s been to jail like I have, like me he was homeless and like me he understands redemption and the value of second chances. Branch is a poet, a storyteller and the author of 22 books! Today we focus on Eschatology which is the study of the end of the world. My favorite part of this is the Q&A section where we address questions from people we surveyed with regard to the end times. I hope you get a lot out of this episode.

INCLUDED IN THIS EPISODE (But not limited to):

·        Detailed, Researched And Unique Perspective Regarding The End Times

·        Eschatology Defined

·        Antichrist Defined

·        The Signs Of The End

·        A Detailed Look At The Book Of Revelation

·        How To Analyze Biblical Prophecy

·        The Dangers Of Being Unwilling To Change

·        Info About The World Economic Forum

·        How To Be Prepared For The End

·        The Rapture & The Second Coming Of Christ

·        Q&A From The Audience!!!



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[00:00:00] You’re listening to the sex drugs and Jesus podcast, where we discuss whatever the fuck we want to. And yes, we can put sex and drugs and Jesus all in the same bed and still be all right. At the end of the day, my name is De’Vannon and I’ll be interviewing guests from every corner of this world. As we dig into topics that are too risky for the morning show, as we strive to help you understand what’s really going on in your.

[00:00:24] There was nothing on the table and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s dive right into this episode.

[00:00:31] De’Vannon: I am speaking again today with Branch Isole. This is a man. I resonate extremely well with, he used to be a drug dealer. Like me has been the jail. Like I have like me was homeless and like me, he understands redemption and the value of second chances. For instance, a poet, he’s a storyteller and the author of 22 books.

[00:00:54] And the day we’re going to be focusing on eschatology, which is the study of the end of the world. Now my [00:01:00] favorite part of this is the Q and a section where we address questions from people we surveyed with regard to the end times. I hope you all get a lot out of this episode.

[00:01:12] Brian. So lovely to have you back on the show today, Mr. and how are you feeling over there in your part of the world?

[00:01:23] Branch: Well, good morning, my brother feeling great. Nice and sunny. And I’m ready to go.

[00:01:31] De’Vannon: I know that hallelujah on Tuesday morning. So, um, you know, you could just give us like a quick rundown of your history, because we talked about that in the first show, but you know, just, you know, we know that you have written over 22 books, you have an incredible website and amazing blog, and we are here to discuss specifically eschatology today.

[00:01:58] After your introduction, [00:02:00] I’m gonna let you define exactly what eschatology is and then we’ll go from there.

[00:02:07] Branch: Okay.

[00:02:09] De’Vannon: I mean, I kind of introduced you basically, but sometimes, you know, you might have something you might want to say. It could be something special. I don’t know.

[00:02:19] Branch: No, I, I don’t have anything special. I’m I’m like you and like so many other people out there, you know, walking the path, trying to deal with life struggles and stress and conflicts and trying to find where my place in the world is. How I can be a better person through the people who come into my life.

[00:02:42] And, um, the only thing I continue to say is, uh, get spiritually grounded and, you know, feed your spiritual strength that’s within you. And you’ll be prepared to take on the world every day. So other [00:03:00] than that, we can go ahead and get started on the heavy stuff. My

[00:03:03] De’Vannon: brother, absolutely. And so I love your humility.

[00:03:07] And so eschatology is a word that people who don’t study it, I don’t have a deep interest in the end times, haven’t even heard of, um, you know, during this interview, we’re going to talk about some questions that, um, people from the audience wanted to know about. And, um, you know, most people had not heard of, you know, the term eschatology.

[00:03:34] So what does that term mean?

[00:03:38] Branch: Sure. That’s, that’s sort of the academic term, um, in biblical studies that refers to the end times or the last days, um, the days that immediately proceed. The second coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of [00:04:00] his millennial kingdom here on earth or in the new earth and the new heaven.

[00:04:06] So the eschatology is just the study of the times, uh, proceeding, uh, that end time second coming of Christ.

[00:04:20] De’Vannon: It’s as simple as that. And, um, and so on your website, you have a six part, which is about to be a seven part blog that goes over in detail. A lot of what eschatology and eschatology primarily covers the book of revelation.

[00:04:39] Now in the book of Daniel, I believe it’s the angel Gabriel that talks to him a lot about things that are to come. And there are, there, there is some parallel there, but for the most part, when we think of eschatology, we do think of the book of revelation. And, um, and so now when people hear the book of revelation, [00:05:00] you know, there’s a lot of fear and trepidation of people cringe.

[00:05:03] Uh, you know, I’m not, I wouldn’t go so far and say they fall out on the floor and throw a fit, but, you know, they might feel like that on the inside. And I think a lot of that has to do. More with not being able to comprehend and understand revelation. I revelation is my favorite book out of the whole Bible, but you know, most people are not going to run around saying something like that.

[00:05:25] Um, it’s a lot of, lot of things going on in revelation. And so that’s why we thought it was important to take a little bit of time, to try to help, help help people understand it a little bit better. Now you give an example in your blog and you, and you say this yourself, you were, you were talking about how the writings they’ve been transmitted and muted and recorded, you know, over 2000 years ago, you know, lots of change.

[00:05:54] So it would be confusing. You say to maybe even make confused in the people who were trying to understand what [00:06:00] John, the Revelator John wrote, the book of revelation, you know, was trying to say. And so you give an example in revelation six and 13, which is taught. John is describing a star, is falling from the sky.

[00:06:13] And so then you use that as an example, to kind of explain how the book can be understood because you pay it. So can you explain to us the branch, what stars falling from the sky might be heard as, and what it actually is?

[00:06:28] Branch: Sure. Um, to, to help clarify your point, we have to understand that the, any of the books that deal with prophecy were written.

[00:06:42] Basically 2000 years or prior to our time. So what those writers were familiar with in their daily lives virtually has nothing to do with our life today. I mean, [00:07:00] technology in life has changed, you know, in virtually every way in the last 2000 years. So for them to put down in writing a vision or a thought or a word from God, they had to use their own conceptual language at that.

[00:07:22] That was part of their day. They didn’t know anything about satellites or, you know, the technology that we have today. So anytime we read prophecy, it’s can always be difficult to know exactly or even close to what the symbols that they’ve used mean to us today. Uh, so that’s a little bit of the background, the passage that you’re referring to when it says, um, the prophecy is that stars will fall from the sky.

[00:07:58] Well, [00:08:00] you know, we, we know what a shooting star is or what we call a shooting star. Um, but for multiple stars to fall from the sky, Would necessitate, you know, multiple objects in the heavens falling to earth at the same or close to the same time. So how, how can John say that stars will fall from the sky and will be visible to those on earth?

[00:08:31] When for us to see a shooting star or a falling star, we know that it always burns out as it comes into the atmosphere. What John had no idea of even comprehending was that we currently have. And depending on what study you look at between three and 10,000 objects in space, manmade objects, being satellites, um, communication devices, you know, [00:09:00] all of the things that have been put up into orbit in order to have to be able to have us to have the kind of access to communications worldwide and, you know, television and internet and all the things that we have that are fed through and off of satellites, orbiting the earth.

[00:09:21] So for John to say, uh, stars would fall from the sky for that to be a, a reality in our time. In the last days, it would be difficult for us to understand until we realized. If something happened, cosmically and any number of the satellites that are in orbit, you know, fell from orbit, for whatever reason, either crashing into something else or being thrown off of their orbit, crashing into others.

[00:09:57] Uh, just the number of these satellites are [00:10:00] orbiting manmade objects that are up there. Uh, all of them falling or a great number of them say 3000 or 30% of those in order if they were to fall to earth, um, it would look like falling stars or stars falling from the sky. So when we look at prophecies, um, we have to try and make that leap between what the author is describing as, you know, a prophetic vision of the end times and how that might actually take place today, so that we understand exactly what he’s trying to describe.

[00:10:44] And yet we can find how that evidence would in fact, actually be part of our own existence and our experience as someone living in the end times. So it can be confusing when we read [00:11:00] prophecy because they are talking about and using symbol. You know, that applied to them and their lives 2000 years ago.

[00:11:10] Um, so as we’re looking at prophecies, we have to keep that in mind, we’ve got to make the transition between what they’re trying to explain to us and what we have today that could fulfill that prophecy.

[00:11:28] I hope that

[00:11:29] De’Vannon: helps. Yeah. I mean, let me, so I could see that, cause you’re talking about satellites in orbit, basically, basically the whole world going to shit and all of that falling and falling out of a falling out of orbit and anything that comes through the orbit is going to catch on fire and look like, you know, a falling star.

[00:11:53] Exactly, exactly. And, um, okay. So [00:12:00] in bringing it in talking about the main that, that that’s, that’s, that’s perfectly logical. It makes sense in it. And it touches on a whole big theme of reading the Bible at all, which is understanding what was happening back then, and then also paying attention to what’s going on now and understanding how the two clash and how the two can transfer and understanding that it’s not going to be a direct.

[00:12:31] Transfer from over 2000 years ago to today. And this is the, this is the problem that I have with, I don’t know if you would call them fundamentalists. People who try to, to, to say that everything in the Bible as it was then must be the case now is it’s just like people in politics. Um, you know, who believe that laws that were written back in 1916 or whatever should apply to today.

[00:12:58] Like, [00:13:00] you know, it’s just let go. You have to let go of all of that. Like you can’t, you’re trying to fit things in a time and a place where it just doesn’t, it just doesn’t work, you know? And so, but you know, we can’t fix, you know, people who are hardheaded like that. I’m talking to you judging me, me Barrett, particularly.

[00:13:20] And, and, um, and, um, but, but you know, this message here that branch and I are preaching today on this Tuesday morning, or for people who are open-minded to learning more, who were willing to take a second look at things and you know, who, who understand that there’s a more to things than what meets the eye in in.

[00:13:45] Um, and so you talk about, like, in terms of today, you say, uh, Isaiah five and 20 sums up the state of the world and Isaiah five and 20 says what went to those who [00:14:00] call it good. Well evil, good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness. They put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

[00:14:11] And, um, you see, speak about in this and that’s in the, um, three that’s in like the third part three. You talk about world government. Um, how we, how we seen some of this sort of thing, play out with Trump and the way people can use words to convince people over time, uh, things, um, I’d like you to talk about what you saw.

[00:14:38] Like, what would you see what you’re seeing in the world now, in terms of the way people are acting and treating each other, what you saw during, uh, the previous administration. And then we’re going to tie that into the antichrist after that.

[00:14:56] Branch: Well, I want [00:15:00] to go back one step, you know, you were just talking and I could go about people who are sort of stuck in their mindset and using we’re using religion, or, you know, um, Orthodox dogmatics to support their thoughts and feelings, which translate into their actions, you know, Only comes through and from change and people who refuse to change or refuse to grow, refuse to take the blinders off and, you know, see the application of life in the world around them.

[00:15:48] Um, they’re stuck with that tunnel vision. And th the problem with tunnel vision is it’s focus is so laser fine, that [00:16:00] it disallows one from seeing anything other than those specifics and people who use religion as their fundamental core principle for all of their behavior. Um, there’s nothing wrong with that, except, and until that tunnel vision, you know, reveals the hypocrisy of the things that they say and the way that they live.

[00:16:33] And we see this, doesn’t have to be, you know, hardcore, right. Christians it’s it’s, um, Any fundamentalist group in any religion, take the fundamentalist, Islamic fundamentalist, Jews, fundamentalist, Buddhist Christians. It doesn’t matter when people are using their religious fundamentalism to dictate their lives.[00:17:00]

[00:17:00] It limits their ability to look beyond that. And they use that, um, fundamentalism in a self-righteous way in order to bolster their own beliefs and their own buy-in to that system at the expense of being an active part of the rest of the world, beyond that, that specific community. Again, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but what they end up doing in too many instances is isolating themselves.

[00:17:41] And then using that religious fundamentalism as the core and the crutch for that isolation. And if you know anybody that’s familiar with our world today, outside of those kinds of groups, realizes that [00:18:00] we live in a very small inner connected world. And when you’re in isolation that way, no matter what.

[00:18:08] Premise you used to stay in that idle isolation. Um, it ends up, you know, defeating you in the end. You can’t, no, man is an island. John Dom said, and you cannot, you know, live in an inner connected world in isolation. So using, using religious fundamentalism is to me, just sort of an excuse for just allowing yourself to become involved in your community in your state, your region, your world, uh, to go on to your question

[00:18:51] that, well, it plays off of that, that, you know, self-righteous hypocrisy. I mean, [00:19:00] um, we’ve seen and continue to see, you know, people in our lives and in our country say things and do things that we know are illegal, immoral, and unjust. And it’s, it’s a shame to see. And this is one of the indications of the end times or the last days, uh, as you quoted from Isaiah five, uh, you know, hate grows, uh, wickedness grows, evil grows.

[00:19:37] Um, good is called evil and evil is called good. And we’ve just been through five or six years of that, you know, premise being played out every day. And yet nobody seems to be bothered by it. And very few people are making a stand against it. [00:20:00] So, you know, w the one thing that the end times and the last days gives each of us as individuals, is the opportunity to recognize and stand for truth.

[00:20:18] And it doesn’t mean that, you know, we’re actually going to be able to change anything in our world, but we can change the things in our individual world. I can change the things in my world by standing with and for the truth in my life. Um, you know, we’re, we’re in the midst of this Afghan extraction issue right now, and, um, a tenuous and dangerous situation for all those involved.

[00:20:53] But the truth of the matter is we can only do what we can do. So I don’t want to get off into [00:21:00] that realm. Let’s get to eschatology.

[00:21:04] De’Vannon: Hey, it all started. It all started in the, uh, you know, in the middle east and you know, and that whole area, and that’s where it all

[00:21:14] Branch: started

[00:21:15] De’Vannon: there. You know, although Americans seem to think the way they carry themselves, like Christian, like the Bible is there, is there some shit I get really other than ours.

[00:21:26] So, um, so when Trump was president, there was a lot of chatter, at least amongst the people I talked to on social media, you know, noticing how they were like, okay, so is this the antichrist? Or like what, you know, and, and I was on there going like, no, I think I might consider him like a precursor, but the antichrist will be much worse than this.

[00:21:54] And so now in your blog, you call it, you know, world government. You talk about the 1930s. [00:22:00] When Jay, I think of that goggles, I believe it’s how you would say your gerbils or third reach manufactured a big lie. He was the propaganda minister of the third reach. Um, and you were saying, he said that if one repeats a lot, often enough, the populous will come to believe it as being true.

[00:22:22] Now, Trump has this thing about if he says something over and over again, I don’t think he learned from his dad, you know, that it, that it, that it kind of. True. Now anybody with sense can look at the stuff that Trump said and see that it was a lie half of it didn’t come true, but he had some, some sort of way about him that still he was able to do, like say it in, in the Bible and, you know, take his tail wind, draw a third of, you know, a third of the angels with him.

[00:22:54] You know, it’s like when the angels were deceived back in the day, nobody was sitting there thinking those [00:23:00] ones who were deceived, weren’t going, like, maybe we shouldn’t listen to Lucifer. You know, something that’s something that they were, that he did said, or did somehow was able to convince him, convince those angels, that follow him to try to overthrow God, even though there’s no way that that could possibly work, but in their heads, maybe he told those angel something enough until we finally broke into their cell.

[00:23:25] Now the antichrist jumping, I have shit on the antichrist and the antichrist is going to be somebody who is way more powerful and way more attractive and way more persuasive, you know? No. Then trunk can be, and you mentioned world government, um, within there was in so-so talk about that. Let me be quiet.

[00:23:44] Tell us about this world government and like your, your views of the antichrist and what exactly is the antichrist. So that’s a big question that people have.

[00:23:54] Branch: Okay, well then there’s two answers to that. [00:24:00] And there’s several places in the Bible that explained the antichrist is basically anyone who’s against Christ.

[00:24:10] But what they’re talking about is the anti-Christ is a, um, a sense of being within oneself that they, they described the world has had many antichrist and it’s, it’s this, you know, well, it’s like Trump, it’s, it’s someone who is so evil and immoral at their core that their behavior is that that’s against God’s nature.

[00:24:46] God’s character, God’s nature, and God’s character can be summed up, um, as, uh, God’s morals and God’s ethics that [00:25:00] are played out or exhibited by truth and love. So anything that goes against God is considered the antichrist. Now more specifically for what we’re talking about, the best way to look at it as this, the.

[00:25:21] Tribulation years is a seven year period divided into two, three and a half year segments. Okay. The first half or the first three and a half years are going to be both good and bad, depending on who you are and where you are. There’s going to be peace and security. Uh, Israel is going to be very prosperous and very successful.

[00:25:55] Um, there’s going to be lots of progress [00:26:00] made in those three and a half years worldwide. Now there’s also going to be some, uh, climate change struggles and cosmic events in that same three and a half years, you don’t stock them all be roses and lollipops, but it’s like life day, you know, every day you face good and bad and ugly things and you win some, you lose some and some get rained out.

[00:26:26] So you just never know what the day is going to bring. It’s going to be the same thing in the first three and a half years. And in that three and a half years, we will be coming out of what’s known as the zPo war. And this is where Israel is going to defeat their enemies in a conflict. Uh, in the mountains of Israel and the result of that is going to be a peace treaty.

[00:26:57] That’s brokered by [00:27:00] a politician who comes to the stage and the forefront of the world is going to be someone. I don’t want to say like Trump, but it’s going to be somebody who has that same kind of magnetism for lots of people. And he, his part is going to be as a real mover and shaker as a broker of this peace treaty between Israel and her former enemies.

[00:27:27] And out of that three and a half years are going to come many of the end time prophecies being fulfilled. Okay. Now at the mid tribulation point, when the first three and a half years ends and the second three and a half years begin, it’s going to be a change like night and day. And that person who has been this prominent politician and treaty broker and leader, who’s gained worldwide acclaim.

[00:27:59] [00:28:00] As you know, the world’s from foremost and newest leader, he is going to be imbued with the spirit of Satan and he will become the antichrist at the mid tribulation point. So the antichrist is both a exposition of one’s behavior through their moral or amoral and ethnic or ethic and unethical behavior.

[00:28:39] Uh, but the antichrist as a person will be this prominent politician and worldwide, uh, peace broker who is overcome with an in is embodied by the spirit of Satan. And he becomes the anti-Christ [00:29:00] and he then has a war. He’s the one who takes over the world’s government in the world’s economy.

[00:29:09] See how, see how confusing prophecy can be. Um, you know, you take a real simple act or a simple concept. And the thing about the Bible and especially biblical prophecy is. Um, there’s many, many layers to every event and to every personality and to every person who’s important, you know, in the end times there’s many layers to what is happening and who they are and the relationships.

[00:29:45] So that’s why, that’s why so many people are confused by, or stay away from the book of revelation, because it can be confusing. It’s, it’s not an easy book to read and you have to read between the [00:30:00] lines and you have to be able to go back and forth between the book of revelation and other books that also deal with prophecy like Isaiah and Daniel and Amos.

[00:30:12] Um, you know, there’s, there’s prophecy throughout the entire Bible, and yet it’s never, you know, black and white 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, it’s it can be confusing. And that’s why, when we look at prophecy, like when you say antichrist, antichrist has several different levels of understanding and different things that pertain to, um, that presence of the antichrist, you know, feeling or concept and the actual antichrist as an individual man,

[00:30:56] De’Vannon: I think, yeah, I appreciate everything you’re saying.

[00:30:59] And there are [00:31:00] brands that I think that through people like Trump, that the Lord is a warning. As in getting us ready for what is for what is the com you know, a test run, if you will. And, um, in,

[00:31:21] Branch: let me interrupt, let me interrupt Yvonne. It’s going to be, we see how difficult it is for one man. I E Trump to garner support for, let’s say 35% of the people.

[00:31:37] He seems to have a 35% approval and following, or a net kind of percentage and has for all of these years that he’s been, you know, in politics. Um, so it takes time and it takes energy and effort for him to garner 35% [00:32:00] followers of the population. So imagine what it’s going to have to take for somebody to gain a following of the entire world.

[00:32:10] This is the thing about profits. Um, a lot of people think, you know, that any prophetic event let’s say the rapture or Armageddon or rise of the anti-Christ, those things are not going to just magically happen out of nothing. It’s not like today we’re here and tomorrow the antichrist is going to step on to the world stage and become the antichrist.

[00:32:37] All of these things take time and take incremental small steps to happen. Uh, they all have to have precursors to allow that next step to actually take place and for people to respond to it either positively or [00:33:00] negatively, but as just part of the systematic, um, development. So just like, um, Trump, you know, over this past six years has been able to have a base of support in that 30% range.

[00:33:16] He’s not been able to get a hundred percent, but he has a solid 30%, but let’s remember six years ago, that was probably, you know, in the single digits or less percentage when he actually announced his candidacy for president. So as he implemented, you know, his administration and his policy, He gained support from, let’s say 8% of the people at announcement in 2015 to now 35%, six years later of hardcore supporters.

[00:33:52] So whether it’s good or evil, it takes time for those things [00:34:00] to come into, come into view and to actually happen. Um, and this is why prophecy is so important because it gives us a look into the future in order that we can be aware of the things that are happening today in our own life, which will tie into that prophetic event, actually taking place.

[00:34:27] Um, again, it’s layer upon layer upon layer, which you just don’t automatically step on the stage and say, okay, I’m going to be the dictator of the world. And we’re going to have a one world religion and a one world economy. Um, you know, who’s going to listen to me when I say that, but if, if incrementally the things that need to take place for that time to happen in the future, Canaan take place [00:35:00] incrementally.

[00:35:00] Now, then all of a sudden when the time comes, that person will take to the stage and say, I’m the God of the world. I’m the world’s dictator, you know, and I will be in control of the military. I will be control of the economy. I will be in control of the government. Um, and he’ll be able to do it now. Will there be resistance?

[00:35:26] Of course, but if you resist in those days, the consequences death, it’s that simple. You will either join with the antichrist and his forces or you will, will be hunted down and killed.

[00:35:48] De’Vannon: Well, that doesn’t sound too palatable, but, um, but um, I’m going

[00:35:55] Branch: to be going to make some hard choices. Times are going to be where you really have [00:36:00] to make some, some choices, literally life and death of how you’re going to respond to things. Um, and that’s why it’s so hard for people to believe. You know, you say things like that or, or people read things like that and they say no way, there’s no way that could happen.

[00:36:16] You know, it just won’t happen. Well, you know, lots of people didn’t think Trump would be elected either. Um, Things happen, whether we buy into them or not, whether we want to believe them or not. But one thing I can say about prophecy is it comes from God. It comes through Jesus Christ. So if you believe that what God says is true, you believe what Jesus says is true.

[00:36:47] Then we need to take heed and notice of what they are telling us will happen in the future by allowing us to see prophetic events. Um, and that’s what, you know, the [00:37:00] study of prophecy is all about. And that’s what our time today is about, is trying to help people realize that things that are, have been foretold that will take place in the future already have their baby steps taking place today.

[00:37:17] And if we’re aware of what those baby steps are, then we can be prepared for the bigger steps that are going to come down the line, um, and be part of the future. So that we’ll know how to respond in those days. And we won’t be caught off guard. Prophecy serves as both a warning and an opportunity to be prepared for the future.

[00:37:43] De’Vannon: Right. And so contrary to like what. We were told growing up by the old people who are now dead and gone, who would always tell us the, in come any moment, Jesus, soon to come, you know, so on and so forth. And they had [00:38:00] us looking out the window, you know, at the sky, thinking that he was on a crack through there and snatch us back up, um, there’s actually a lot more that needs to happen.

[00:38:10] And, um, you know, when people back who wrote the Bible were saying, you know, things are assumed to come, you know, you know, they had a different understanding. I think a lot of them were expecting Jesus to return quicker. And then, you know, God’s timing is different from ours, you know, it’s, you know, they say a day with him with like a thousand years, you know?

[00:38:30] So, so Jesus is, may see him is quick because, you know, he holds time in his hands, but, you know, so if it takes him 5,000 years of return, that’s just like five days to him. So that’s not like, you know, from, you know, from his perspective, you know, that’s not really a lot of time, but of course time is something that is really a human thing.

[00:38:51] It has nothing to do with God at all. And so, um, so I want you to say that so that people can stop, [00:39:00] you know, running around worrying that you know, that he’s gonna pop through this through the clouds, you know, at any given moment, because you know, there’s so much more that has to happen. You know, like, like you just said, the stage is set.

[00:39:14] This is God warning us and preparing us, you know, as they say in revelation, he who, or who he, who has an ear to hear, let him hear, you know, this message is not going to be received by everybody, but it will be received by those for whom it is meant to be received. And it’s our job to put it out there.

[00:39:31] And, um, and so people may not believe in prophecies, but pay attention to the little things that, that, that, that happened to you and that your friends say, you know, you have that dream one time and the years later it came true. Um, you know, you met somebody you’ve never known before, who you never met before, and they already knew your name and perhaps a few things about you, you know, that’s, God’s speaking to you, that’s God letting you know that he’s in control of [00:40:00] everything.

[00:40:00] And that he’s aware of what’s happening. That prophecy is, is real. Now we’re not talking about crazy fanatical tale, evangelists, putting on, you know, putting on a show and acting a fool and stuff like that. We’re talking about sincere words that are trying to help you to inform you and to expand, you know, your knowledge base in.

[00:40:26] And to spur you into doing your own research, you know, branch and I agree individual independent research is the key to anybody’s spiritual walk. You got to get into it and dig into it for yourself. And, um, in the book of revelation is a big one. You know, you’re going to start small with anything. And as you grow in God, you know, you get more into it.

[00:40:51] Branches a blog is a great place to start, you know, and you know, the different books that he’s written to just, you know, start with baby steps, but it’s [00:41:00] important for us to make God a priority. Um, you know, P you know, the revelation, you know, some of the questions that we’re about to get into people wonder about heaven and hell and stuff like that.

[00:41:10] I put it simply like this. I wouldn’t want to spend eternity with anybody. Who’d never talked to me who only came around with a wanted when they wanted something and neither would you. And so you, so you don’t. So, you know, if you believe God is real, then talk to him, read about him, pray, you know, learn what you can so that when you finally do stand before him face to face, whether it is when the world ends or when you die, it’s not like you’re looking at a stranger.

[00:41:38] You know, it shouldn’t be somebody who maybe you’ve had a long distance electronic relationship with over the years. And now you’re finally getting to see them face to face. So, you know, so it does, don’t let him be a stranger. So, um, what is, what is the world economic forum.

[00:41:58] Branch: Uh, the world economic [00:42:00] forum is a group of primarily well to do individuals and corporations who have a mission to bring the world’s economy together in order to have it performed better for everyone. Now, um, that’s generally speaking their mission statement. They meet every year, um, and they collectively get together to discuss, you know, how to improve the world’s economy.

[00:42:42] Um, for the greatest number of people, the problem is sort of a closed group and it costs, um, a lot of money to be part of the group and to attend and what their premise, [00:43:00] basically it is, is to get an Institute again, step by step, uh, one world economy. And the steps briefly that are in the works right now are things like, uh, universal, basic income.

[00:43:23] And we’ve already seen and are seeing literally today the precursors of that taking place. We saw it with a stimulus checks over this last couple of years as the answer to financial road woes brought on by the pandemic. Um, we see it in two or three different programs that the Biden administration has in the hopper right now.

[00:43:52] And one has already, you know, a couple of already passed the, um, childcare situation. [00:44:00] Um, if the Democrats, if the Congress can pass this big stimulus, um, or relief package, the $3.5 trillion relief package, many of the programs that are part of it provide for universal basic income. This is where the government is giving individuals or groups of individuals who qualify money or subsistence supplements, you know, to help, to help them get through every month.

[00:44:34] So these are the baby steps that we’ll give away in this country. And in other countries too, um, the federal reserve. Actually controlling the currency and having what’s. The nomenclature is a fed dollar. There’s 10 or 12 different federal reserve banks in this country. 12, [00:45:00] I believe what there’s 10 federal reserve systems throughout the world.

[00:45:05] And they basically operate the same way that our stud the federal reserve controls the currency, although they are not part of the government, they’ve got the power now to control the currency. So the steps are provide universal basic income programs for people so that they, so that everyone has some sort of an income to at least get them to a subsistence level where they can afford food and clothing and shelter and transportation, the essentials of life.

[00:45:37] Then once you’ve got people, you know, getting that check every month, um, to help them survive that it’s easy. And we already do this through social security, Medicare, you know, uh, it’s, it’s not like these are brand new programs and it’s not like these are programs that only the poor are taking advantage of.

[00:45:59] If you’re [00:46:00] getting social security, then you’re getting government money. If you’re getting Medicare or Medicaid, you’re getting government money or subsistence. Assistance. So these are problems that, you know, are part of our daily life and part of the lives of other industrialized countries around the world.

[00:46:19] However, we also now have these other new programs that provide direct payments to people, to families, to those in need in order to try and get them out of poverty and get them on some kind of subsistence level, even though they can’t compete in the economy, you know, from a job or an education. Um, so, so you’ve got universal basic income, which the baby steps are already taking place.

[00:46:50] The next piece after the universal basic income will be the fed dollars whereby the federal reserve will take over the [00:47:00] currency and distribute, you know, income. And then once you had the fed dollar in place, then it’s easy for the government through the federal reserve to dictate, you know, how you spend your money with whom you can spend your money.

[00:47:17] So they gain more and more control over the people by controlling their currency or their income. Once, you know, once that’s in place in the 10 or 12 different industrialized countries around the world, It’s much easier for smaller groups or a single individual to come to power and take control of those entities.

[00:47:43] And then very quickly control all of the money in the world. And by controlling all the money in the world, you control all the economies in the world. And then how do you, how do you determine who gets to participate in that economy [00:48:00] and who does it? Well, you’ve got to give them some kind of an identifier, you know, a number like your social security number, but you’ve got to give them some kind of an identifier that can be easily transmitted, exposed, and recorded.

[00:48:20] So the mark of the beast that labeling on your hand or your forehead is the ultimate last step of economic control it determines who can buy and who can sell. So unless you have the mark of the beast, that is the mark of the antichrist, who is the head of the, you know, one roll economy, unless you have taken his mother.

[00:48:49] Which requires your allegiance to him. If you don’t have that mark, you can’t buy or sell, which means you can’t get an income, you can’t [00:49:00] buy anything. You can’t sell anything. You’re economically destitute and destined to starve. Um, you know, so these are baby steps that we’re seeing implemented today. And, and, you know, who’s gonna complain about getting a stimulus check for $1,800.

[00:49:20] Who’s going to complain about getting child, you know, $600 a month. If you have a child under a certain age, who’s going to complain about getting, you know, uh, food stamps. Who’s going to complain about getting Medicare. All of these programs, you know, work wonders for people that need, but they also have a dark side aside that can be manipulated for evil, just like they are intended to be, you know, used for.

[00:49:51] Good. Um, so we’re, we’re looking at these, these precursor steps, these small steps that are [00:50:00] being morphed and changed into things that will then be the next step into this larger, um, trans Greshon that will end up being. Life in the end times and life in the last days, it’s a slow, it’s a slow and steady process, but you know, who’s going to complain about universal basic income.

[00:50:27] Who’s going to complain about making the world a better and more economically just place. Um, who’s going to complain about the great reset taking place when it’s going to help so many poor and impoverished people. And yet these things have to take place in order for, to get us, to get us to the point where the mark of the beast is the final delineation between, you know, how you can survive economically or not.

[00:50:59] De’Vannon: That reminds me, [00:51:00] thank you for that breakdown. Um, You broke it all the way the fuck down. I loved every bit of that. Um, but that reminds me of how, when star wars, emperor, Palpatine. Yeah. Um, um, um, like geek nerd, you know, just as much as I am a diva. And so, and some of those that you may not know, emperor Palpatine is like the premier villain that most people consider.

[00:51:24] He’s the wrinkly old man is shooting lightening out of his fingers and saying shit like he wants unlimited power. And I feel like God speaks. He speaks to us through cinematography and shows and things like that. As he inspires the creators of movies series, you know, all kinds of things that we watch on TV.

[00:51:44] You know, I don’t think that it’s all just for entertainment. You know, I think that, I think that the Lord is speaking to us and warning us of things to come and trying to help us better understand what’s going on. So emperor Palpatine basically did what you were just saying. He slowly, [00:52:00] as, you know, rose the power over time, it didn’t happen overnight in, he, uh, pulled the strings behind the curtain and when it was all said and done, and he was in charge of the whole goddamn, you know, galaxy and shit, you know, the first person to will that sort of power from my knowledge of the star wars history.

[00:52:21] And he had the stormtroopers all throughout the galaxy and they didn’t. That he had had a chip embedded into their school, on the planet of Camino, where all the clones were made. And then one day it was an order number 66. And I just thought about this now, I don’t know if that’s a play on the 6 66, but it was, it was an order number 66.

[00:52:41] And when he said execute and his creepy voice, you know, execute order number 66, you know, in that instant, all of those clone troopers switched from the side, the good side over to his side. And he assumed power over everything in a moment, but it [00:53:00] took him years of planning and manipulating in pulling strings and stuff to finally get to that point.

[00:53:08] And when you were saying that, that I was just seeing his evil ads and everything like that and going like, you know, this is the antichrist of star wars basically. Well,

[00:53:20] Branch: yeah, if you look at, um, well star wars that series the matrix, you know, any of these, any of these movies or books that sort of test your critical thinking and allow you to extrapolate, you know, thoughts in your mind beyond just right now.

[00:53:46] A lot of them, I won’t say most, but certainly a lot of them, you know, have this religion. Fundamental story. I mean, how can you not, you [00:54:00] know, if this is God’s universe, then his story is the story of the universe. And every story is simply a modification or an application of that primary story. You know, that the Christ story good and evil is what it’s all about.

[00:54:23] That’s what this world is about, is the battle of good and evil. And we, you know, we live in a place that is fundamentally evil to be a good person today, you know, takes energy, takes commitment because the world is continually trying to pull us away from doing good and being good. It’s always trying to get us to buy into this.

[00:54:54] It’s all about me and I can do whatever I want to do as long as I win [00:55:00] and no matter who it hurts or harms. And that is the way of the world. That’s why we see corruption as the essence of this world in every endeavor, political, industrial commercial, religious corruption is at the core feeding the evil.

[00:55:23] Through immorality and unethical behavior that people use against other people. And, you know, we see if you can show me a bottle, put it that way, but there’s very few leaders, very few politicians, very few in any endeavor, business, religion, whatever, who are true to themselves and true to God enough that they turned their back on corruption and greed.

[00:55:56] We live in a world that’s powered by corruption and [00:56:00] greed. And that’s why you have so many people being suppressed economically and politically by just a few who control everything through that power and that greed, but that’s a whole different story, but the story of Christ and the antichrist is the story of good and evil is the story of love and hate is the story of truth and untruth.

[00:56:29] So, you know, every story that we read or see is a variation of that battle between good and evil. And w you know, each of us has to choose our side. Are we going to come from our highest loving self and treat others the way we want to be treated, which is good. Am I going to do what I want to do when I want to do it anyway, I want to do it regardless of the [00:57:00] costs, as long as I win, as long as the bucks come to me.

[00:57:06] And as long as I get what I want, and that’s the battle that goes on every day in every life.

[00:57:18] De’Vannon: Right? And then I’ll caution people. Then we’re going to talk about the rapture and the second coming of Christ. Um, sometimes you might slip into selfish thinking like that, uh, being fundamentally driven, driven by money, working for you and realize it, you know, it was the one thing I really learned in my hypnotherapy training of the mind is that not a lot of people are super aware of why they’re thinking what they’re thinking and why they’re feeling, what they’re feeling.

[00:57:47] Um, And so I just wanted to caution people on that. There are some people who I used to do business with stopped doing business with in large part, because they were so money driven. You know, it’s like if [00:58:00] they didn’t even want to talk to you, unless you were making the money, you know, you couldn’t even, they wouldn’t even answer the phone unless it’s something that was going to be advantageous for them.

[00:58:09] Um, if you pay attention the way they do business, you know, if they make a thousand dollars, they may pay or contribute 10 or 20 or a hundred, but they’re going to always be sure that they come out ahead because that’s, what’s driving their value system. Not helping people, not the mission, not getting the word out, but finances.

[00:58:30] And so I just want to caution people to do this pay attention to exactly how much, uh, credence, you know, you’re giving money, you know, in your life. And, um, so is the rapture and the second coming the same thing, or is that something different?

[00:58:52] Branch: Um, it depends on your interpretation. Let me say that [00:59:00] the rapture will happen. Okay. That I will guarantee people the rapture will take place. And then what is. The, uh, the question becomes, when will it happen? When will it happen? Well, there’s three thoughts of that. The first is that it’s pre tribulation, which means that happens at the beginning or the start of the seven year tribulation period.

[00:59:26] There’s people who believe in mid tribulation, which obviously is that the mid point after the first three and a half years. And then when the antichrist comes to power at that midpoint, um, before the second three and a half years, and there is those who believe that it’s post tribulation, which means that it comes at the end of the seven years.

[00:59:49] And that is when the second coming of Christ happens. So depending on how you read prophecy and you know, [01:00:00] where you get the nuance or where you read the specifics that sort of connect the dots for you, the rapture either happens preterm ambulation, mid tribulation, or post tribulation. The second coming of Christ happens at the end of the seven year tribulation period.

[01:00:23] And so there are two different appearances of Christ and two different adverse. Events, um, Christ, it said will appear in the clouds at the rapture, but only to believers, only those who believe in Christ and follow Christ will see Christ and be part of the rapture. The entire world will see Christ at his second coming at the end of the seven years.[01:01:00]

[01:01:03] De’Vannon: Okay. Okay. So tell me, so the rapture to be specific and to be clear if Jesus coming to sweep up all the good people, right.

[01:01:14] Branch: If I was coming to he’s coming to swoop up all the believers, all those who believe in him as the Christ, as the savior, as the Redeemer. Um, if you’re a believer in Christ, whether you’re dead or alive, you will be part of the rapture.

[01:01:34] You will be caught up in the air by Christ and go with him.

[01:01:42] De’Vannon: Okay. And now the millennial, oh, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

[01:01:47] Branch: Well, at his second coming, when he comes back, primarily for two reasons to finally defeat evil at the battle of Armageddon and to. [01:02:00] Um, get the rest of his believers who may still be alive on the earth.

[01:02:11] Um, you know, who managed to survive the tribulation years when he comes back his second time, all of those who were raptured will be coming with him because once he comes back and defeats evil in the battle of Armageddon, he will then set foot on the Mount of olives in Jerusalem, establish his kingdom and all those who had been raptured or are, you know, taken up at the end, we’ll be coming back with him for that thousand year kingdom,

[01:02:58] De’Vannon: the millennial kingdom. Okay. So what [01:03:00] you’re talking about, was it a thousand years or 10,000? The

[01:03:04] Branch: 1000 thousand years

[01:03:08] De’Vannon: what’s um, okay. Well, I wonder, you know, I wonder if that’s like a literal 1000 years, that’s like the less time, you

[01:03:19] Branch: know, 1000 years, 1000 actual years. Here’s what, here’s what, here’s what happens at the millennials.

[01:03:26] When Christ comes back the second time, when at his second coming, his first coming was when he was born, right? His second coming, he will come back and he will meet, well, he won’t even meet the antichrist and his armies will come together in the valley of McGee, ghetto, or Armageddon for the final conflict.

[01:03:59] And [01:04:00] Christ will by himself destroy the armies of antichrist, the antichrist and Satan, and the false prophet will all be thrown into the abyss. We’ll be chained basically in hell Christ will then step on the Mount of olives and establish his kingdom here on earth with all of his believers and followers who had died or been raptured or had survived the tribulation years.

[01:04:39] And he will reign for 1000 years at the end of that 1000 years, um, Satan will be let loose out of the. But basically what happens is Satan and all of his followers will be thrown into the [01:05:00] lake of fire for eternity. And at the end of that thousand years, God, the spirit of God himself will come to the kingdom.

[01:05:13] There’ll be the final judgment. And then the kingdom of eternity will begin.

[01:05:23] De’Vannon: Okay, well hopefully we are there in that number. It doesn’t really sound like, you know, Tom is set to improve greatly, you know, from like a spiritual aspect in this earth. It almost seems like the more the earth it’s at the physically prosper, the worst is going to get in a lot of ways. And so

[01:05:51] Branch: the prince of the prince of this world is say, okay, he he’s been given the authority to be the [01:06:00] ruler of this world.

[01:06:02] Okay. And each day as we get closer to these end times and the last day, let me say first that the end times and the last days often are, are used synonymously. Okay. However, they can also be termed as you know, the end times can be inclusive of the last days or can be different than the last days. Most often the last days referred to that three and a half years, the second part of the tribulation years, because those days God’s entire focus is going to be on Israel.

[01:06:51] And those are going to be the most horrible days in human history. Um, the antichrist will be [01:07:00] the ruler of the world and he will be trying to kill every person on the planet who has not pledged allegiance to him. And Satan might taking the mark of the beast. Um, God will turn his back on anyone on the planet, except those in Israel, except for the Jews.

[01:07:27] Because the last days that last, that second three and a half year time period is devoted to reconciliation of the Jews and their recognition of Jesus as the Messiah. So if you make it to the mid tribulation point and you are. Uh, Christian or a believer in Christ and you, or you don’t become a believer in Christ.

[01:07:57] You are literally on your [01:08:00] own. God is not going to be there to do anything for you, except receive your spirit and your soul when you are dead. If you have come to Christ, if you don’t come to Christ and you perish in those last days, you will literally be on your own here and here after, until the final judgment.

[01:08:28] De’Vannon: So, so when the rapture happens, y’all that does, that is not the end of the physical world. The rapture is just the taking away of certain people, but that is not the end of the world. There are still people here, you know, there’s still all of that happening. It’s just gotten so bad that the Lord has come to take his people away.

[01:08:51] Um, you know, it says in revelation that that th the days will come, that are so bad. You know, they must be shortened. You know, even [01:09:00] for the very elect’s sake, the people who believe in the Lord can only take so much. So it’s nothing to envy. And, you know, sometimes when people die, you know, people, people cry and holler, or this person was taken.

[01:09:12] And why, you know why God, why? I think that a lot of times people were getting God out of here. I mean, flora, God is getting people out of here is so that they don’t have to deal with the chaos. You know, that that’s transpiring. I, you know, Jesus told us to rejoice in the day that someone’s died and to be sad when they’re born and you know, that, you know, we, um, you know, we worship, well, not we, but people, you know, worship their babies and, you know, life, you know, we just worship being here on this earth when really the truest reality, as long as we turn into a spirit because that’s permanent, you know, we’re temporary here.

[01:09:49] And so, um, the, I don’t, you know, I think it’s a great mercy, you know, when the Lord, you know, take somebody because they don’t have to be here to deal [01:10:00] with all of this, which we’re talking about. Um, You know, look at the world we live in now, you know, you can’t, you, you, you, you got warring over vaccines and you know, you can’t really come and go as you please, or you can if, and then you might end up dead over it.

[01:10:17] You know, this is not like a happy time this world is in, you know, in the Bible, says woe to those who basically have children in those days. It’s hard enough to be an adult. Can you imagine someone having children even now, you know, in the world that we’re living in the year 20, 21, and then it’s going to get even worse, you know?

[01:10:37] And so, and so I would encourage people to, you know, maybe give a think about exactly your view of life and death. And actually, you know, and I’m not saying go kill yourself or anything crazy like that. You know, when your time comes, it comes, but I’m saying it’s a lot to look more to look forward to being with the Lord, as opposed to being on this earth.[01:11:00]

[01:11:02] Oh,

[01:11:02] Branch: you know, and it’s an interesting, you know, the, the collapse of that, um, condo building last month, right? Okay. Any, this is the thing about life or death. We never know when our time is up. And the whole point about the end times is to make us aware that these things are gonna happen. However, you know, your life can be ended at any moment.

[01:11:36] And so we need to be right with God. We need to have a relationship with God through Christ. And because we never know, you know, one of us could have an aneurism when we get done today and that’s it. But, you know, there’s, we see this happen every day. You see stories about like the condo that [01:12:00] collapsed in Florida, you know, how many of those people were prepared, how many people in the towers and nine 11 were prepared.

[01:12:09] Yeah. And I say that we’re prepared to meet the Lord, you know, had, had done what they needed to do and committed themselves to be followers of Christ so that if that tower collapsed or if that condo collapsed, you know, they can be assured and their families can be assured that they are with the Lord.

[01:12:35] Um, we can’t put off thinking, well, the end times are coming sometime down the road. And then I may, or not may or may or may not be here, but I can’t be worried about it. You know, I have time to wait. Well, we don’t have time to wait just as those people in. Condo building in Florida found out. And just as the people in the [01:13:00] towers at 9 11, 21 years ago, or 20 years ago found out, no, it can end in an instant.

[01:13:08] And if you are not with the Lord through Christ, you know, rolling, the dice is not going to help. So I, you know, I always encourage people in everything that I share and teach. Now’s the time today’s the day, you know? And if you want to get right with the Lord, if you want to start that relationship, I’m going to go aside here.

[01:13:32] It’s so easy to do. Go to Romans 10, 9, 10, and 17. That’s the key to establishing and starting a relationship with Christ. Once you’ve done that, then you’re covered, you know, if you’re building collapses, if you’re caught in an earthquake, have to, you know, you’re on the west coast and one of the wildfires [01:14:00] gets you.

[01:14:01] If you’re in New Jersey and the flooding comes, if you should die through one of the million ways that you could die in the next five minutes or the next five days, you will be saved your soul and your spirit will live on. Um, we just never know when it’s going to happen. Because we’re talking about the end times, you have to believe us.

[01:14:29] We are in the end times and these things are taking place. We’re not cognizant of them all the time, because we’re so busy with our own lives. We’re trying to survive from day to day in the struggles that we’ve created and that we contend with. And the antichrist is way far down the road for us. And the mark of the beast is way far down the road.

[01:14:53] And the rapture is way far down the road. Well, that may be so, but that doesn’t mean that you and I are going to be here [01:15:00] tomorrow. So now’s the time to get right with the Lord. Then as those days from down the road come more and more interview, number one, you’ll recognize what’s happening. Number two, you’ll be prepared for what happened.

[01:15:20] And number three, you’ll know what you need to do if those events take place. And you’re still here, that’s the whole point of the end time warnings that are given in prophecy so that we will know and be aware of what’s going to happen down the road. And even though, you know, we don’t know when the mark of the beast is going to take place.

[01:15:45] We know that that. Has to do with economic dominance of the world. Well, that economic dominance of the world by one individual is going to happen and [01:16:00] the Lord tells us it’s going to happen. Then these things that we’re seeing take place with universal basic income and stimulus checks and, you know, Medicare and all of these kinds of programs, obviously you’re going to play into that mark of the beast.

[01:16:16] So if I pay attention to the evolution and the development of these kinds of actions and programs, and I see that more and more, we’re going from a bunch of little programs to one program. And then for one program to a single say fed dollar, and then one fed dollar that the government controls and tells me how I can spend it, where I can spend it.

[01:16:46] And when I have to spend it by so that they can control the speed and the growth of the economy, guess what I’ve seen the steps take place that are going to eventually [01:17:00] come to fruition in the form of the mark of the beast and the mark of the beast is, um, Um, controlled by the anti-Christ. So as I see these things happening, I know that that person is going to come to power.

[01:17:16] And by prophecy, I know what that power looks like and what his intent with that power is going to be. And that’s to gain followers and worshipers or put to death. All those who are not it’s all about preparation. And it’s all about spiritual preparation, so that your ready, whenever your demise happens, that your spirit and soul will live on.

[01:17:49] De’Vannon: Okay. That’s

[01:17:50] Branch: why we’re here. That’s why we’re talking about all of this is so that people will a know how to get prepared and be then having the spiritual [01:18:00] strength and understanding to be prepared. So you’re not afraid of what’s going to happen. You’re not afraid of being sucked up in this evil and corruption.

[01:18:12] That’s designed to keep control of you until your death. You will have the spiritual strength to overcome and see the fallacy of that and to know the truth of Christ and that strength. Allows you to, to not get like divining was saying what the, the person who went that phone call, you know, wants, wants your money or what, you know, you don’t have to answer that phone, you know, you know the truth.

[01:18:44] So you disallow the untruth and the evil and the corruption from coming into your life.

[01:18:54] De’Vannon: We should know, and you’ll know the truth and the truth shall make you free, but you got to get what you got to [01:19:00] read it and study it for yourself. You know, and what we’ve talked about today is, you know, really broaching the topic, you know, the, in times in revelation and all of that, it gets super, super deep.

[01:19:12] I find it fascinating. And you know, so the encouragement here is to get started and, um, get started somewhere. And I’m glad that you mentioned, you know, you know, the simple prayer over enrollments, people can say that they choose to want to solidify, you know, their place in the afterlife with Christ. And we’re going to use that to transition over into the questions that I got from the audience, because these are the sort of things that people want to know.

[01:19:42] Um, I think the most beautiful analogy of the simplicity of what it takes to get into heaven is when Jesus was on the cross, he had two guys hanging next to him that are not always necessarily talked about. You know, in the, um, you know, in the [01:20:00] tradition of the other people in those days, you know, they were releasing prisoners, crucifying them and so on and so forth.

[01:20:05] So they had to, I think they had like a murderer to murderers. I think hung with him, or one was a murder in one of the, one of the thief, familiarly, both were more a murder or was it, they both murderers, I believe. And so,

[01:20:22] and I, and one of them do bad guys. Right? So, and one of them through shade at Jesus’ life, you know, he’s up there hanging in dying too. And so his, his final thing was to maintain his negativity and bitterness, you know, like we see people so willing to hold on to no matter what is happening to them. And even the face of death, he still wanted to be better.

[01:20:44] And then the other guy was like, well, you know what I, you know, I believe, and you was like, all right, cool. You know, you can go to heaven. And so, you know, he didn’t have time to get the holy ghost. He didn’t have time. Other strictly speaking at that [01:21:00] time. Um, I’ll just leave that at that for now. And didn’t have time to go give an offering.

[01:21:04] He didn’t have time to go lay hands on nobody at the time to do anything except for to believe. And that is all that was. Required. And I’m not saying go murder anybody and go read Romans. I’m not saying, go pull a heist and then go eat or omits. But I am saying like, if you are sincere and you mean it, you don’t have to jump through hoops.

[01:21:28] You don’t have to be a member of anybody’s church. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to do that. It’s just that simple in the Bible says that Jesus taught with great simplicity for all the power that God has. You know, when somebody has authority, they don’t have to put on a whole big show either.

[01:21:47] You got it or you don’t, you know, it Marvel just how simple Jesus, his message was. It’s so simple that many of the Jews didn’t want to receive it because they just knew it had to be bigger than that. [01:22:00] No, it doesn’t. It’s as simple as what branch was saying. If you get sincere with God, you can read that Bible and just do a simple prayer, just expressing yourself to the Lord.

[01:22:10] And that is it. And of course you grow from there. And um, so Patrice from Georgia want was asking, you know, is it possible to pay in order to get into heaven? I feel like we just answered that, but I wanted you to, and some of these questions, we may have covered them, but I want, I want you to answer them.

[01:22:34] Like, you know, like you’re talking directly to a, to that person.

[01:22:42] Branch: Uh, the answer is no, you don’t have to pay Christ already paid for you. You know, that’s what his sacrifice on the cross was all about. He paid the ransom for each of us as sinners. [01:23:00] Um, you don’t have to pay a thing you pay with your heart and your belief that Christ Jesus Christ is who he said he was who the prophet said he was and who God, the father said he was, that’s all a payment required.

[01:23:22] De’Vannon: Okay. And that’s that. So, um, you know, we don’t want to make anything more complicated than what it is, and this is why it’s important to read the Bible for yourself and to not, and to dismiss whatever you seen on TV. People told you growing up, we’ve got to get our minds back. And, um, and Theresa, my, my, uh, my home girlfriend from Tennessee wa wants to know from you personally branch, like how youth feel based on your real life experiences about all the things, about what the subject matter today, [01:24:00] versus the words that are in the book of revelation.

[01:24:02] And so what she’s asking is. You’re studying and your knowledge of the word aside, what have you seen in your day-to-day life? Just personally, she wants you to get like your real life experiences. Do you want you to give that to her?

[01:24:19] Branch: That would make me sure. I understand.

[01:24:23] De’Vannon: So you want you to, do you want you to, to, to, to speak to like what you’ve seen in your life that talks that would make you think the world is certainly coming to a close and I know we’ve, we’ve basically said a lot of this already, but, so, so, so, so, so she, so she doesn’t want, okay, well, the rev revelation says this, and so we see this, you know, so what, what have you seen as you’ve been walking around?

[01:24:46] You know,

[01:24:49] Branch: um, well, first of all, every believer, every follower of Christ was once a non-believer. [01:25:00] Okay. Um,

[01:25:05] that’s what we all have in common. We didn’t come into this world as believers in Christ. We each came in as a creation, a spiritual creation of God from God, but we didn’t come in as believers and followers of Christ. So that’s what you can, you know, we can all take heart in that. Especially those of us who are followers who speak to unbelievers or non-believers or people who are seeking and searching, we can understand where they are at because we once were there.

[01:25:49] So that’s the first thing. The second thing is when you establish a relationship with Jesus, his spirit will come to dwell [01:26:00] with your spirit. He will start living within you spiritually, and with his spirit, it will guide you into more knowledge and more practice of emulating how Christ responded in every situation.

[01:26:22] Remember, Jesus was God, but he was also man. So he experienced all the things that we experienced. And by that I don’t mean, um, you know, driving a car and all of our experiences like we were talking when we first started today, John’s revelations only had a conceptual meaning for him based on his life experience and what he knew to be real.

[01:26:52] Our, um, conceptions are different, but we still struggled with [01:27:00] the same. Problems and issues that people have struggled with for thousands of years. You know, the only thing that’s changed since the beginning is the technology. How do we know this? Because men and women still treat each other the same way they did thousands of years ago, you know, what’s in it for me.

[01:27:23] How can I get ahead? Um, what all I have to do to survive. So mankind or human kind fundamental, any central core kinds of behaviors haven’t changed much in the last two or five or 7,000 years, 10,000 years, we are still struggling every day. So within that struggle, you can continue to struggle and the world would love to have you struggling the [01:28:00] way you can eliminate or reduce the struggle is to become spiritually grounded with the spirit of Christ in you, and then spiritually strengthened by using his spirit, living within you to face the struggles and the conflicts and all the things that try and suck the life, life out of you every day.

[01:28:26] So get spiritually grounded. Call on that spiritual strength when you need it. And the love of God is that his spirit will give you the answers. When you ask what you should do, how you should respond. You know, what is my situation in here? What’s in my own best interest. That’s the joy and the love of God is spirit allows you to see your future immediately.

[01:28:58] And that is he will direct you to [01:29:00] respond the way Jesus would have responded in that same situation that he found himself when he was struggling with those people who are trying to do him ill and do him harm. Um, his guidance is there. If we just call upon it and the more you call upon it, the more he’ll respond and the more you’ll learn.

[01:29:24] And the more that you learn, the farther down that path, you’ll go. And the farther down the path you go, the more you will be responding like Jesus did. So you will become more like Jesus. Or as we would say today, you will actually become more Christian, forget all the, you know, the academic stuff and what you should read and what you should do.

[01:29:50] Get the spirit of Christ birthing, and you would call upon. And he’ll guide. You you’ll know what to study and when to study and where to study he’ll he’ll [01:30:00] reveal to you the answers of the questions that you have.

[01:30:04] De’Vannon: Okay. Thank you very much, branch. And, uh, I’m Donald from hospital off of Louisiana would like to know, do we have to go through every God damn variant from alpha to omega before this pandemic is over?

[01:30:23] Branch: No idea.

[01:30:27] We w we will continue to go through it until there’s enough people who have been vaccinated or died, that it’s not, you know, on everybody’s lips and minds every day. You have to remember that, you know, since the beginning of time, since the beginning of civilization, people have contended with disease, right?

[01:30:55] And they’ve contended with viruses. They didn’t know what they were back then. [01:31:00] You know, if you had a disease or a virus, people fight. Right because they didn’t have the medical science and technology and the things, the knowledge that we have today about our world. So if you had epilepsy or, you know, any kind of a disease or mental illness, you had a demon in you, that’s what was causing well, you still may have demons, but we know there’s also viruses.

[01:31:29] So the Corona viruses that are a Delta variant is just the latest mutation of the Corona virus, which have COVID-19, which is the latest variation of previous Corona viruses and SARS. And, you know, these, these Ebola, all the diseases we’ve been battling, you know, in the last 25 years, new diseases or new variants will [01:32:00] continue to show up that the problem today is, you know, a virus can circle the globe in 24 hours.

[01:32:07] To me. Yeah. The technology of flying from place to place is great. Right? Except that the virus can also get on that same flight. So we can have a pandemic in just a matter of hours or days with any new virus or disease. Um, just like you have just like you used to take a flu shot every season for the flu or cold remedies for every season, because you would get a cold, the same thing as has come through, except now the viruses and the mutations of those viruses are so much more lethal and dangerous because we don’t have ant to backs.

[01:32:46] We don’t have vaccinations or anti procedures for them. It takes a while. This is the hardest part of trying to understand why the unvaccinated continue to use such false, [01:33:00] um, reasons not to get back to later because you know, the vaccine is there. It’s free, it’s available. It’s been proven. Why would you not take it?

[01:33:13] Well, the reasons that everybody the un-vaccinated give, um, whole no water, they’re not valid reasons, but they, you know, they’ll use any reason not to get vaccinated. Well, they’re either going to get vaccinated or they’re going to get sick and, and most likely die because these various will keep mutating and keep showing up and already just like we’re now being taught, talking about getting boosters, whether it’s COVID or dealt.

[01:33:44] You’re going to need to get a booster every six months or every year or whatever the timeframe is just like people have beginning flu shots and booster shots every season, you know, to combat the flu. This is just part of life, but, [01:34:00] you know, because it’s so dangerous today, the danger is in, it can travel worldwide and very limited time.

[01:34:08] Um, thank goodness we have the medical and science technology to be able to get vaccines as quickly as we do, you know, vaccine development and what has been 20 months or yeah, about 20 months. It used to take years. You know, when I was a kid in the polio, they gave the polio vaccine to us in school. It took years for them to Velop to develop that vaccine with the technology we have today, they can develop vaccines very quickly, relatively speaking.

[01:34:42] Well, they’re going to need to have that capability because we’re going to continue to face in our future natural or manmade pandemic viruses. Um, you know, not everybody in the world is good guy. And one way to defeat your [01:35:00] enemy is to infect them with, you know, just like the, the, uh, Indians were infected with smallpox way back when the frontiers were being settled.

[01:35:11] Um, There’s a lot of bad actors in the world who will do anything and use any method to eliminate their enemy when there’s viruses or cyber attacks or, you know, any of those things. So the virus is here to stay. It will be a new variant at some point, get vaccinated, get your booster. You all, don’t have to worry about it.

[01:35:33] Those who refuse to relate to science and medicine will be throwing the dice, you know, and risking their lives. It’s that simple.

[01:35:42] De’Vannon: And so

[01:35:47] I just want to say, you know, like how you were saying it took years to develop a polio vaccine and I see the stupid fucking nurses going on TV saying that [01:36:00] they’re not getting the vaccine because vaccines usually take years to develop, um, people, you know, with, as you said, branch advancements in technology if 50 years ago or whatever, whatever the polio was around, it took that long to develop a vaccine with all the advances in the technology, as, as the earth evolves and technology developed it, shouldn’t still take us a year to develop a vaccine like it did decades ago.

[01:36:32] And so, um, um, how

[01:36:35] Branch: many, how, how many years did it take to reach the moon?

[01:36:43] Well, at least 1,969, right. Or if we go back to the beginning of civilization on the beginning of ban several thousand years, right. To put a man on the moon. Okay. Since 1969, that’s what [01:37:00] 52 years we have, um, landed on Mars, gone to Jupiter, gone to sad or gone to Neptune, um, have the space station, uh, you know, how many more satellites, um, satellites for TV and internet and how many more accomplishments have we made in space exploration and travel and, uh, gathering of scientific information via space technology since in the last, uh, 52 years.

[01:37:38] So, you know, several thousand and 69 years to get to the moon, 50 years to have that technology expand to, you know, tools that provide us with the communications and observation opportunities we have today. It doesn’t matter what [01:38:00] the area is. We’ve advanced and our advancement, you know, allows us to learn more and do more in a shorter period of time.

[01:38:11] Look how long it took for the industrial revolution, you know, 1800 years. Right? Okay. Well, since 1800 in the last 200 plus years, look where we’ve come in. Every aspect of life and lifestyle with the advent of the industrial revolution, you know, people, people who want to deny science and technology should give up all of their conveniences, um, and go back to putting their head in the sand and living like they did before we had automobiles before we had airplanes before you had microwaves, you know, it just doesn’t make sense.

[01:38:55] Don’t use false [01:39:00] excuses as your foundation of your ignorance.

[01:39:09] De’Vannon: What I see in the right. I agree with you. When I, when I see. I mean, it’s a beautiful, all the analogy is beautiful, but it’s like, well, and it’s like anything, you know, we, the first time we do it first, couple of times, it’s slower as we do it more, we get better at it.

[01:39:23] And that’s just, that’s just, that’s just the way we are. And so some of the C adopt, see a nurse or a doctor going, well, it’s a post to take years to develop a vaccine. If it’s not that, then it’s not right. Is denying the very practice that they’re in the whole point is to get better at it. So it doesn’t take as long.

[01:39:42] And so I’ve come to the conclusion that, you know, stupid people like that, aren’t going to be fixed. Like you said, they’re either going to eventually get the vaccine or die. And so I just ran away from him because, you know, or there isn’t anything that I can do to, um, the change, people like that. And, [01:40:00] um, so

[01:40:02] Branch: that’s just like, that’s just, that’s just like us trying to express to unbelievers, or non-believers the value of having a relationship with Christ, you know, until they reach a point, whatever that point may be, where they are willing to do a test run of experiencing that relationship.

[01:40:29] There’s nothing we can say or do, that’s going to convince. Um, it just doesn’t work that way. Especially today, everybody today believes that they know the best. They know what’s right. And only they know what’s right for them. Okay. If that’s the way you want to live your life, you know, go right ahead.

[01:40:50] There’s nobody stopping you. But at some point, if, and when you get to that place where, you know, [01:41:00] you finally had enough, you’re going to get the shot or you’re going to turn to Christ or your going to do something that helps you take the blinders off so that you see the truth and you’re motivated to pursue the truth.

[01:41:18] Nothing we can say will bring them to Christ. He will do that. Our job is to help them understand that it’s a consideration they should make today. And I think you said it before we got on the air, you know, we’re just here to help try to motivate them to take a chance, you know, take a chance, try something you haven’t tried before that you’ve heard about.

[01:41:49] But you haven’t tried.

[01:41:53] De’Vannon: Oh no. Pre-show and preacher. And, um, so Ian from the island of Trinidad [01:42:00] and Tobago,

[01:42:04] but like, you know, how will we know when the end of the world was coming? Like, what are the signs? And I want you in answering this kind of like how Donald was talking about the, the variance, you know, people look at disease and sickness and it is spoken of by Jesus, you know, as a sign of the times. So Ian wants to know, how are we going to know, like, what are the signs, you know, throw in Donald’s question about the disease as well from that aspect.

[01:42:34] Branch: Yeah. Best, best, best question. I get one of the signs. Well, in Matthew and Matthew 24, Jesus himself tells us what the signs are. Okay. So you can go there and read that. But I think there’s some specific undeniable unmissable signs that are going to take place that the whole world will see [01:43:00] happening. And when you see these things happen, you can know that the time is close.

[01:43:07] Okay. Number one, the ZQ war as described in a Zeke deal, 36 through 39, basically it’s a war. Against Israel by a coalition of forces led by Iran, Russia, and Turkey. They will come together and mass in the country of Syria, which they are already doing today and have been doing for about the last two and a half years.

[01:43:39] There will come a point where they will invade the Golan Heights of Israel. Okay. And Israel will stand alone. No other country will come to their aid. And I think this, the, the excuse or the reason for this is going to be to, um, [01:44:00] uphold, uh, UN uh, decree UN 2, 3, 3, 4, which calls for a two-state solution and Israel’s Israelis and the Palestinians.

[01:44:13] Okay. Right now the Israelis have occupied or got settlements in the Golan Heights, much of which the territory is claimed by the Palestinians. Anyway, this army made up of those countries and their allies will invade Israel. Israel will be on the press premises of diff. And God will intervene on Israel’s behalf and the whole world will see this.

[01:44:44] They will see God’s efforts defeat this entire army. Um, on behalf of Israel, that’s the first thing, the second one that’s going to happen that you can be guaranteed. The [01:45:00] end times are close. And I mean, really closed is when the Jewish third temple is erected on the temple Mount. Okay. There’s many or several of the most important prophecies about the last days revolve around the antichrist and his occupying the third temple, the third Jewish temple in order for that to happen, there has to be a temple.

[01:45:27] So when the temple is built in Israel, you’re going to know that we are super close and I mean, real close, probably within three and a half to four years close of the tribulation. The other one that you won’t be able to deny or miss is the signing of the treaty that ends these EQL war. There’ll be a pre-signed between [01:46:00] Israel and the countries that God defeated for her.

[01:46:05] And that. We’ll be brokered by the man who will become the antichrist. When you see those three things happen, the SEQL war, the treaty that ends that war and the treaty is going to be signed, but it may not be confirmed right away. But when all of the countries involved except and confirm that treaty, that will be the start of the seven year tribulation period.

[01:46:35] And you’ll know who the antichrist is going to be at the mid trip point. So you keep your eyes on those three events. You’re going to know that we are definitely turning the corner on the last seven years of man’s existence on this planet.

[01:46:57] De’Vannon: Okay. And let’s see, [01:47:00] okay. Law in Chicago would like to know, is there anything human has done? Is there anything humans have done to bring about the end more quickly?

[01:47:13] Branch: Yeah. Everything we do

[01:47:18] our, our unbelief in Christ and his spirit, our embracing of corruption and evil in every aspect of life. Uh, our denial of climate change. Our refusal to treat others the way we want to be treated racism, xenophobia, homophobia, um, all of these things contribute every day and bring the end times closer because that’s what the, you know, that’s what the end of the world is all about.

[01:47:59] It’s [01:48:00] not about love and truth. It’s about everything except love and truth. And we, we perpetuate it, we live it. We promote it every day on this planet throughout the world. You know, we, we haven’t learned how to live with each other and peace and harmony. And we won’t because that’s not the purpose of the world.

[01:48:25] The purpose of the world is for us to realize that God exists, that he loves us and he’s provided a way for us to be with him. Um, so yeah, w we’re doing it to ourselves every day, just by being in an unhealthy and unspiritual. Worldwide.

[01:48:49] De’Vannon: Yeah. And Jesus said that he actually came to make a separation, you know, which isn’t something that’s praised heavily, but his whole point was to cause people to believe [01:49:00] or not to believe and to bring division in the world, he preached the love and everything, but he also understood that, but the way people are, you know, he’s, he’s offered that.

[01:49:11] But you know, he, he knew that we would opposite sides of many fences.

[01:49:18] Branch: You and I talked about this last time and you know, and we talked about it today. There’s so many people who want to use religion or a God relationship to cause harm to others. Um, it’s, it’s like people, you know, using the old Testament to demean and demand of others today, like, you know, we’re talking about, um, homophobia last time and we’ll the, the, you know, the, the Christian, right, or the hardcore Christian will say, you [01:50:00] know, in the old Testament, it says this about gay people.

[01:50:04] And it says this about, you know, sacrifices and those kinds of things, and that they love to use old Testament, scripture to apply. You know, 21st century behavior and they fail to realize or fail to also say that the old Testament deals with primarily the Israel lights and their relationship with the Lord based on laws and decrees, you know, you do this and you don’t do that.

[01:50:45] Okay. Christ in his coming the first time, put an end to all of that. He is the redemption and he is the [01:51:00] sacrifice and he is the answer. Um, does God love the sinner? Yes. He hates the sin. Right. But Christ has paid the price for that sin. So if you are a believer in Christ and you embrace his spirit, then his blood has covered all of my sins and all of your sins.

[01:51:33] Now, does that mean I can keep sending? No, not at all. It means that I need to, you know, ground my foundation in life. And truth. And in treating other people the way I want to be treated, Christ told us that on those to hang all the profits and the laws, that means all of the wisdom that the prophet scape and [01:52:00] all of the laws that God gave the Israel lights in the old Testament, come down to loving God first and most and treating your neighbor as yourself.

[01:52:12] If you’ll do these things, then God’s spirit will live within you. And Christ’s blood will have a tone for your sinful choices and behavior. Um, don’t use the, don’t let people use the old Testament, um, admonitions to the Israel lights as a dictate of how you should. You live your life today. You should love God and treat your neighbor as yourself.

[01:52:47] You should invite God’s spirit to live within you and let God’s spirit direct you as to how to be a better and more loving person living the truth. [01:53:00] Don’t let people paint you into a corner or corral you with some false self-righteous ideology. That as if it applies to you, Christ made that distinction and that difference for us.

[01:53:17] That’s the difference between the old Testament and the new Testament, Jesus Christ, before the new Testament he wasn’t here. So the people dealt directly with God and God was punishing. In some instances, he said, this is right, and this is wrong. I want you to do right. If you do wrong, there’s a consequence.

[01:53:39] Well, same thing applies to us today. We live in the church age today, which started with Christ’s death and continues until the tribulation starts. And in the church age, Christ has already paid that the Lord says, do this. And don’t do [01:54:00] that. Christ says, let me show you how to do this and avoid doing that.

[01:54:06] And for those of us who live with Christ and have his spirit live with us, he guides our steps so that we can be more like him. Now, are we always going to be like him? Of course not. We are not him. We continue to struggle and we continue to stumble and we continue to fall, but he’s there to pick us up and to put us back on the path and he understands that we are going to fail, but.

[01:54:39] Having him in our life, he still covers our inequities and our failures. His blood has already paid the price for our past sins and for our future sands. Now, like Paul says, this is not an invitation to keep sending, but it’s an invitation [01:55:00] to be a better person and make better choices. So that the consequences, the negative consequences that we suffer by, you know, it’s all about me and I’ll do what I want to do are no longer valid.

[01:55:15] I don’t know if that answers his question or not, but

[01:55:20] De’Vannon: absolutely through it. Very thank you so much, uh, brain. So, so the final question that we have is some Paris from Dallas, and he wants to know that you believe God knows who is going to heaven inhale before we were even conceived.

[01:55:38] Branch: Wow. That’s a really tough question because there are several places in scripture that explain that that is, so I believe that the Lord wants every living soul to be reconciled to him after death. I believe [01:56:00] that he knows who will be. How he does that. I don’t know, but I believe that he wants everybody to be with him.

[01:56:17] That means everyone has to be exposed to the life and mission and purpose and roles of Christ, which they have been by now. And that’s one of the things about the last days. It says in the end times, the gospel will be spread throughout the world. And then the end will come well up until probably 20 years ago, or, you know, before the advent of the internet, it wasn’t possible for every person on the planet to be exposed to the purpose and role of Christ with mass communications and the things that we have today, virtually everybody on the [01:57:00] planet.

[01:57:00] You I’m looking at the news, watching these people in Afghanistan, trying to get out, and they’ve all got cell phones. So we’ve never been at a time in history where the gospel has been able or had the ability to be spread worldwide. And we have that today. I believe that God wants every living soul to be with him.

[01:57:26] I believe that he makes opportunity for that to happen by exposing everyone to Christ and allowing them to make a choice of whether or not they will believe in Christ or. Um, you know, one of the toughest questions I get is God says that Jesus says that the way through to God is through him. Only the believer in Jesus will enter into the realm of the kingdom.

[01:57:58] And[01:58:00]

[01:58:02] that’s, I believe the Lord draws a line in the sand and that’s it. Um, you know, if you hear about Jesus and you choose not to believe in him, then you’ve made a choice. And I think that that’s where your question, you know, comes to play. Does he know all those who will be with him? He knows that he will, he wants everyone to be with him.

[01:58:32] His, his elect are those people who choose to believe in Christ. Um, you know, as a loving parent, God wants all of his children, all of his creation to be with him, but with his decision to send a reading reamer and reconcile or [01:59:00] Jesus Christ into the world, Then he has chosen that those who choose him through Christ will be with him.

[01:59:11] Those who choose another way. Um, you know, I don’t know, will not be with him. I believe he knows the elect, but I believe he wants every living soul that chance to be with him.

[01:59:32] De’Vannon: Okay. And, uh, so, uh, thank you very much for patiently answering all of those questions. Um, I actually, I got a lot more questions and so what branch and I are going to do, I’m going to send him all of these questions that we talked about today, as well as extra ones too. And then he’s going to very graciously answered them in super detail.

[01:59:55] And then I’m going to post it as a Q and a blog. [02:00:00] Whenever I get that, uh, back from him in the, um, in the future, which by the time this show airs, it’ll probably already be on my, on my website, but, um, But, yeah. So if anybody out there has any other questions about the end of the world and eschatology or anything we’ve talked about today, email them to me, davanon@gmail.com.

[02:00:23] All of this will be in the show notes of course in then, um, because very inch and I are ever happy to engage with, with the public with people because that’s what we’re here for. And so with that, uh, branch, I’ll let you have the last closing words have enjoyed our delicious conversation today.

[02:00:47] Branch: Thank you, Savannah.

[02:00:48] Um, I’d just like to encourage all of your listeners to continue listening to you, um, your dedication and your efforts, um, to tell the [02:01:00] truth and to explore the truth. Those are hard, hard things to find today, especially in people who take to the airwaves. So I’d like to encourage and ask all of your listeners to continue listening and to invite their friends and family and neighbors and whoever they hold important in their life to also become listeners.

[02:01:22] Um, I think your program is important and I think that your, you know, your service to and for the Lord is on, on the right track and will only definitely help those who come to listen.

[02:01:37] De’Vannon: Oh, well, how, how very sweet of you? I appreciate that immensely. So I will, I will try my best to be as transparent of the vocal as I can until the end of Monday’s.

[02:01:51] So Stephen, Stephen from the Bible is my absolute favorite character of them all. And, [02:02:00] um, that he, you know, he, he, he, he’s the one who ran the religious leaders, the tele evangelist and, and the, the big, bad, the big, the big religious personalities of the day fulfilled. And then they killed them for it and all of that.

[02:02:13] De’Vannon: And that was very unfortunate, but not before he said what he had to say. So

[02:02:22] Branch: he was a critical thinker and that’s probably what led him to the path of being the first martyr. Yeah,

[02:02:30] De’Vannon: he was the first martyr and I just, I love Stephen so much and he he’s, he is the inspiration for the, for the core of my ministry.

[02:02:40] And so, so thank you very much. A branch blessings be upon you and we’ll have to do this again sometime,

[02:02:53] Branch: anytime my brother, anytime.

[02:02:56] De’Vannon: [02:03:00] Thank you all so much for taking time to listen to the sex drugs and Jesus’ podcast. It really means everything to me. Look, if you love the show, you can find more information and resources at sex, drugs, and jesus.com or wherever you listen to your pocket. Feel free to reach out to me directly at DeVannon@sexdrugsandjesus.com and on Twitter and Facebook as well.

[02:03:25] My name is De’Vannon and it’s been wonderful being your host today and just remember that everything is going to be all right.


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